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Easter Sunday hour x hour


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If anyone has a moment can you tell me how to delete apost when you have made a b**** of it? thanks

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Yes. You can.
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Morning sleepy heads!! Happy Easter to everyone!!!

I have a beautiful water easter egg waiting for me, and we are having water waffles with water bananas and water walnuts on them for our easter brunch!! Looks delightful! :D Oh, mustnot forget the warmed water syrup for the waffles!! :D

We have nothing planned for today, so I don;t know what we are going to do. I wil probably continue with gardening, and hopefully hubby will start takin my bike apart to get it sorted.

Its been a great week off. I don't want to go back on Tuesday. :( Wahhhhhhhhh!!!! :D

Have a good day everyone!

Drink that water and don't take anything from talking rabbits!!


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I went to the chemist yesterday,then to the bakery to get Mum a hot sausage roll agggggh!.Walked out drooling slightly ,only to bump into a man with a tray saying "can i tempt you to a hot cross bun" CAN YOU ? of course you can but i am not giving in to temptation today thankyou!!!! Am i being tested lol?


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Just woken up... weather seems rather nice. Not a hint of snow here - its actually looking to be quite sunny.

Got a little bit of ironing to do ready for the week ahead, then a day on the sofa with a few movies I think.


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Happy easter everyone. I have had half a litre of water already, just getting the kids easter eggs together, lucky things. Mum is making their dinner so will be off to boot sales this afternoon. Have alovely day everyone cu later.


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Morning all,
Well my easter present is that it is snowing in London YAY I love the snow, am going to go out for a walk I think.
I slept really well but when I turned on the telly I realised I had missed the Grand Prix DUH!!!

Happy Easter everyone have a great day.

Oh Tange sorry you missed the the grand prix, Hamilton was 5th after being moved down and his wheel got stuck in the pits. He is still winning overall though. Ha ha and he still beat Alonso ha ha ha ha. Rakinnen won.

Well I will be around all day today, going out in a mo to do the horses in the snow errrrrrrrrrr. Actally it is nice now but it is not nice when it starts to turn to slush, but as I live in the country it is beautiful. I think I will do stints out there instead of one long slog as it looks pretty icy and cold. The one thing with have horses you dont need self motivation as you have to get out and do it whatever, whenever.

Downed 1/2 litre and just starting on the 1/2 litre.

Have a lovely easter Sunday and remember tomorrow, for most of us, is another day off.:D


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Grand Prix is on ITV at 3pm this afternoon - argh! So frustrated that I read LL post - oh well never mind!!

Well it's a beautiful White Easter in the South East corner of Essex. So my plan A is out the window, which was to spend some time in the garden, and on to plan B which is to stay in my PJs und a blanket on the sofa and watch crap all day. Now a plate of fresh cream cakes on one side and bottle of white wine on the other and half a dozen easter eggs in front of me would really make my day. Oh well, guess it will have to be water and food packs - oh joy!

Enjoy your easter!


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morning everyone, Happy Easter.
had nearly 4 litres of water and it's only half 10!!! mad women i am. It's white with snow here, poor hubby had to go to work in it this morning!! bless his cotton socks. Supposed to go to my mums today but I think I'll give it a miss and go tomorrow... not liking driving in the snow. My sky isn't working as I'm not receiving a signal... so I think maybe I'll just go to sleep :D

My sister in law is now in full labour after her induction so expecting news later today :D


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Mums making the family dinner today, will miss that. Love mums cooking. there are easter eggs everywhere I look today just had a milkshake am going off them so drank it really quick.
Oooh, how lovely to have an easter baby!!!!

Well, been awake since 6.30, got up, went to bed, got up, went back to bed, now up again! Hubby is making bacon sarnies downstairs, so I'm up here with my water and green tea,

Going to sort my wardrobe out into "Fits now" and "Will fit soon" - I got loads of stuff from the charity shop but I keep wearing the same things!!

No snow here, just drizzle - looks freezing!!!

Have a good day everyone!
Oh, and my kitten is flat on her back by my feet next to the radiator, legs akimbo, showing off all her lady garden, snoring her head off! Not very elegant, ha ha!!
Oh Corey, I am so sorry, my hubbie would murder me if I gave away the result before. I didnt realise he was watching a recording. ooooopppppsss I will be more vigiliant in future now I know there is quite a few F1 fans. Sorrrrrrryyyyyy again:tear_drop::eek:

Bex good idea to stay in there is always tomorrow. Hope you SIL confinement goes OK we will be all waiting with bated breath.

Lola just think this will be the only Easter where you miss your mum's dinner when you at goal you will be able to have them again and it is sooooo worth it. Know what you mean about the easter eggs I had that problem yesterday at my daughters.

Well I have just come back in from the horses feeling quite buzzy, just downing another 1/2 litre that makes 1.5 now, Bex you put me to shame. Just gonna have a choccie shake. It wasnt as cold outside as i thought if you are working that is. Will go out again in another 2 hours, when Dear Daughter No 4 (the only one living at home still) rises from her slumber. We need to start getting ready for our Winter champs, as we leave Thursday Lunch time.

Daughter no 1 (by the way I have 4 in case you get confused) is coming over for dinner tonight at 7pm, she is on CD and is really struggling as she has just moved out of her house as it was sold and her new one is not ready yet so she is moving around with suitcases till hopefully April. Not a really good time to start a drastic diet.:D

Feeling a little bit guilty as I seem to have started the whole family on dieting now. daughter no 3 was very down yesterday as she said she felt really fat (I am slimmer than her now:eek:) and couldnt seem to get her head around dieting. OH dear I know how she feels but unfortunely I know I cant do anything about it she must be the one to do it. Sometimes I think it is easier when they are all babies:D

Oh well off to make choccie.;)
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Morning all, feel challenged today, surrounded by easter eggs this morning, now I've come to my OH's parents and theyre putting on a big easter buffet it all looks so gorgeous, just keep thinking about last year when I was joining in with all these family events, sometimes feel a little left out that's all. The really fantastic thing though was I woke up this morning and my OH said he had an easter present for me to make up for me not getting an egg. It was two little 'me to you' teddy bears each holding a real $50 note (for our holidays) I was so excited...he really is so so thoughtful and knows just how to cheer me up
How lovely money and teddies:cool:


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Happy Easter everyone, hope you all continue to have a lovely day.

Well I'm in a house full of chocolate, had my nephew here earlier and he was helping my daughter make chocolate eggs and rabbits, all the kids have got loads of eggs ........... hubby is just doing the roast turkey ....... hmmm think I'll be having chicken soup though :rotflmao:

Some good news is that I'm wearing that size 16 top I bought from Next the other week, it's very spring looking with lilac and green on it - feel very in season ;)

Looking forward to this afternoon as I have a friend coming round who we've not seen in ages - tell a lie, I saw her a few months ago but the rest of the family haven't seen her in years so we're in for a nice afternoon...... who needs bloody chocolate :D
I've just been clearing my wardrobe and in about 3 seconds I got completely bored and felt starving. Went downstairs, opened the fridge and was all ready to make a butty, t I had 2 big glasses of water and came back upstairs with a green tea. was going to have my bar but only have one left, stopped on the way out and had a biiiiig sniff oh hubbys easter egg - I would eat my arm off now to have a bit of it!

Might have to try and make a custard, just not in the mood for soup :confused:

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