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Good morning guys n gals

Seeing as its just gone 2am and i is still awake, thought i would start the daily

happy easter everyone,hope you all have a lovely day whatever you may be doing,

we shall be going round my mums this afternoon,for a lovely roast,and mum will do a easter egg hunt thing for the kiddies

anyhoo spose i better go get some shut eye

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Resident geek
hehe.. nooo.. im sitting waiting for the GP.. hehehe..
Thank god i finished the assignment though.. weight lifted off my shoulders.. lol..

what you doing up at 6 on a sunday?

x x


Goodbye Tum
Morning all, just off for a shower while the husband and mini husband watch the racing, nothing special planned today after a disappointing day house hunting yesterday. We go Egg Rolling tomorrow so got to decorate some eggs, we also boot the choccy ones down the hill too, could be seen as therapy. Got nice frozen tetra to look forward to later hee hee xx No easter egg could taste like tiny trousers or not being shouted at in the street!!!!!!! xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Everyone...Im up watching the Grand prix....managed to get some shut eye last night. I got woken up at 4am by some moron sending me text messages ffs.

Im ready to tackle Easter Sunday SSing, no Easter eggs for me!

GT's started and water on the go..

Have a great Day every one...



Resident geek
hehe.. love it.. wheres our GP thread this time? LOL..
hope you have a lovely easter willed with GTs and no chocolate.. hehe..

x x
Morning all

No problem getting to sleep here just that I keep waking up at stupid o'clock, ah well could be worse. Nothing planned except an extremely lazy day, we have blanket of snow this morning which is very scenic and the cats keep running in covered in it - bless!

Happy Easter to all, have a great day whatever you are doing. I shall be loitering for most of the day!

aaaahhhh well 8am and i m up with grand prix on, sat here in pj's and plan to stay that way till i have to get ready to go to mums lol

1st gt & ltr water started, was bad yesterday only managed 1 ltr ooppssss, so plan to do loads better today

Egg rolling? sounds intresting and loads of fun sarah, tho tbh have never heard of it b4


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang....


Already braved the elements and delivered daughter over to the stable... Snow here seems to be now turning to sleet! Dog refusing to go out, son moaning that I've only got cereal today for his breakfast and he would like something hot and tasty (er wouldnt we all)....
Off to Sunday lunch at bro's this afternoon and an alledged Easter Egg hunt - which I am dreading coz of the cold - this SS'ing lark has turned me into a total wimp with regards to the cold!
Its AAM wk so I am having turkey & savoy cabbage for dinner - yipeee!
Oh will let you know WI results later . . . . . . .

Have another sooper dooper CD day, loadsa luv
Happy Easter all. We're staying in today so I will be loitering on here I think! Have had 1 pack and 1 coffee so far, so will get started on the water now!

Sarah xx
Hi everyone

Still up watched GP and now spending money on silver day on QVC.

Good luck with WI Clare

Hope everyone has a lovely day...going to have choc shakes all day so I don't feel I'm missing out!
Happy Easter everyone :D hope you all have a lovely egg free day!

Good luck with your weigh in T4M :D


finding my way again !
Happy Easter all !
gosh some of you were up early :eek:, nothing interupts my sleep !
finally got up about 1/2 hr ago by being pestered by the kids for their easter hunt, so as is persisting out there i've done it inside. They've been complaining its too easy in previous years, now they're winging its too hard FFS !
have a good one girls
Sat on sofa watching QVC silver day too, this could be expensive!!

Good luck with the WI Clare!

morning Wiggly how are you doing
Morning Susan :D I'm doing ok thanks - have missed seeing you about this week. Realised the other day that I am half way there - big boost to the motivation :D
How is it going with you ?
Morning Susan :D I'm doing ok thanks - have missed seeing you about this week. Realised the other day that I am half way there - big boost to the motivation :D
How is it going with you ?
Not too bad!well done at getting half way!still a little way off that,but my loss is quite noticeable now so it is nice to get the compliments,but must focus on end goal.

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