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Easter Virtual Pub!!!


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Awwww! My 2 lovely pics didn't show up!!! Hmmmm! Don't know what happened there.


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Try this!


all our pubs are closed today in Ireland, usually i would go to a house party but not this year lol it has been the longest day ever haha..i rented three dvd's and have my sparkling water in a wine glass haha


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Hmmm! All you winos! Large cold Bud for me! Slurp!

Yep today was dead! Bored big time! Even the baby was bored! No amusing her! So have you all lovely plans for the weekend????
lol Id like some water please with extra ice...even in virtual land Im still being good


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lol Id like some water please with extra ice...even in virtual land Im still being good
Well I hear that! I am convinced I put up weight thinking about what I would eat in the virtual restaurant the other day!!! LOL!


I will be skinny again!!!
Ill have a double bush and a sprite zero please bartender :)
Big glass of Dr Pepper for me!
Today was pretty boring too. Walked around town for a bit and picked up my stepper. We've mostly been watching two new series we got last week and I've been sorting commissions out.
We've got a surprisingly busy weekend suddenly. Visiting my uncle with my mum tomorrow (fiance has to fix their computers) and then Sunday we're going to see my dad and set up his laptop. Plus I'll be trying to work on as many commissions as possible to get them out the way and fund my wedding dress!


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Ooohh, a very large glass of dry red wine and a bowl of cashew nuts please.
(I actually have DREAMS about these!!) :wave_cry:
No plans for Easter, except some shopping for a couple of new cozzies tomorrow. MIL not too well, so we can't stray far :(
Hi there,

A bottle of pinot grigo and a packet of walkers sensations chilli flavour. Ta

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Will probably boil some eggs tomorrow and let the kids paint them for Sunday.

A bit fed up. We're part of a group of friends that meet up for meals and they're all going out tomorrow :cry:. To be fair, they asked us but I said no and now I'm fed up. Company would have been good but the place they're going to isn't the kind of place I could have sat and drank water and not eaten anything.

Never mind - think of the slim summer I'm going to have.


Gonna be slim again
I'll have a babysham!
cathy, hope your enjoying your red wine lol my white is lovely haha.. quick question for you if you don't mind, well done on the weighloss :) i see by your weeks that you were on hols through out it, i am on it two weeks and going on hols on the 27th so was thinking of doing the refeed from the 23rd and then going back on it when i get back and maybe taken a shake with me for away for my breakfast each day. What way did you work it when you had hols etc...


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