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Green Day easy recipe ideas pls


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I started slimming world for the 2nd time on monday and im finding it very hard to find low syn quick and easy meals.
I mainly have green days as im not a massive meat eater
Any ideas would be a great help.

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One of my fav green day recipes is...

Chuck a tin of chopped tomatoes in a casserole dish, mix in some cooked sliced potatoes (i sometimes use tinned for quickness), add some garlic, then crack two eggs on to the top and finish off with some grated babybell sprinkled over it, then pop in the oven for 20ish mins.. tasty and very quick
ratatoillie is one of my faves , i make a huge pot and freeze a load , then can have it with pasta or rice or jacket spud .. and takes about 30 mins :)

chop 1 onion and 1 red pepper add to a pan with 1/4 pint of chicken or veg stock , bring to boil and simmer for 5 mins .
Add 1 chopped cougette, 1 chopped aubergine ( i also add mushrooms and sweetcorn as I love them ) , 2 tins chopped toms , 1 teaspoon mixed herbs ( I put a few chilli flakes in too ) salt and pepper and simmer for 15 mins .

I tend to double the quanity and it makes enough for 4-5 meals :)


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My best advise would be to just go browsing on this board as you'll find loads of recipes that are either for green days or can be tweaked to make them green friendly. Don't forget there is also the recipe section on the SW website and check out the SW magazines and recipe books for further inspiration. When you get a bit more confident think about online recipe sites such as www.bbcgoodfood.com as many recipes can be made SW friendly. You may also want to take a look at www.slimmingeats.com.
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  • Mash potatoes, beans & eggs.
  • Frylight some mushrooms, onions, peppers & quorn & mix into a mugshot.
  • Beans/spagetti on toast
  • quorn chilli serve with rice or potaotes
Or if you have a slow cooker use that so your tea/dinner is ready for when you want to eat.


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mine is quarn bolognaise or chilli:D

no set recipe i just tend to chuck in whatever i fancy really, but generally i soften onion and garlic in pan using frylight and add some finelly chopped peppers, mushrooms carrots and then add in the quarn mince, allow this to defrost in the pan and add a tin of chopped tomatos and mixed herbs, beef oxo cube, salt & pepper and some sweetener to take away the tartiness of the tomatos and let simmer for 30 mins , if im making chilli i do exactly the same but add chillis to it:D

i tend to make up loads then freeze in batches so at dinner time i only need to make my pasta, rice or baked potato.

ive found loads of recipes on here though and ive actually started writing in my 'recipe book' whenever i see something i fancy:D
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Packets of savoury rice with peas chucked in with a 1 or 2 egg omlette (thin) on the top and a couple of drops of spicy sauce like encona.

Tonight I'm having Tuna (tinned) as a HEB in stir fried green peppers, mushrooms, onions and rice with soy sauce. I cook the rice first then throw it all in.

You can do chilli and use the mince as a HEB and just bulk it up with lots of veggies.
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obviously recipes totally depends on the individual taste but since starting slimming world i have perfected this recipe and it eat far too much but as it is green day its ok.! boil pasta, cook mushrooms peppers and some tinned tomatoes in another pan, once pasta is nearly ready add quark or low fat soft cheese to the mushrooms and peppers, to give it extra flavour i add garlic puree and mixed herbs but to make it easier it is possible to use very light garlic and herb soft cheese. mix this on a low heat so that the soft cheese slowly melts into a creamy sauce, if you dont watch the soft cheese it can sometimes go wrong! once ready mix together and could even use cheese as a healthy a option. Sometimes if having as a main meal you can add bacon as a healthy b choice :) the only syn value would be in the soft cheese but obviously quark is completely free :) enjoy x


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SW quiche with veggies. If you do need it a bit meaty, add some Quorn slices.

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