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Eat Weeklies and still lose weight??????

I am so disappointed!!!:sigh:
While I did have a blow out on Friday, I pointed everything that I had eaten and I had used all my daily points and 32 of my weeklies. So at the end of the day I was fairly happy because I hadn't gone off plan, ( I have never used this many weeklies before, the most I would have used in the past was 10)

Well imagine my disappointment when I was weighed and I had put on 1lb. I could have cried:cry::cry:I was only half lb away from my 1st stone

Why do they say we can use our weeklies when we can't, well I can't!!! Any feed back on weeklies welcome please
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Overweight or undertall?!
the first 2 weeks i used all but 5 of my weeklies and had good losses in my opinion.

i have 6 weeklies left now to last me until wednesday night and the scales are showing a gain of a pound so i am going to obviously cut back on my weeklies in the future :cry:

it's a bit unfair to give everyone 49 and then find out that you can't use them :mad:


I can haz cake?
the first 2 weeks i used all but 5 of my weeklies and had good losses in my opinion.

i have 6 weeklies left now to last me until wednesday night and the scales are showing a gain of a pound so i am going to obviously cut back on my weeklies in the future :cry:

it's a bit unfair to give everyone 49 and then find out that you can't use them :mad:
Yeah they don't exactly state that weeklies are optional! The thing is that every single person is different and has a different metabolic rate!

but I'm still in the firm belief that from the beginning you should manage your points so that you eat them ALL. If you don't lose at the beginning, or start to tail off THAT's when you should be taking them off. Starving yourself is not a good idea.

Weightwatchers is supposed to be a manageable long term, not just a quick fix :)


Overweight or undertall?!
oh, i'll never starve myself lol

i do tend to use my weeklies at the weekend though so should have time to recover

i might rename mine weekendlies :8855:
LOL @ smirnoff I like you style!

@ TJ Thats brilliant 3lbs and into the 16's

I really do not starve myself I usually feel quit full, just a bad day this week and felt very picky


I can haz cake?
I think this is a very interesting thread!

I'm on 29 PPs daily and struggle a bit on that so use a few weeklies each day (I know I said this somewhere else, so sorry if you've heard it twice). I'm feeling that if I'm going to stick to WWs I need to use at least some weeklies.

I lost 5 lb in the first 2 weeks and I was so pleased. Last week I went off the plan at the weekend, so I ended up swapping in activity points as well and put on 1 lb. A bit disappointing, cos I was still inside the total limit for ALL my dailies/weeklies/activity points. So I'm not going to swap activity points this week and see if this helps.

But what I am struggling to get my head round is if the Plan sets you up to heave so many dailies PLUS so many weeklies, why is there a problem with using them? Surely if they've done all this research and so on, it *should* work? What do people think??

I do agree completely. Based on the 1pp = 40 kcal rule, my daily allowance (if i spread the weeklies evenly) is just over 2000kcal. Which is the same as my BMR. Can't say fairer than that really.

Personally, like i've said, I'm a big believer in using your weeklies! You might find in your case it might be muscle growth! And the more muscle you gain the better because muscle requires calories to exist and fat doesn't!

I just think theres always gonna be an exception to the rule, someone with an abnormally low metabolism or someone who without realising is bending the plan a bit too far, and not losing.
I tend to use only my dailies and no weeklies, I also do two 45min spinning classes a week and don't add no points for them. I sometimes struggle to reach my daily points and I'm only having small losses :(
I have lost 4lb in four weeks, last week I only lost half a lb but ate for England- I was expecting a gain!!
I think if I ate my weeklies I would have a gain :(
I know that every single week that I ahve usec more than around 10 weeklies I ahve put on. Using my dailies and no weeklies I am still only losing around half a pound a week. I CANNOT use weeklies and lose. Simples. My C says that for some, this is just the case
I always use my weeklies and always lose, unless I go over my points. I only used activity points once and gained weight that week so I dont use activity points anymore. Dieting is strange I have a friend who was fed up because she wasnt losing and so went back to basics and pointed everything that she ate and drank when she got weighed this week she had stayed the same. She was gutted, what makes it worse is she has a sister who goes over her points and still loses. People are different and get different results. You just have to find the secret to your weight loss thro trial and error. Good luck I hope things get better for you. xx
I think it varies from case to case I use all my weeklies usually (I can't miss my nights out as a student!) and I've been losing 1/2 pounds a week - the week I didn't use them all purposely I only lost one... I seemed to lose the most weight (6 pounds in two weeks) when I'd drank a load of alcohol and eaten chinese! I do go the gym around 3/4 times a week though so it gets so confusing :confused:
I use about half my weeklies but I've found that if I do ANY exercise I have to eat more or I dont lose as much. Weirdly my best loss was when I had eaten mcdonalds the day before weigh in but I had also done 30 mins jogging 3 times that week!
I adjust my dailies as and when they go down with weight loss and for the last 5 weeks with the exception of last week have been using my weeklies and have lost last wk when I used none I only lost 0.5lbs as a rule I dont use any weeklies after monday (my weigh in is on a thursday) I never count activity points, seems to be working will see this week I only used 2 of my weeklies and weigh in is tomorrow
Hi Ladies

I wonder if you can help me out to, I have ordered my stuff but last week i decided i must be on 37 pts so i had 34 pts a day just incase im a bit out and i lost 7lb. But ive been told i should be on 51pts a day and i do not know what to do should i use 51pts or 34 pts. Please help me
Hi hon, if you are sure its meant to be 51 then def eat that. Have you asked on the thread on here about your points allowance?

You do need to eat all or most of your dailies. If you don't, then its likely that first of all you will be really hungry and won't stick with the plan longterm, or you will eventually stop losing weight as your body will adjust to you eating so little and you will struggle to keep going. WW have carefully calculated how many points you need for your body. Were you maybe using the old plan when you worked out your points? Which plan are you following? Its important you don't get confused between them.

Try eating your full dailies and as many weeklies as you need and see how you get on. Well done for losing 7lbs already!
Thanks for that. Ill try eating my dailys this week and wait and see on sunday. If not then i might eat my weeklies next week and see how that goes to. Yes im sure its 51pts. Thanks for that but I do not think it is a fat loss lol.

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