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eating after 8pm


Violet is shrinking
Makes absolutely no difference...

Myth: Eating after 8pm leads to weight gain.

Your body burns food the same way no matter what time it is. What matters is what you eat, how much you eat and how active you are. Excess calories will always be stored as fat. If you are snacking on high-calorie or high-fat foods while watching late-night television, you may gain weight because of your food choices, not because of the time of day. You may also find yourself overeating, as distractions like your favourite television programme may cause you to lose track of how much food you are putting into your mouth.


Violet is shrinking
thanks for setting that straight :)

you hear some crazy stories that sometimes you just dont know what to believe..:D
As a nanny and work long hours I normally eat my dinner between 8 and 9.. I've not had a problem as such, but again it is down to the food choices. If I ate something heavy like rice and low fat curry then I would obviously take longer to digest something like that as to a salad and chicken breast.

I wouldn't really have anything later than that because I wasn't hungry.

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