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Eating late in the day


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Ive noticed this week, that i'm forgetting to eat until late lunchtime and then i'm cramming to try to get everything eaten (that sounds really odd, considering i only have 3 portions)

last night i had half a bar and 2 shakes to eat from 6pm onwards.

is this going to affect my weight loss?

ive had a soup today (1;30ish) and am going to have a shake now and a shake later.

i know the easy solution is to eat earlier, buts its just not panning out this week.......

what do you guys think as it feels a bit odd to me.
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I'm too new to this to know the ins and outs of how LT works but I've had steady weight loss and I have a flapjack about 1.30pm a shake about 6pm and another at 10pm and it seems to work for me.

I think as long as you make sure you do not skip any meals and drink as much water as you can you will succeed.
do u have to have all 3 shakes/ flapjack/ soups in the day or can u just have 2 if you feel full? xx

You've got to have all 3 otherwise you're body will go into starvation mode and your body will get confused and weight loss will slow down!
I dont think it affects the loss, but i think its good for your body to get the nutrients its needs thru the day. In terms of building good practices moving forward, eating at regular times and especially not late at night will hold you in good stead once you finish your diet.

Its about a lifestyle change as well as well as healthy eating!

DONT FRET... and get ur shake on!
i think if you leave your first shake late on in the day it would effect your metobolic rate, if you go too long without your body will start to store what ever it has so prob better as a brekkie, i tend to not have mine till about 10ish, then 4 then about 10pm cos im usually hungry in the evening but think the first one still works on the same principle as food x


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I would say it doesnt matter at first...however as eyekandi said..as you come closer to your goal you should be having your shakes etc at your normal meal timesto get you into good habits!!


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I on CD - same as LT and I had a low loss last week so my CDC went thru my whole routine and I got in BIG 'trouble' when I told her that I had my first shake at 1pm.

She said that it is important to have my first shake in the morning first thing to get my metabolism going and burning fat.

So far this week I have been doing that. Will post on Sat and let you know if there's a difference. But what she was saying re: metabolic rate made sense.
Learning more of my mistakes as I was a 'cereal' offender for forgetting breakfast. :) (cringe, bad pun):eek:


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i have my first shake at 8.15am then my second at 1pm then i try to have my soup at 6.30pm as these have always been the normal time for eating. But i havent been doing it long enough to know what is right or wrong - i would go with the concensus on here and try to 'eat' at normal meal times.

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