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Extra Easy eating like a horse

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by marls, 19 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. marls

    marls Member

    This is what i ate in past 24 hrs :eek:

    cous cous, spinach & kidney beans & boiled egg
    ff yogurt

    muller x4
    tangerines x8
    banana x1

    2 egg omelette spinach and mushroom wth fry light

    quorn chilli with kid beans / borlotti beans - fry light

    2 slice bread Hex with 1.5 syn cheese & cucumber

    milk 350ml skimmed milk Hex

    tricky as I work nights to stick to three meals a day!

    i seriously feel like i'm eating far too much. I lost 1kg after week one, but think it may just be i got weighed on different scales.. not convinced this is working for me :cry:
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  3. AnwenG

    AnwenG Full Member

    My mum felt the same way, she felt guilty about eating free foods as she thought she was eating way too much, and even our consultant said that she wasn't eating enough, and now she's lost over a stone and a half and nearly to her 9.5stone target. I've had weeks where I've turned up to group feeling absolutely bloated and then to find out that I've lost 6lb :/
    I thought that there must be something wrong with the scales and instead of being overjoyed and proud of myself for losing the weight I snacked and comfort ate :/ which I don't really understood why lol
    Stick at it, it's weird the way it works, but it definitely does work, think positive :)
  4. marls

    marls Member

    oh thanks for that, ill persevere. Its the wierdest thing to get your headaround!!..
  5. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    I eat like a horse and have lost almost 5st and am trying to maintain. Here's an example of my food diary

    Saturday 16th April - Red day
    Breakfast: Breakfast scramble (eggs, frylight, oxo, peppers, courgette, scallions), apple
    Snack: Alpen light (0.5HExB), apples x2, pear, 1 Lees' Coconut thingie (3.0syns)
    Lunch: Quorn Stir Fry (beansprouts, cabbage, peppers, onions, carrots, chillies, quorn, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar) WW yogurt
    Snack: Ben's Butterscotch HiFI (0.5HExB), apple, mandarin, banana
    Dinner: Marmita Kua (cod, tomatoes, courgette, peppers, onions, butternut squash, paprika). Asda Tropical fruit mix (mango, pineapple, melon, kiwi). 1 Lees' Snowball (3.5syns)
    Snack: Coffee (250ml Semi Skimmed milk HExA), Mint HiFi (HExB), Ben's Butterscotch HiFI (0.5HExB- extra one), pear
    Snack: Strawberries with fat free fromage frais
    Supper: Cheese on toast (0.5HExB- extra one & 28g Cheese HExA)
    Treat! Cadbury Fingers MiniTreat (4.5syns)

    Syns today: 11.0

    I EAT! You seem to have eaten much less than me! LOL. Don't panic, eat free stuff until you are full and enjoy it! Cause it works and theres no need to ever feel worried about eating too much!
  6. Helen Clark

    Helen Clark Full Member

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    OMG! I thought I was over eating but no way do I eat that amount ;0)

    Yesterday I had :

    Breakfast : Muller and banana for and a Alpen Light (half Hex B)
    Lunch : Bowl of salad and half a hot chicken shredded. some honey and mustard dressing (1.5 syns)
    Snack : Fun Size Twix (6 syns) + other Alpen Light (Half Hex B)
    Dinner : Shepherds Pie with 28g Cheese (Hex A) with beansprouts and baked beans. Followed by a banana
    Drank approx 2.5 litres of various non alcoholic liquids.

    Mostly I am full, but I certainly need the Twix of some Walkers Lites in the afternoon to tide me over. Salad and fruit wears off quiet quickly and i do find myself looking to nibble mid afternoon.
  7. marls

    marls Member

    You have done so well!!...well done :)
    Thanks for the reply it's helpful to hear it from people who have been there, I'm doing this online also , which makes this site even more helpful.
    Some good meal ideas in your message, Thanks again.
  8. Rayven

    Rayven Addicted to Minimins!

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    As long as you're sticking to the rules & eating when you're hungry then you're fine! Sticking to three meals is almost impossible when you're on night shift so just relax and enjoy your new way of eating.
  9. marls

    marls Member

    Thanks, am definitely sticking to the rules it becomes a bit of an obsession!....guess nights have had a lot to do with weight gain in the first place, eating the wrong things due to lack of thought and planning..bought some scales today so will be using same scales throughout.
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