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Extra ProPoints Eating loadsa junk...does it matter?


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Hi, Im new to the forum :)

I was just wondering if anyone is eating loadsa junk when they have left over points?

I'll give an example, last night I had 6 or 7pp left over (out of 29pp) so I went down the shop (always a mistake) and bought some Kellogs Marshmallow Squares because they are only 3pp.

So I bought a multipack thinking 'oh I'll just have the one...'

Well I ate three. And basically went over my points, which I'm not bothered about because I had tons of weeklies left.

But it seems if I have any points, I'll just eat crap. Does it matter what you eat as long as you are in your points??? Does anyone else have this problem??:confused:
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having a bar of chocolate every day will not affect your losses, but binging on a lot (even within points) can affect losses. As well as the fact a lot of sugars could trigger a craving for more. I wouldn't say eating like that would be that bad if you keep it to one day every now and then rather than...every day.

The whole eating junk under points is more aimed towards people who starve themselves all day to go out and binge in the evening. As long as you are eating steady throughout the day you'll be fine x
I find i do the same thing, i eat well all day and try and save points for the evening as im a big snacker especially if i'm watching TV. I save a few of my dailes and have some snack a jacks or WW chocie bar or humous and pitta. Then i dont dig into my weeklies as i don't like to use them very much. I tend to only really use them to fall back on at the weekend incase i fancy a few extra drinks or a take away.


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i wanted 2 know this i lost half stone in 2 weeks but slowly been puttin it back on with some sts 7 weeks later am back to half stone lighter but i tend 2 eat junk my leader said its ok as long as i point it my new obsession is wispas lol x


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S: 11st3lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st5lb Loss: 0st9lb(5.73%)
Well this week Ive given up the junk and not been able to eat up all my points...although I have had a stomach bug too...I think Hanata is right, in the long run, its probably best to try and limit the junk! I suppose if we were maintaining and not losing it would be ok...Ive not eaten any junk this week and feel much better now. And also not particuarly craving it!! Although I got my lost a Papa Johns last night and I REALLY wanted a bit of pizza. I just had the chicken wings instead :))

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