Eating out or ordering in!


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Help please... I love ordering in takeaway but what stops me is the portions.. Although I understand the fact that when youre full you should stop eating and even though I have successfully lost almost 6 stone, I dont stop eating when Im full - sometimes its until the plate is empty. Thats what worries about takeways - the portions are always huge and the eat out guide is only a guide and not specific to a takeaway - always order chicken chow mein etc, but the portion could in no way by 7.5 points, that doesnt stop me eating it all though.... do you all face this problem too? xx
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No, unfortunately i dont have this problem. I think knowing the propoints in some of the takeaway stops me ordering too much in the first place. Also, me and hubby share one portion to knock the points down and i am always full up afterwards.

Have you tried drinking water with your takeaway? You might find this fills you up quicker? Or save most of your weeklies for the takeaway. I always take my half portion of singapore fried rice out of my weeklies (12pp) because i would be way over on the dailies, lol!


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If its only once a week I wouldnt worry as you have the 49 weekly points plus if you use half of your daily pints on the take away that day Im sure you will stay under. Im also new to the new system but on the only system I lost over 12 stone over 16 months and on my treat day I just used half my points and didnt worry too much but on the new programme you also have 49 weekly points so Im sure you will be fine :)


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Gillbob are you doing Discovery? If yes I have had either 1 or 2 chow meins a week since starting ww last year... I count the full tray as 7.5 points, and eat the lot myself, and have lost weight regularly. It's kept me going with my diet as I look forward to Friday nite Chinese....good luck, enjoy your treat...x