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  1. Cranberrie

    Cranberrie Full Member

    Does anyone on 810 struggle eating out or having takeaways? I'm away from home this weekend and was out for a meal last night. I opted for Chipotle Prawn Skewers (2 portions) and a side salad which I didn't think would be too bad and bring me out of Ketosis. Unfortunately when the salad came out it was clearly dressed (I was probably naive in assuming it wouldn't be as it didn't state that it was on the menu) and I was so hungry I really couldn't be bothered to go back to the busy bar to re-order! I had the prawns (was initially concerned about the marinade but it had been used purely for flavouring and did not coat the prawns) and I just removed the top parts of the salad and tried to have the bit underneath where the dressing was still present but may have been a little less.
    Today we had an Indian takeaway and I had chicken tikka pieces (grilled) and a salad. I'm allowed yoghurt so wasn't too worried about the marinade as it wasn't thick at all but am starting to think perhaps I'm being too lenient on myself by eating out so much where I don't have complete control over what goes into my mouth? I have no intention of cheating and to my knowledge I haven't so far but just wanted your opinions in case I am unwittingly cheating and bringing myself out of Ketosis and need to be super strict in all situations?!
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Ketosis isn't as sensitive as sometimes we make out. Atkins dieters stay in ketosis and they eat loads of different things, just monitoring carbs. I had a meal out a few weeks ago, I had Mediterranean Salad with chicken and a corn on the cob at Nandos, and miraculously still stayed in ketosis (I checked as soon as I got home). So I doubt a little bit of dressing had enough carbs to knock you out.
  4. phaabulos

    phaabulos Full Member

    For my mums bday yesterday we went chinese buffet! (I dreaded that day bt its gone now) i had 3 spring rolls 2 small pieces of sweet an sour pork, 3 ribs in pecking sauce! And im still in ketosis!! I dono how or why?! I still had 2 cwp products yesterday too! Back on plan today though. So hopefully it wont be too bad and im on ss+ xx
  5. phaabulos

    phaabulos Full Member

    But on the sad side im retaining water possibly due to the high salt content in the food x
  6. Cranberrie

    Cranberrie Full Member

    Thank you Chlo and Phaabulos :) Nice to know that it doesn't have to be so restrictive - I have no ketostix so will wait until my weigh-in on Weds to find out the effects! Nando's is a good idea as you can have something tasty and carb-free.

    Phaabulos - well done for keeping so restrained at the buffet, I think I would have caved at the sight of everything there! Don't worry about the water, you may retain it for a few days but it should drop at your next weigh-in -) xx

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