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Eating Out


Wannabe Lean!!!
Or in I suppose....

Hubs fancies a take away, and I'd like to have something too but its got me thinking as Valentines Day is around the corner and we have to avoid pretty much all the major accompaniments like Rice, Pasta, Potatoes etc

I think we're having an indian take away tonight and I'm thinking chicken tikka massala as its bland (have a poorly tum at the mo) and basically just cream and toms, and a keema naan but I'll just have the meat out center and leave bread for hubs to have. It'll be weird just having the curry but I'm sure I'll manage.

What do you do when out though? Its a bit strange going out for a meal say to an italian and avoiding pasta dishes LOL (although I pretty much always have Monkfish Indiano anyway and couldn't care less what it came with as its yum!) just being nosey for inspiration. :)
i had swordfish the other night but meant to order with salad and it came with potatoes - grr!

I'll often have some sort of protein with a side salad. I like plated salads as well - went to prezzo last weekend and had salmon and avocado salad which was yum x
The trouble with eating out, or takeaways is you don't know what's in it. No labels to look at. I pretty much avoided it for the 6 months I was on induction. I did eat a 1/4 tandoori chicken one night thinking it would be OK, next day I was up 3lbs. I found out the takeaway marinaded the chicken in brine and sugar before cooking!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Yeah thats what I was thinking, can hardly ring them and say 'now tell me, how exactly do you make your massala sauce?' :D
I risked an egg foo yung from the Chinese last weekend, it was lurve! I didn't care what was in it once I smelt it, it was going down! My son keeps buying chip shop chips, and oh god, the vinegary smell, and what I would give to shove a handful of those down!
That's probably a pretty safe meal I'd have thought TT, basically eggs and meat or whatever fiioling they use.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Whats a foo yung then just egg and stuff? Never had it before I don't think.
Yes, it's a chinese style omelette with chicken or prawn or mushroom and some beansprouts and other veg. I love them, in fact I had mine last night and it was very nice.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Hmmmm, might have to have one of those!


Wannabe Lean!!!
For Valentines Day mate, hubs wants to take me out but he says my diet is sucking the spontaneity from him LMAO I have to give him a list of where is acceptable and he will 'suprise' me with one of them LOL
Foo yung is great, I don't have it very often but when I do I really enjoy it.

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