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Eating packs at certain times!!

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just tought i would letyou know that i have started with another counsellor now!
I wasnt happy with the way it was going!

I was told that i had to eat my first pack about an hour after i got up in the morning as if not my body would go into starvation and then i wouldnt lose any weight!

The result was that by 3 o clock i had drunk all my shakes and was starving in the evening thus making this diet even harder than it already is!!

PLEASE someone tell me that i can have the shakes when i want them? Or is the starvation method true??!!

Thanks in advance
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I don't know the official advice on this but I do know that I don't have my first until 11-12 o'clock and I am losing weight. So it's working fine for me.

Hope that helps
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Dont think so, think Mike used to have all of his packs in one go in the evening ??
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As far as I was aware, you can have your shakes whenever you want them. Sheesh this diet is hard enough - we have to do whatever we can to get through.


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I don't think so, you can have them whenever you want, I know loads of people have them all at once - i used to have my first hot in the morning and then three in the evening when I was most likely to be tempted.


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You can have your shakes whenever it suits you. There are no rules as to where and when. The only rule is that you have them all and do not miss any out.
I don't have my 1st one until 1-2pm, the next about 4-5pm and then the last about 8-9pm.
Hope this answers your question.
Good luck,


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Someone was asking about this in relation to Ramadan and fasting during daylight.

I think they were advised that you take them all at one sitting :eek: (who could), you might get a bit bloated and have some side-effects from all the minerals etc at once, but like cmacca says, Mike's referred before to having all his in the evening. Everybody varies it seems.

I prefer to have my first late morning, after I've got a couple of pints of water down. Second one at 6ish and third late evening. I'm losing steadily, if more slowly than some - but I do find it helps avoid picking if I can take that last one at eight or nine.

Good luck with the new CDC.

(sorry Hedgemag - cross-posted! :) )
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S: 17st11lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 1st10lb(9.64%)
Brilliant that is great news! :D :D

Will make this diet a bit easier!
So first day today!!

Wish me luck!!

The thinking behind having the first one an hour after getting up is probably the thinking behind the recommendation to have breakfast on any diet. Eating to break the fast of the night apparently starts your metabolism zinging.

I don't know how true it is though.
TEating to break the fast of the night apparently starts your metabolism zinging.

I don't know how true it is though.
It probably makes such a small amount of difference with just a shake, that it's not worth concerning yourself with.

Some people find that they are less likely to feel hungry or having cravings if they leave their brekkie until later.

Personally, when I was on CD, I split all my packs and had them like this

7:00am 1/2 tetra with teaspoon of coffee and hot water
10:00am other half of tetra prepared as before
12:00pm 1/2 soup
3:00pm 1/2 malt bar
6:00pm 1/2 soup
10:00pm 1/2 malt bar with huge coffee.

I was forever having meals :D
Never heard that before, i dont usually have any packs before 2pm and it's not slowed or stopped my weightloss. Good luck :)
Hi there, I find that if I have my first shake as late as possible in the day then I don't get "hungry". I am now on day 9 and so far so good.

My daily "eating" plan:

On waking I have a huge mug full of hot water
I fill my lovely "Buxton" 1 litre bottle full of water and drink that between getting my daughter ready for school, driving to and returning from school. (1 litre gone by 8.30am)
I re-fill the bottle and sip on that until around 11.30 - then have my first shake (2 litres gone)
I refill the bottle and drink the next litre between 11.30 and 2.30 - have next shake around 4pm. (3 litres gone)
Next litre down my 8.00pm and it seems to be working. Then a lovely mug of soup.

I run three times a week (not supposed to but feel fine so far) so on day's I go to running club I have my shake about 40 minutes before I run.

So you can have them anytime you like. Sorry if I seem to go on but I am finding that this time (hundredth time around:)) that reading posts and replying them really really helps me - sort of like clearing my head...........ha ha. Before I was like embarrased to post yet EVERYONE on here is so wonderful.

Good luck for your first week.


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