Eating "proper" food after 7 months on SS, VLCD


I STILL mean it!
Hi everyone, it's my weigh in tomorrow, the last before I go away on Sunday. My CDC wants me to start having a proper meal each day starting tomorrow, so that if I have any problems with eating after doing SS VLCD for such a long time, she will be on hand to help me. I'm excited, but also scared. On past form, when I start eating again after a diet, I take leave of my senses and go loopy. I SO want to keep the "head" I have on my shoulders at the moment. I shall listen to every word Louise says to me tomorrow, and follow her advice to the letter, watch this space......
Ann x
Wow, this is a biggy.

I don't have the words to express myself but good luck and I am right here cheering you on :D
You know the pitfalls now though. It could be tough, so be strong. Get out what you have to eat, no more, no less and sit down and enjoy. This is just another stage, a test for you. Bet you'll pass it with flying colours :)

Good luck
Hey Ann,
I know one person who is maintaining there weightloss after CD !

He has managed it by following maintenence to the letter and now he is freefalling (his words) he works on the basis of 1500 cals approx throughout the week and at weekends he eats whatever he wants, he just came back of holiday, he didnt stick with 1500 he drank every day and checked his weight on return and he has lost 1/2 a pound and he puts the success down to always drinking the water he has stuck with at least 3 litres a day and more general exercise and his fear of eating ( he's a real binger ) is conquered as he came home straight back to healthy eating !! So now he knows he can !!

Has made me think ! because if he can do it anyone can he is amazed and says he is totally reprogrammed , the first time he ate too much he felt so ill ,he said it wasnt worth it !!so listen to your cdc then listen to your body and you cant go wrong Ann !!!

Well done xxx
Hi Ann,

What a star you are, your weightloss is fab..

What an inspiration.. :D

Well so far, so good. I had chicken shaken in a plastic bag whith tikka spice mix then cooked in the microwave for a few minutes, yesterday, with salad.
Today I had cottage cheese (a whole 8 oz!!) with a salad of finely shredded lettuce & cabbage with vinegar, mixed herbs and a drop of tabasco.
This V shaped slicer thing has been in my drawer for ages , but I used it and it makes lettuces & cabbage look very appetising and turns a little into a lot!!!
So glad you're enjoying eating 'proper' food again, Ann - and doing it so sensibly too!

As you know, I've had my little breaks throughout my time on CD and I think it actually helps to know you CAN eat and still remain in control - and this is from someone who would wolf down everything and anything in sight before (well, I didn't get to nearly 19 stone gorging on lettuce leaves :( ).

This journey we're on isn't just for the duration of our VLCD weightloss period, it's a lifetime commitment for most of us - and at some point we all have to introduce food into our daily routine. The important thing I think is that we shouldn't be scared of it. Food isn't the 'enemy' - it's the way we use it that makes the difference .. and by doing VLCDs for some months and enjoying the benefits that being slimmer brings, I truly believe that none of us would ever want to go back to our old ways again.

My motto when I get to my target will be: "Eat like a slim person and stay slim, eat like a fat person and get fat again" - and I don't ever want to be fat again!

Have a wonderful holiday, Ann - you deserve it! :)