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Eating under my points...Confused - help!


Skinny on the inside
Hi folks,

Apologies to those of you who've already offered me advice on this on other threads but i'm troubled and confused....

Since I started I haven't been using all my points - i'm supposed to have 19 and some days i was only having about 14/15 plus exercising. I eat loads of veg and salad so its sometimes easier to be under points than to reach them!

At first i was losing loads every week but i recently ate all my points for a week and only lost 1lb. I don't know if its because i used my full allowance.

I know all the advice is to use your allowance, but i'm worried that if i start doing it now, i won't lose because my body has been used to me eating less for the past 4 weeks!

I'm keen to know other peoples exerience of this.

I would like to try eating my full allowance for a couple of weeks to test it out but i have 5 weeks till my holidays so don't want to take any chances!

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You know what advice youre going to get ;) You DO have to eat your points. If youre not eating your points it WILL affect your weight loss.

Its natural for weight loss to slow down once you stabilise, remember WW say between 1 & 2lbs is the expected losses. Its a real temptation to cut back sometimes but it can be totally counter productive and not only will you be missing out on things, possibly be hungry but you could end up losing nothing.

Points are carefully structured for your weight and lifestyle, so DO stick to what you should be having
I echo what Starlight said - you really should try and use all your points.

My personal opinion is that if you are using less than your allowance then your body will get used to having so few calories/fat (just like you said). The problem with that, is that eventually you are going to have to start eating more than that, and if you're body had got used to so few calories then it will gain the weight back quicker/easier when you increase your intake even by a bit. (This is just my opinion, which isn't worth my I suppose, but thought I'd share it anyway :rolleyes:). I think the whole point of reducing your points gradually on ww is to keep it steady to allow your body to adjust slowly, if you by-bass the 'rules' and cut your points down by so many then you won't get the benifits of a) keeping a steady weight loss as you drop your points and b) keeping it off! What you don't want to happen is for your body to get so used to having 14pts a day, that when you eventually have to eat more than that you just end up gaining weight (I have done this before myself, so I'm speaking from experience). If I were you, I would go to back to my normal points allowance - now. If you do have a slow week because of it, then it'll probably be because you've not been having enough. Just ride it out for a week and then you'll be having steady losses from then on...which is of course what you want ;)

Good luck x


Skinny on the inside
Thanks girls, sorry for making you tell me what I really already know! I will stick to my points this week completely and see what happens. I did it yesterday and haven't woken up feeling a stone heavier so it can't be that bad!!

I know you're right as i've been worrying about how i could maintain this when i hit my target. I certainly don't want to spend the rest of my life eating nothing but salad so need to do this gradually.

i also don't want to go on my hols in August and gain a stone just by eating normally!

Damn, this losing weight stuff is hard....i have such admiration for those of you who've been keeping it up for ages.
Here's me moaning and its only been 6 weeks!
I wont be looking forward to my WI next week as i'm upping my points to what I SHOULD be eating....but I know i can come here for some sympathy!:hug99:

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