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Eating when tired & stressed

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Laurenpedro, 12 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Laurenpedro

    Laurenpedro Member

    Hi all - I've started studying again and I find that I'm tired more than ever and tend to eat more and more. I also find that because I'm tired I've less patience with the kids which means I end up getting more exasperated and then again tend to eat more (vicious circle and emotional eating I guess). What do you guys do when this happens ? I can't see to break out of it and with young kids etc as I can't rest up so I need to find a way to deal with this - otherwise I'm just going to get bigger and bigger each day.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated. Many thanks
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  3. Leighthesim

    Leighthesim Well-Known Member

    Is there a way you can output the stress contructivley, maybe painting with the kids, gt someone to look after the kids for a bit and go for a walk or run. Or just have a nice warm bath once the kids have gone to bed (when you reach for a snack replace it with some fruit or a glass of NAS juice and tell your self you'll feel better after the bath)
  4. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Well-Known Member

    I also over eat when im tired or stressed. I fill tubs with chopped up fruit and vegetables or maybe a chicken salad and i keep them in the fridge That way i always have something to hand when it hits.I also powerwalk to destress i know its not always practical when you have kids so maybe taking a break ,putting on some fun music and having a dance around with the kids ,Hopefully it will destress you and tire the kids out LOL

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