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    I seem to be putting on a few pounds then losing a few but not getting below 11 and a half stone. I am wondering if I might need to overhaul my eating. I am not following any diet, done WW, SW and got no where, long story but as soon as I go on a set diet I tend to stop eating altogether. To my daft mind, dieting = stop eating.
    So having read in magazines etc, all the diets they print never seem to include bread and pasta and potatoes. So I thought I would cut out bread, pasta and potatoes.
    So my planned eating plan is going to be Breakfast- weetabix or similar with semi skimmed milk, Lunch- pitta bread with cheese and lettuce or a tuna salad, Dinner - chicken and vegetables or salad, or fish and veg or salad. I only eat chicken, I don't eat any other meat but love fish and eat all fruit and veg.
    Do you think this is a good 'diet'? And will I finally get below the 11 and half stone mark that I seem to be permantly stuck at?
    I am also upping the exercise that I have let slip lately.
    Any help and advice appreiciated:)
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    Hi there. :) I would love to be 11 and a half stones! In the first half of your post you say you are not dieting which is sensible if you equal dieting with not eating. Maybe your body is trying to tell you it's happy at that. Your eating sounds pretty healthy.
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    There really is nothing wrong with bread, pasta or potatoes. The problem tends to be what kind of bread and pasta, and what we like to put on it ;)

    Sounds good to me :) Remember to try to get at least 3 servings of wholegrain in their somewhere.

    Weetabix with have some. Go for the wholegrain pitta, and maybe some nuts or seeds for a snack or on top of the weetabix. Wholegrain toast is good (I love the hovis seeded bread) as long as you don't go crazy with the topping. I like seeded bread with a poached egg on top for brekkie. The seeded bread and egg have good 'staying powers' that ward off hunger.

    Unsweetened popcorn is another good wholegrain food. Great for snacks too :) Oh and oatcakes.

    Wholegrain pasta or rice is another way to get this food group.

    It'll help keep your energy up during the day and good for the heart :) Just as important as those fruit and veg.
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    Thanks very much, I love popcorn, never would have thought to have it as a snack, so that's ideal:D
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    have you done a calorie counter to check you are eating enough?? might be that you are just bordering on eating enough food but if you added a couple of light snacks to that (nuts, fruit or whatever) then you will start to loose weight because your body has the ability to

    i am currently watching my calories at the moment, its a good online program that offsets what i eat next to how much i go to the gym. i have managed to lose two pounds in five days on it and i am definately eating MORE than i used to
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