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Just doing it this time
why don't you tell us what area you live in - maybe someone close could get them for you !

ebay - you'll overpay for them - probably and have to pay postage.
Oooh i soooo miss HIFI bars! They are so lurvely! I cannot attend a local group anymore and i really miss them too! But i doubt there is anyone out in my neck of the woods.

Good luck - hope you find your facilitator! x
if you dont have any luck getting your hi fi bars , let me know i ordered some of ebay last week and they were fine.

not to expensive and fast delivery

good luck with getting them though, will def be cheaper than e bay think mine were about £2.50 for packet of 3
That's a lot of money for 3 cereal bars hun!
Why not try Weetabix oaty bars, 2 packs for £2 in Tesco so 10 for £2.
I like HiFi bars but they are a lot of money for what they are.
Hey Jaylou,

I think it was a one off to be honest, as i heard about the mince pie flavour hi fi bars and like a piggy lol i had to have a taste.

i dont go to class so i got some of ebay, was not so impressed really, but it was worth a try.

thanks for the heads up about the weetabix bars im going to tesco later so hopefully i will pick some up :)
I think on eBay the prices are so inflated its silly! The books and stuff are all well above the actual costs.

Stick to Kelloggs Fibre Plus bars or Alpen Lights as IMO Hifi bars are not as nice!!! xxx
have to say i love hi-fi bars especially the mint ones yummy :)
I only like the mint Hifi bars but Kellogs Bliss mint are really nice too. I did not like the mince pie ones. I think I like aplen lite much better and I get two for a healthy extra.
Hi fi bars are tasty but in general they're a bit expensive, I think if you can get 2 x packs of Alpen Light for £2.50 as most supermarkets are doing at the moment, and you can have two bars per HEXb then those are a bit better!


Just doing it this time
I do think that hi fi bars are more filling though than two alpen lights ! and more tasty too !

Glad someone came to your rescue too.

Maybe we could use this thread to post whereabouts you live (ONLY AREA of course) and whether someone from a SW group could get you some hi fi bars IF you need them, save having to pay those inflated prices on ebay.#

I looked on ebay at the price of books (I have always given them away in the past)I was so shocked to find that some people are selling the old books for £££'s !!

Spose if you haven't done SW before though it doens't make much difference, I'm from the cornbeef era - and still crave my 'free' cornbeef on SW (sad aren't I).