Ebay'ing your old big clothes???

Discussion in 'Retail Therapy' started by MiSsYB, 26 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Hiya Folks..

    Wasnt sure where to put this thread...! But here goes anyways!

    Basically, my size 22 clothes (tops and bottoms) dont fit anymore, and im considering putting them on E-bay.

    I wanted advice from anyone who already puts their clothes on E-bay, in particular about postage, i have seen sellers put a price on their postage on their items, but how much do i put for mine as i have absolutely no idea whatsover on how much the cost of certain items would be.

    Also, when you post these items, do you put them in a Jiffy bag? or box them or ?

    All advice appreciated,


    x x
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  3. icemoose

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    Ask your CDC if they can use them with their other clients. I am clearing out 2 wardrobes so people can bring their old big clothes so others don't spend a fortune on transition clothes.

  4. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    I suppose i could ask my CDC, cheers for the tip!

    I do recall an old user from the DH "Mandana" had ebayed her clothes a lot and made some decent money out of it...Mandana, u around for some advice hun? x
  5. lardass

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    There is a section on here for ebay have a look there is some good advice from fellow ebayers
  6. Ajax

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    Before post office changed their rules, I just weighed my parcels and added about 50p on top to cover costs of packaging and going to post office!

    Let me know when you post I am looking for clothes in size 22s!!

    Would have been great to still manage a swap out with others, but nothing has been arranged yet. Not quite sure how they were going to attempt it!
  7. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    ajax...all my clothes are size 22s!!!

    where is the section for ebay links!
  8. Russiandoll

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    Hi Missy
    I've sold loads of my bigger clothes on ebay. I opened an ebay 'shop' because it's LOTS cheaper to list stuff on there and then I just put a few cheapies on the main auctions ... this provides a 'link' to my shop.

    I've made around a couple of hundred pounds so far (enough to pay for an annual Gold membership at my University gym with change back!)

    Plus I'm still listing - although the sizes of my new stock are gradually shrinking as I lose more weight! Big sizes do very well on ebay but you have to be careful not to fiddle yourself when it comes to postage.

    I can't be bothered to weigh and calculate every single item so I use an 'average' of about £1.95 P&P for a top and £3.95 for jeans. And I always state '2nd class' although when I get to the post-office, if it's way cheaper then I send it first class as a courtesy.

    Sometimes it works in the customer's favour, sometimes in mine but it all evens out in the end.

    Hope this helps!
  9. MiSsYB

    MiSsYB Member

    Hun thank you so much, this has helped lots...now i just have to spend a whole day taking pics of the items, uploading it onto PC and opening my "own shop" hehe

    Will post up the link here when im done!

    Thanks again ;)
  10. HorseyCarrie

    HorseyCarrie Full Member

    icemoose, I just want to say: what a fantastic idea! I have tonnes of clothes, a lot already too big and more very small; I seriously have enough to fill the spare room to capacity - yes, I've tried it!! Some is designer, some high street, some worn and some with tags still on! I would love to think that far from wasting all the money I have spent on beautiful clobber - I do love clothes and jewellery! - other people would be getting use out of it!
  11. JayneC

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    I've just spent most of today putting stuff on ebay. For the postage, I went to royalmail.com where you can see a chart of postage costs by weight. I've pasted the first class chart below for you. I then weigh the items on ordinary kitchen scales.

    Length: over 353mm
    Width: over 250mm
    Thickness: over 25mm

    Weight range
    First Class at new prices*

    (Add 85p for additional 250g or part thereof)

    *Pricing effective from August 21st 2006

    For packaging, you can buy 'mail order sacks' on ebay which are quite cheap. Or if you're not that organised (like me :D ) I find that the 'rubble sacks' in tescos (by the bin bags etc.) are just as good, and maybe even stronger.

    Good luck!
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