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Step 1 Sole Source It's time to prove people wrong!


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Hey All

So I am new here and came across this thread of people sharing their journeys, and thought I would join in. If nothing else, being able to dump all my thoughts on virtual paper so that people who understand can read it can only be a good thing!

I am doing this diet because I am 29 and fat. Not overweight or chubby or curvy. I saw my bum in a mirror the other day walking past and it's got a mind of it's own. Nice. I know not everyone will agree with my wording but there's my reasons! I don't actually dislike the way I look, I'm not terrible, I have curves, I just want a few less!

My whole life has been spent trying to lose weight. I've fluctuated between 14st and 17st11 for as long as I can think. I have a wardrobe with every size under the sun stocked in it - Oxfam could set up several size ordered rails, no problem. The thing is my family have given up on me losing the weight now. My mum and stepdad always buy a big curry, feed me cake, tell me not to worry one meal won't count. My Stepmum and Dad are super healthy - gym every day as well as cycling and walking, no wheat in the house, no processed sugar, no nothing. My stepmum in particular thrives on telling me I am lazy or it's my own fault, or I have a problem. Cheers.

So I need to prove them wrong. I need to do it and for it to work this time. I am off to Vietnam in 3 months, and I want to enjoy it, to be able to sit in an airplane seat without flinching and panicking as I sit that I may not fit. I want to be able to walk through the city in a sleeveless top and smile at people going by, to wear a swimming costume in Ha Long Bay and not flinch when people look at me.

I miss wearing jeans and nice tops and feeling great. My dresses look great, but sometimes I just want to put on a pair of jeans!

So yeah, here I am!

I've been on SS for a week and had my first WI today, 10.5 lbs gone which is amazing! Not really felt hungry or anything last week, so I guess I'm a lucky one in that regard.....now we start week 2!

Height - 5'3"
Start weight: 17st7lb
Week 1: -10.5lbs (16st11)

Nadia x
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I think I jinxed myself! I have been starving today. Craving hot buttery toast, curry sauce on chips and a full English breakfast. I walked home along the beach front from a job interview, and went straight past the Harry Ramsden's restaurant, smelling like everything salty and greasy and full of the seaside. I was two steps into the doorway before I caught myself and spun around, enduring a very very quick march home!

I know I don't need any of those things. I'm being nourished and fed, lots of lovely water, and I'm in ketosis so really the hunger is definitely not physical. It's just a reminder really of how much I have taught myself that food is the answer and is a good thing. Bad interview? Fish and Chips on the beach. Break up with someone? Full Indian takeaway with naan AND poppadoms (honestly, who really needs both??). Seeing friends for a catch up? Coffee and coffee cake (a redundant flavour choice if ever I made one). Sad and depressed because I can't fit into jeans? Drink the bar dry and buy a KFC box meal on the way home (LOGICAL.)

So using this diet as a way to re-educate myself on how to treat food. Eat to live, don't live to eat - that's my new mantra, fuel the adventure and enjoy it.

I must admit the meal options taste better than I was expecting! Chicken Tikka Rice - Oh my woooord. I can eat this 4 times a week and lose weight? Heaven.I adore it. The shakes are for the most part lush - the choc mint and choc orange hit the spot for something sweet. And the soups actually feel like a meal, rather than a watery cuppa soup like I was expecting.

There are a few I an unimpressed with. Key Lime was just gross. People rave about it, but I had to force it down. Same with the rice pudding, only one I nearly threw away. I did find the Spag Bol slightly sweet - the first bite made me recoil. I don't know if its just me. I doctored it with my favourite wannabe skinny condiment, tabasco and it cheered my tummy right up. I like a bit of spice.

Hopefully this week will take me to a stone if not more - I lost 10.5 last week, so 3.5 this week and thats a stone already! I so hope I hit that marker already it'll be such an amazing feeling.

Hope you all are doing well too!



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Welcome Nadia:)

Well done on your weight loss:0clapper:

Sorry about the interview:(...on the bright side you deserve a medal for resisting the fish and chips...goes to show how determined you are to shift your weight and achieve your goals.

I love your writing style...as I read your diary, I feel I am right their with you on your journey to a new slimmer you.


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Hi Mini

Ah thankyou! I am a wannabe author - I would love to publish one day, but I've always felt that I'd be laughed out of a publishing house for not looking right if I tried - who knows, maybe in a few months... !

The Fish and Chips were the biggest challenge yet haha! Thankyou ! I am sure I will find something soon - in the meantime nothing to stop me from forging ahead on CD at the moment. No employer would be happy with this many toilet breaks....



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When you submit your work it is judged on talent and sometimes on a bit of luck as well and very little to do with looks.

Losing weight and getting fit is nearly a job in itself...it is hard work and the results make it worth while...your body will get use to the diet and the trips to the loo will be less frequent as they were in the first week or so.

I look forward to reading your diary and how you get on for I feel from what I have read so far you have the knack of articulating the emotional head stuff that rattles around the brain looking for a voice that myself and others can relate to.


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Today I learnt the hard way that you have to wait for the 'click' on the shaker before attempting shaking.

I decided to try the Apple and Blackcurrant smoothie for breakfast. First time I tried it so was looking forward to a thick tasty fruit shake for brekkie. Everyone knows that fusty eyed state, first thing in the morning. You drag yourself out of bed, down a glass of water to get rid of the Saharan feel to the mouth and stagger to the kitchen. Water, powder, whisk, lid, shake......splat. A faceful of half mixed, splodgy purple liquid and powder. It was in my hair, on my top, on my face. Just beautiful.

A face full of purple gunk was not a side effect I was informed about.

Tasted nice though so there's that.

I've spent most of the day alternating between job searching and making 'fantasy baskets' on various websites. Tell me I'm not the only one who does the when-im-slimmer fantasy shop moment. Such lovely things. And it really helped keep me on track and thinking about where I want to be in a few months, which is a great motivational tool. I'm still craving chips and curry sauce but I've used the power of Ted Baker online to fight back. Beautiful floral maxi dresses are far better than curry sauce drenched chips. Perhaps when I can fit into one I can eat chips while wearing one....luxury.

Enough about chips. I'm going back to browsing beautiful dresses.

Nadia x


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Lovely vision - I've almost done the same with banana shake but it just resulted in a few splatters not the whole face mask. I did smell like banana for the rest of the day though. Congrats on your first week weight loss. Outstanding. I gather you are between employment at the moment, my sympathies I was in the same place about 2 years ago. I was stuck at home for 8 months before something came along. I would agree with Mini though don't let your weight hold you back from anything. I've been big all my life and my father used to tell me I would never get a good job or get promoted because I would be judged on my weight. He truly believed that and wasn;t just being nasty.... But he was wrong. Very Wrong. I now work at a Senior Executive level and have done so for a good number of years. Don't listen to anyone else. It's your life.


...we're sinking deeper.
I echo what Elsa said - don't let other people tell you how/who you are, this is your life and your weight doesn't determine your worth or what you are able to achieve.
You're taking such a big and positive step, a VLCD isn't easy, but it is worth it, even if it's just to highlight aspects of how you deal with emotions using food. When I did LL I learned a lot, both through the counselling sessions and just being removed from the real stuff to know when I reach for it. I started my journey at over 18st, and slowly and steadily it came off.

Well done on your first week's loss :) How are you finding it so far? I do the motivational clothes 'window/internet' shopping too, it's what keeps me going sometimes when I really just have had enough and think nothing is ever going to change... but it will. Food isn't the answer, perseverance is!
Hi Nadia. Well done on your first week's loss. This is a restart for me, but I think we are at a similar place in terms of weight to lose. Can't wait to see us both proveeveryone wrong. Kate xx


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Well, this was a shocker of a weekend.

I only lost 1lb this week, which after last weeks awesome result was a little disheartening. My CDC did point out to me thats 12lbs in 2 weeks which is amazing - really close to the first stone. But I still felt like I'd failed somewhat. I wanted a stone off in my second week - how amazing would that have been. Alas, it was then the weekend. On Saturday I had a big planned day and night out with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time. I didn't plan to drink or eat but unfortunately, peer pressure kicked in. People who don't understand the diet just want to tell me how unhealthy it is and how it won't work, that I am setting myself up to fail. That it was stopping me from having a good life. That I couldn't socialise or have fun. So they decided on Nandos, where I was basically forcefed a chicken salad - I ate the greens and plain chicken and left as much as I could. Then I had one vodka and tonic water later.

I didn't realise they would take against the diet so strongly, or discount my opinions on my own health and lifestyle. I thought that they would help and support me. Instead I got judged and told I was wrong. I don't know where to go from here. I want this to be the answer and go to Vietnam and be happy but I am doubting myself now.

Hopefully the very small blip won't affect it too much and I will at least stay the same this week, even if I don't lose. I am downing water now to flood everything out of my system and viewing from this morning as a fresh start.

Has anyone else had evenings like that? How did it affect you and your weight loss?

Starting weight: 17st7
Total loss: 12lbs
Current weight: 16st10


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Hi Nadia. There will always be people who don't understand. To be honest I was one of those people myself (a long time ago) I always swore I would never go on a meal replacement diet, that it was too restrictive etc etc. But when every diet I tried failed yet again I gradually came around to the idea that staying my current weight or worse continuing to put weight on was much worse for my health than a relatively short-term VLCD. Which is the argument I used with my loved ones who reluctantly have now accepted it seeing how much success I have achieved. Others who don't have the same issues will never fully understand. That's why many people don't tell others what they are doing. I have been open with my workmates this time because I have to turn down all the lunches and cakes that keep coming in but I play down the diet, I just say I'm not eating carbs or I'm cutting back. Don't worry one chicken salad won't hurt you, in fact I'm doing Step 2 of the Cambridge diet which includes a small meal, ie. Protein and veggie/salad, so it sounds like you were within that. Ok the vodka was a small blip, but if it was just one - shake it off and carry on. Have confidence in yourself and just tell others not butt in on something they can't/don't understand.
I have found the peer pressure horrid too. But to be honest, it's generally because people want to justify to themselves that it's ok to eat and drink what they like. But it's not...not if it's constantly done to excess. I also found people telling me I had lost too much weight and I should stop...when my BMi still said I was overweight. Generally they were the people with a stone or two to lose themselves! Some of it is jealousy. People don't like change. And with regard to it not being healthy, it definitely is. That's why it's so regulated. Chin up... You can do this xx


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Thankyou for your replies - It goes to show that misinformation or a lack of information can be a dangerous thing. Its nice to hear that people have changed their minds in the past and seen it for what it is and understood that some people need a drastic change in eating habits. My friends for the most part are slim and never worried about their food or size - they are happy to wear shorts and sleeveless tops and they are used to me being covered up all the time. I think what Wigglybunny said about change is very true. My friends know me as the overweight one, who is funny and up for a laugh and non threatening. Perhaps they can't visualise me as a smaller person or a scared it will change my personality - and certainly there will be less of the wild weekends! Sugary shots and wheaty beers are part of what got me into this pickle.

I think as well I am a bit scared. I looked in the mirror this morning and actually said out loud 'bloody hell' - my stomach looks flatter than it has for years, and I actually didn't wear control pants today, for the first time in literally years! It felt amazing. Its a daft thing to be so chuffed about but I can wear some of my pretty undies again, even if I'm the only one who sees them. It goes to show though how much things will change by the time I am at target. I will be wearing different clothes and different shapes and styles - what if I don't know what to buy? Or I forget that I'm able to wear these things? Or, scariest of all, what if it makes no difference whatsoever?

Last weeks weigh in was also possibly influenced by that time of the month - my period showed up on Saturday, after my Thursday weigh in. So I have a suspicion I was holding onto some of that weight - I can go up a dress size sometimes at that time. So this weeks weigh in will be interesting, after the weekend and also post TOTM. I feel like I've lost some rather than gained, so we can but wait.

I am working in a lot of walking at the moment as well, so hopefully that will help. In my head, I have a target to be 14st flat by the time I fly - July 25th, another 11 weeks. That means I have 2st 10 lbs to lose - which is doable on this diet if I stick to it! That will be the least I have weighed since I was about 20 years old. I can just imagine walking off the plane and my friend seeing me and not being twice her size. Fabulous feeling. I will hold onto that while I stick to this diet to keep me going.

Till next time

Hey Nadia well done with your weight loss!!
Im in the same boat as your self, my family are very concerned about my weight. But know I can't or wont lose the weight, im currently 23stns 10lbs and the heaviest in my whole family. I'm starting Cambridge in the morning and just need to stick to it, your post has really motivated me thanks.


...we're sinking deeper.
I agree with what has been said so far, a lot of people don't understand these diets and think they're a fad (and to some extent they are), but they do teach so much... There will be so many people along the way who will say it's not healthy, people who will encourage you to cheat (mostly to justify their own eating habits), there are also enablers and people who are jealous of someone's resolve. People also don't like to see change and think that somehow weight determines personality. At the end of the day, you are doing the diet for you. Any cheat is against yourself, not anyone else. You can definitely do this, I can see you're a strong individual. Your positivity is shining through your posts. It's ok to be confused, but that's why we are here!

Your target is realistic and I'm sure your friend seeing you will be amazed to see the transformation! Imagine how confident and wonderful you'll feel! I know you can achieve it, it's not long to go. x
Great stuff. Glad to hear you being more positive again. :) Can't wait to see you hit your target before you fly.

I know what you mean about the clothes thing, though. I bought a dress when I was almost at target previously that was a size 12, very expensive and I adore. I wore it once before I found out I was pregnant! I absolutely loved being able to choose things because I liked them and I knew I would look good in them, rather than that was the only thing that fitted. I could justify spending more than usual because it was a conscious choice and I knew I would look good in it. It was a treat for all the work I had put in to losing the weight. I cannot wait to be back there.

I usually hate shopping, but I loved it once I looked the way I wanted to! :)

Kate xx


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So...I had my weekly weigh in. After the weekend and last week's underwhelming loss I was really hoping for some good news.

Guess what? 3 lbs off - a stone in total in 3 weeks! How good is that? I'm over the moon. It's just a shade over by .8 of a lb so I can say just over a stone with honesty lol.

I am so pleased those changes I saw were actually there and that it's working. It's easy to convince yourself you don't really see those changes and that it's just your mind wanting to convince you that you see something. That things aren't really loosening up but you just desperately want to see a difference so you will yourself into seeing it. But it's gone - a whole stone is gone!

Now for this week. I'm starting a telesales job which is blah but money so seeing how I go with working while doing this diet. I'm feeling on top of it right now so let's take this positivity and run with it.

I hope you all have equally good weeks!

Nadia x

Start weight :17st7
Weight loss: 14 lbs 8
Current weight: 16 st 7
Awesome. Well done you. Onwards and downwards! Xx


...we're sinking deeper.
Well done with your loss this week! You will definitely start to see the differences more prominently now! Everyday you'll notice something new :)

Good luck with the job - you'll do fine! If anything, you'll be so busy and distracted that you won't even feel hungry. Just don't take pressure from people at the office wondering why you're having a small cup meal or a bar for lunch, they don't need to know and you don't need their judgement. I never ate lunch at work and after a while people stopped being bothered by it. :p
Minerva has a really good point. And when people see your success they will change heir minds about the diet...trust me! I know at least three people who have done it because they saw how well it worked for me xx

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