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Economy 7

When I had it I used to use the delay programme on the washing machine so it started at midnight, you need to check what time yours is set to mine was 12-7am, I would use the tumble trier at 6-7am if I needed to, if you can I'd get it changed to a normal tariff unless you are a real night owl I dont think you can benefit (well I couldn't)

Does this help http://www.energychoices.co.uk/economy-7.html


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When I had it, the only benefits we really got from it were heating up the storage heaters overnight, and putting the washing machine and dishwasher on a timer, so it was ready in the morning. Otherwise, I don't really think there is much of a benefit, unless as said, you are a night owl :) But if you do lots of washing, then it would certainly help
I work for an energy company. As mentioned if you can take advantage of the off-peak please use timers to take advantage of the night rate.

Unless at least 15-20% of your use is off-peak/overnight. You will be better off with a single rate meter - Check with your supplier the exact time of your 7 hours (it is always after 10pm and finishes before 8am)

I assume you have no mains gas as I cannot think of any other reason to have economy 7 - people think they are cheaper but only , as mentioned, if you live an "alternative" lifestyle, or are nightowls!

Hmm will have to see how it goes I suppose! Thanks for the replies. Part the reason I am still up is to start the washer/dishwasher so its on during the time lol not that I shall be doing that every night! :rolleyes:
I don't have gas in the house and have electric storage heaters. Was confused as the electrician says there is some sort of econ 7 boost in the day but couldnt see anything about that online?
Trouble is with 5 of us theres a lot of washing and not sure if the washer and dishwasher would work on timer plugs?
Hi, We have Economy 7 and i still use my washer through the day just use my eco 30 setting but if i have to have a long/hot wash then i put the timer on. Mine wouldnt work on a plug timer so not sure on that bit.
My bills are no higher coming from gas/electric to just electric in fact they are lower x
(Washer is hardly ever off with a toddler in the house)
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We have storage heaters, pain in the bum, they take days to reach full heat then if you want to turn them off they take days to cool down.

We're supposed to be on 'Superdeal' left over from the previous owner and our electric payments are £160 a month! I would swap but people I know who have done have had the prices increased swiftly afterwards!
If you have an immersion tank, then it heats the water overnight and the 'boost' is to reheat the water.
However as we have an electric shower it's an expensive way to wash up!

We have no mains gas.
It did take us a while to get used to it, like remembering to turn stuff off when not using it/or knocking plugs on. Worst one was a heater in the bathroom, the switch was in my sons room and was on for few hours before the OH caught his arm on it. If you can get one of the energy monitors that should help as you can see what you are using in a day. (some suppliers give them for free)

Im now getting a slow cooker to try and save on using the oven as much as, so i can put on through a night then heat up later on when needed.

We havent had a problem with our heaters although we dont have the boost option but they last for the day when we have had to use them.

@Shirleen £160 seems hell of a lot for your electric. As for your heaters are they working properly? And getting charged for Eco7 tarriff? We had problem with Southern Electric meter not switching to the night rate? Might be worth checking yours
As Laura said, the timer switches are prone to breakdown. Just make sure they are switching over and off at the correct times.

Economy 7 and storage heaters are more expensive than gas, that's a fact. Most storage heater are of quite an age too. Not all of course but their inefficiency is legendary compared to modern combi boilers and gas fired central heating.

£160 a month may seem excessive, but bear in mind this is no different to paying a combined £160 per month combined gas & electric as Shirleen has no gas bills.

With my energy advisor hat on, I'd recommend anyone with economy 7 and storage heaters to have them removed and install central heating - believe me it will pay for itself in a few years! I also understand a lot of people are stuck with what their landlords, council, housing association etc. give them - even home-owners are still hampered by some remote areas not having mains gas.
I have storage heaters in my flat. I like them because they need no maintenance. My total electricity bill (not just for heating) is around £150 a quarter for the colder months, around £70 a quarter for the warmer months.


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With regards using the economy 7 at night, if I am correct, you should check that other appliances are actually in the economy 7 fuse box. When I had it, every fuse in the Eco 7 box was taken up by storage heaters, and all other appliances etc (lights, sockets) were in the other fuse box, which I was told meant that they would never run on Eco 7. Not sure if this was true, but we ended up switching a few fuses about as some storage heaters were never used at all.
Well many years ago i had eco7 in my 1st flat...... I didnt mind it as i dont like it too hot, i used to use the washer etc any time of the day and have the night storage set on 3 that way it wasnt too hot but just right...... I was also on a electric key meter and it cost through the winter about £12 and about £7 in the summer a week. The water heater was on a switch so if i wanted hot water i had to turn it on for 30mins 1st.

My Gran and Grandad have it now in there new home and they too didn't understand it at 1st but they coped fine through the winter and didn't see a large cost to using it....again they had it set on No3 they are night owls (up watching old movies till 3am lol) they also didnt need extra heating (ie electric fan heater)

Hope this helps
I'd check with your supplier we just switched with npower and we get the night rate on everything on through the set hours. But I know what the other poster means as ours looks to be on two separate boxes ones eco7 and other is box standard fuses x
That's the downside that you can't put them on when u want to
I live in rural area (no gas) and we've had eco7 for 19 years and haven't had any problems with it. I pre-set washing machine to finish just before I get up (it has an annoying beep when it finishes which I don't want during the night), dishwasher I put on before I go to bed.

Never thought of putting slow cooker on overnight - might look into this.

Oh put 1st heater on yesterday - was lovely and cosy in living room this morning.

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