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EE- Has anyone else found that turning to superfree first as snacks can do more harm?


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I have found for me personally sometimes when I follow the extra easy rule of superfree snacking first that I end up eating more because I feel less satisfied and less full up so eat more fruit or ending up still needing free food and end up with more calories than if I'd had for example I'd had a muller light to start with and felt more satisfied so end up not needing anything else. Has anyone else found this?
I have my 1/3 with my meals but do people think I should still try to stick to it with my snacks?
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At first i wondered what on earth you meant! Then remembered quite vividly a weekend where all i craved was chocolate. Tried putting it off 4 hours with superfree, eating far more than i would usually & finally had a curly wurly. I was fine aftet 3 bites - no more cravings! Should have just ate it in the first place.

So yes, i do get what you mean. Its a case of listening to your body - do you 'fancy' something, or are you craving it??? If its a craving, then best to give in (within your syn limit obviously!)


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I always think that you've got your syns, so you might as well use them! If you're still hungry or craving something after you've used your syns, then it has to be superfree (or free), but I think that's what syns are for!

Trace xxx


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I was like this yesterday afternoon. I have to put my hand on my heart and say I wasn't hungry, but I "wanted" something, so I had an apple ,then a kiwi, then some melon, and ended up having lots of low cal ginger beer which did fill me up. I had 7 syns last night of dark chocolate and didn't need anything for the rest of the night, but I think if I'd had it in the afternoon it might have been a slipperry slope. I'd had a big breakfast and a filling lunch so I knew it had to be more in my head.


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I agree with whats been said... an actual food craving super free wont hit the spot because i want something specific.. BUT if i just am peckish super free works for me

Also if i fancy some sweets sugar free chewing gum 5 sticks/pellets for 0.5 syns


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As my Dr said when you fancy a Mars bar a mountain of bananas will not help! So have a little of what you fancy!
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As my Dr said when you fancy a Mars bar a mountain of bananas will not help! So have a little of what you fancy!
I think this is fab advice Shirleen. After all, Slimming World is all about maintaining a balance in the way that we eat.

Well, as long as that "little" bit really is a little bit!
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My mum mentioned that she experiences something similar when eating fruit. I didn't really understand what she meant but having read your post, I think I get it now!

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