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EE question about 1/3 superfree

I'm finding it difficult with some recipes that I make to bring in the 1/3 plate super free, can I just have it anyway and then have a bowl of superfree fruit right afterwards?.

Like when I do a fry-up, I'll have joes sausages, lean bacon, a slice of toast, fried egg, and fried mushrooms, but not sure what other superfree veg could go with a fry up and i can't eat a huge portion of the mushrooms. And I don't always want grilled tomatoes (I eat so many tomatoes in the week as it is, in different ways).

So could i just have a fruit salad for dessert to get the 1/3 super free?
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In my opinion, there's not much point having a bowl of fruit salad after just to get the S/F in - you're just having extra food on top which you probably don't need.

With my breakfast I always make sure I have tomatoes, tinned or fresh and mushrooms. I've also been known to have poached eggs served on spinach or rocket too!

I would say though, that if you have plenty of other S/F foods, that it doesn't really matter for the ocassional meal if you don't quite get the third in. SW do say this on their website too so it's official!


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Helen. I asked my consultant this as I struggle to get in the 1/3 plate rule.. and she said it was fine.. even if you have a cpl of pieces of sf fruit straight after, its counted as part of the meal that way, but your meal still needs to inc sf veggies.. and will didgest the same time too.

With stir frys its easy to get that in, pasta is too, just bake your veggies and add to the sauce after cooking it. Curry - add carrots and green beans to your chopped tomatoes to give your extra sf veg..x


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From the SW website....

we do recommend that you have one third of a plate of Superfree Food at every mealtime - however we know that sometimes it might be tricky to achieve that, for example, adding a salad to fish and chips may seem an odd combination, or having some boiled carrots with beans on toast! So we would wholly recommend having that Superfree Food with your meal - but if there are occasions when it just doesn't quite work, then as long as you're still having plenty of Superfree Food during the day, and enjoying loads of Free Food to fill up on at mealtimes, it won't harm your weight loss.
Thats good then, I do have plenty of superfree foods during the day, I snack on fruit, I also have blueberries and strawberries on my cereal. Plus in main meals I will have mushrooms, tomatoes and depending what I cook, other veg. It was just on the days that I have something like the fry up for tea, where I couldn't really fill 1/3 with veg.


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Thats what I do Helen. Blueberries, although are a sf food - aren't a ss food, so be aware that they aren't as quicker loss food then strawberries which are. I got some this week and then looked in teh book again before filling out diary and saw it, never mind, still good for you and still a sf food. x
I also always have blackberries, grapefruits and lots of other fruit, my fruit bowl has never looked so full in it's life LOL so I've always got a good mix of S and SS fruits in.

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