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Extra Easy EE - why did they change it?

When I joined just before Xmas, I was told about EE. At that time, 1/3 superfree was not compulsory, but was recommended to boost your weight loss. I have never heard at my class since that it is now compulsory, and I don’t have the new books, so if it wasn’t for this forum I would be none the wiser.
Anyway, just wondering why they changed it - did they find that the EE plan did not work last year when there wasn’t 1/3 superfree?

By the way i lost about 1.5 stone in 2 months, without doing the superfree rule, although breakfast was usually fruit and lunch was vegetable soup so probably in the day i had 1/3 superfree, but definitely not every meal
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My personal opinion is that it really does make for a healthier eating plan. SW have said that you should try to have the superfree where possible, however it is not always possible so as long as you are having plenty of superfree throughout the day, one or two meals without won't hurt.
They also introduced the snacking on superfree recommendation too, again, I think this makes for a healthier diet.
This is my personal opinion though ;-)

Why not carry on as you are if you are happy with it but if your losses start to slow down, it's one thing to think about.
Similar to jaylou, I believe it's so SW can seem more 'normal' in that the NHS recommends 1/3 fruit and veg everyday. By saying a 1/3 must be in every meal, it makes sure 1/3 happens.

There are members in my group who didnt eat fruit or veg prior to starting to SW and so saying a 1/3 is required at each meal, is alot easier to follow than saying 1/3 throughout the day.

It also covers them in terms of weight loss. If you follow EE without 1/3 superfree you may not lose weight, but with 1/3 superfree you will. Less people saying "EE doesn't work" and discouraging people from them.

These are just my thoughts. :)
I try to stick to the 1/3 rule, but to be perfectly honest it doesnt always happen. Sometimes i do snack on fruit through out the day, sometimes I dont. Depends on how prepared and how busy I am through out the day!

I'm sure if I had 1/3 superfree with every single meal i'd lose more weight, but im still pretty happy with my losses (normally 1lb-2lb a week). I think it does work without to an extent...I imagine when my losses start to slow down closer to target, it would be a good time to be really strict with 1/3 superfree! x


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I think also that people were taking full advantage of having the red and green free foods together. Over-doing it, not having much fruit and veg and as a result were possibly not having such good losses.
OH hasn't been eating 1/3 superfree as he hates most fruit and veg - if I can get it into him, I do, but for most lunches he is having just leftover spag bog or risotto or whatever, not salad. He's snacking on bacon and Mug Shots.

Anyhoo, he had a sneaky midweek weigh in and has lost 7lbs in 4 days. Git.

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