eeeeeeeeeeek ive eaten all my packs


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I don't think so. I would just drink some water chill out, find something to keep you occupied so that you don't think about it!

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Fighting Demons....
This can be a good time to actually ask yourself if you are hungry though : ) I did that once and was quite surprised when I realised I was only hungry because I thought I should be as it was dinner time. x

Good Point! I went through this too!! :D

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When I did CD (briefly) I always split my packs into 2 or 3 anyway, so i could sometimes have a tiny bit of one if I needed extra one day...
If you can manage without and just have an early night then you probably are best, but I personally don't think it's a good idea to let yourself get to the point where you are trying to get to sleep feeling absolutely starving... surely that's your body trying to tell you something!!


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Some days I was finished all my packs by noon andjust had savory drinks and flavoured water the rest of the day. So long as you don't start having the following days' 'food' to make up for it I'm sure you'll be fine.
I foudn towards the end that I'd usually have had everything by 3pm, then went to the gym in the evening rather than sitting thinking I should have dinner.
And I never got hungry.
Just keep drinking that water.


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How did you manage

Maybe you had an early night to take your mind off it.
Idon't think I could go that long without a pack. i try and space mine out so I've got a treat one before i go to bed.
I hope you managed. i'm sure you did.
Hopefully you are sleeping peacefully now.:nightf:


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Well done GreenTea - I just read your post and was thinking that I had the same experience during the week. I planned that if I was really really hungry, I'd eat the pack I accidentally missed last week when I was busy (and am now keeping aside "just in case"). However, each time I thought I was starving I drank some water with the berry flavour - and would you believe, I was fine. :D
Glad you made it though and Good Luck.