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Eeeek Help! Can't stop eating!


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Hi guys, need help!
For some reason for the last 2 weeks I've just felt hungry all the time. Although I'm probably not, just bored.
I haven't fallen off the wagon as such and have been within my syns but I've still had a few naughty treats. I'm just worried that this will continue until I just think what the hell and give up. My motivation seems to be slipping away from me! I'm in my 6th week now and do not want to give up but for some reason just want to eat eat eat! :( Last week I had a flexi syn day so did my syns weekly and for some reason I have fallen into that again this week, I wish I hadn't because now my mind set is 'oh I can have that because I'll just do a flexi syn day' and then this carries on :/
Eeeek I need my motivation back! Anyone seen it?:cry:
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I get that way sometimes. Usually when I am bored. Is there anything you can do to occupy your mind for a bit - even heading out with your ipod for a long walk, tidying the house, going for a drive, calling up a friend? I also try to drink lots of water when I feel that way as it fills me up a bit.

I think sometimes we have days when all we want to do is munch on stuff! It's so frustrating. I am only on week 1 and I had a day like that yesterday already. I do weekly syns as I think that works well for me and my lifestyle.


Hope you find something to keep you away from food!


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Thanks angeljaide, I think maybe it's because my bf has been away for the weekend and my friends havent been around so I've had nothing to do this weekend but think about food. I just need to remember why I'm doing this I think and stop being so hard on myself :/
Good luck with your journey x
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I get like this a lot too. If you try to make fruit and veg your first port of call, then you should be fine.

I find that chopping up some cucumber helps to keep me munching so I'm occupied.

If you are still hungry, don't be afraid to make your meals a little bigger by upping the superfree - this should keep your hunger at bay.


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Oh leelea, I so identify with what you're going through. Honestly this weekend I need to have my jaws wired rofl! I'm not hungry as such but just want to eat to have the taste in my mouth. It could be boredom as with your good self but I just need to stop! NOW!


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Thanks guys, it's good to know I'm not the only one :)
I just have a problem thinking that I shouldn't eat as much because I'm on a diet so I need to get over that. I know I don't want to give up because when I think back to how I used to eat it makes me feel sick so I don't want to quit. Just needed some support which you have all provided, thank you :)
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wow i m not the only one then, today i have eaten a full box of alpen light choc and fudge, a mullerlight yog, apple, plum, 3 crackerbreads with low fat cheese cucumber tomatoes celery and i can t wait for my tea. lol


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Oooh the choc and fudge ones are my favourite and I haven't got any left :( I've had a mullerlight, strawberries, a BIG salad, 3 mini babybel lights, more strawberries and chocolate spread which was 4.5syns and then a mini magnum which was 8.5syns but I have been craving chocolate sooooo bad. But after I ate it I regretted it and now I'm hungry again...drank some water but that didn't work so I know I'm actually hungry. I haven't had my HeB yet so maybe that's why I'm hungry, need to plan my meals better I think so I get full up :) I'm going to get some ryvita down me I think

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