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Eeek, I'm having an op!!


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I have been suffering with recurring groin abcesses for 2 years and to date I have had to have 4 of them surgically drained, numerous courses of antibiotics and an op to remove the tissue to see if this could get rid of them. The last op I had was earlier this year to drain it. I had the follow up with the surgeon a little while ago and scanning my records he decided that the only thing left to try and eradicate it forever was to have a big square of skin removed from the area, the tissue underneath removed and then skin grafted back over the area :eek:

I have been tested for absolutely everything to try to find the cause of these stupid things and everything comes back clear so they think the cause is just bad skin and tissue in that area :eek: I was kinda hoping that he'd forgotten to refer me to the plastic surgeon as I haven't heard anything for a while but I got home from work and there was the flipping letter telling me I have a consultation on the 3rd Nov. Judging from the time frames the ops not gonna happen til next year but I know that if it works it'll be worth it so I'm feeling worried and excited at the same time - weird I know!!
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Hey, I can't believe I've found someone else who gets these pesky things. I too suffer from them. I get them along my waistline and on me bum. I just had an op last month to drain and remove one on my bum and I am waiting to see a dermatologist to see about getting the dormant boil-like things removed from my stomach as they have faded but will not go away completely.

They are the bain of my life, and like you, I have never found any explanation or cause for them in 7 years, despite being tested over and over for diabetes, MRSA, blood sugar etc etc. Like the sound of a skin graft to get rid of the recurring area completely. I will ask about that when I see my dermo. He reckons they are weight-related (oh what a surprise) and won't remove them until I lose weight as he says they will just come back again.

Don't worry about it, you'll be under a general and you will be rid of these things forever hopefully. Lemme know when you get a date.
At least you'll (hopefully) be rid of them forever, they sound nasty!

And you should easily be at goal by then, so you shouldn't have any issues with coming off the diet or anything :)

Good luck!



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Have you heard of hidradenitis suppurativa?
Ive just been diagnosed with the condition. I get boils and things in my groin area, bum, belly, under me boob and under the armpit. They are boils which drain pus and can be extremely painful! They then leave an open wound.
Its caused by blocked sweat glands which become infected by certain bacterial. Its an horric thing to have but once diagnosed there are many ways in which they can treat the disease.
I found a fantastic website Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) - What is hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)?
and its really helped me understand what ive got wrong with me.
Ive suffered in silence for a long time, i went to the doctors about a year ago and just got told that they were boils :( but recently went back as my mum read an artical in a magazine where a girl had exactly the same problem as me.

I'm just taking a wild guess at giving you this information, I'm betting its not the disease as its quite rare, but its worth knowing about. :p
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Yes, I've heard of HS, but it says on that site that if you don't get them under your arms or on your groin you most likely don't have that. My dermo thinks maybe I have a mild form of it though.

It is so amazing to find other people suffering from it. Do you find that it flares up when you are a bit run down, sleep deprived or stressed? I do. Also I am a little anaemic and think that might be linked to it as well.
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yea i get it alot when i feel stressed and tired, which i seem to have a lot of lately!

Got a flare up of it at the moment, and the scars i have are really disgusting, but there is no way of getting rid of them, but i suppose i will have to live with them!


please try again
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i saw a magazine article about a girl who had the op on her underarms and her groin, it worked well for her

i have horrible ones under my arms, on bum, round waist , boobs etc but am too embarrassed to see gp


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I would def go to the Doctors and get it diagnosed! Once its been diagnosed then you can start getting treated. Dont be embarassed! Its really not a nice thing to go through and the doctors will understand!


please try again
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was kinda hoping when having tummy tuck, thigh lift, boob lift, arm lift maybe they could just cut it all away
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mmm sounds painful hopefully all will go well x
Thanks peeps :D

I'll ask about HS when I go for my consultation. I think I might have been tested for it but I'm not sure.

I have to admit that I'm feeling quite lucky now that mine just reoccurs in the one place. It must be awful to suffer with them in various places :(
Hmm I think I have this too! I have loads of boil type things in my upper inner thighs. I have always assumed it's because my legs rub together and get sweaty (urgggh!!!) so have just been putting up with it until I get skinny! It doesn't look very nice but if it is weight related I would rather lose the weight first. I have one recurring one on my boob too! So annoying!


This is the last time!!
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My friend has been diagnosed with HS and she gets these abcesses solely in her groin area.
They are incredibly painful, and she has one at the minute which is causing her grief. Last time she was rushed into hospital as the abcess' 'root' was heading towards the artery in her thigh and tehy were worried she woudl get blood poisoning.
I hope your op goes well and it ends the cycle of pain for you.


This is the last time!!
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Apologies for spelling errors..my hands type much faster than my brain thinks!
i get these too ! glad i have found others who also get them as my family just take the mick !
ive had 4 on my bum in the last two years , then i had a bartholins cyst (very painful abcess on bartholins gland. this is a gland in the vagina) very very painful as they get to the size of an egg.
try to imagine walking around with a spiked tennis ball in your fairy ! ouch.

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