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EEEWWWW the porrige is awfull!



Trying to stay healthy!
first time with the porridge i wasn't impressed with the smell or the taste but i now add 2 sweetners and it tastes just like real porridge to me! love it!


Fed up of being fat
I dont like it either, had a few mouthfulls just to make sure and was gagging by the last couple, haha! I was going to add a sweetner to it but thought it tasted so sweet already that it might just make it even worse? Oh well hot choc tetra drinks for me still.
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i felt the same way but i had to try it again... and again as i wanted to love it!

i now add 200ml of water and blend with a hand mixer before putting in microwave for a minute.

now its lovely and smooth/ runny and not lumpy and is my fave!!!
I love it but I also have to use 200ml of water.

1st go I was not impressed but now it is my fave & I really look forward to it.

Just one thing (a little off topic) I have just had a sip of a Choc Tetra Brik & I swear it is off. It tasted VILE :strikeout_button:I use them every day for work & I usually love em. I'm scared to try another now it was sooo horrid.

Anyone else had this???

BTW it is well in date (Feb 09)
I love the porridge with cinnamon, so lovely. I keep reading about lumps, but I have the texture of the grains but are people talking about powder lumps?

When I add the water I use a fork to whisk the mixture and it always comes out perfectly. Adore the stuff!
I hated it first time too, but as others have said I now add more water have also tried it with a bit of chocolate shake.. and love it!
Having it everynight now at bed time which gives me a nice full tummy to sleep on.
I love it with cinnamon too.
I like my ready brek lumpy, so I don't mind the lumps, but sometimes add more water for a change.
One a day for me.
Love it.
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Hi Stacy,
I had the same problem with a choc tetra (feb09), I had one sip and oh my god it was rank. I havent touched one since.
Good job I like the porridge.

Sorry you're not keen on the porridge. If you get bored and fancy trying it again in a week or two (maybe with more water, e.g. 180ml) you never know you might change your mind.

I keep changing my mind about shake flavours every few weeks! I used to love Fruits of the Forest shake and now gag at the smell of anything vaguely similar!

I wonder if it also helps to not think of it as "porridge" when you eat it (i.e. don't compare it to "real" porridge). It is more like ready Brek with gorgeous lumps of cookie dough in (hope thats not put you off for good now!!! LOL).

Another nice way to eat it is to add a teaspoon of vanilla shake flavouring...gives it a really nice creamy taste and is reminiscent of crumble and custard (at least, in MY mind!).

As others have said, a touch of chocolate or banana shake mix also goes down a treat, but avoid cheese and broccoli soup flavoured porridge.

Good luck...

Prince of Porridge
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I will have to retry the porridge as I too thought it was rank! Ok guys you have convince me, more water, hand blender and chocky or vanilla powder coming up! (I will try it for tea)

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