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EEK- Just weighed myself for first time in a long time...

... and I'm 16st 10lb, a gain of 2 stone since I found out I was pregnant:cry: I dunno where its come from as I thought I was sticking to plan fairly well with the exception of not measuring healthy extras and not counting syns (although I've only been having the 2 and didnt think I was having many syns- how wrong must I have been?)

Soooo I think I'm gonna start a food diary on here as somewhere I have to report to each day as I really don't want to gain much more as it took way longer to get that 2+ stone off in the first place. Do you just set one up yourself?

On a positive note I could have not found slimming world,not lost 2+ stone and still be 2 stone heavier than when I started. Now thats a scary thought.
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Good luck getting back on plan! It's easy to underestimate how much you're eating. I'm a great fan of the saying 'if you bite it - write it'. I write down everything I eat and drink so I know where I am with syns, Hex's and so on. Good luck on shifting the weight!
hun why did u stop weighing yourself? are you pregnant now?
yeah i'm 29 weeks pregnant. Last time I got weighed officially I was about 5 weeks pregnant and had a huge gain despite being good that my consultant just said ah well it'll come off next week. Made me stress about SW then so midwife signed me off.

Thought I'd been sticking to it fairly well but that was a shock this morning that I want to limit. The midwife has been weighing me and hasn't said anything so she can't be too bothered but I am as it took me nearly 2 years to lose that 2and a half stone

Mrs V

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Hun, you are pregnant and that is the most important thing for you to concentrate on. You and the baby being healthy.
If your MW was concerned about your gain she would say something to you.
I gained 5.5 stone when I was pregnant with Daughter. All my good intentions of following the SW plan went out the window as even the thought of salad and fruit made me sick!
Dont forget you really will loose most of that when baby is born anyway. The main thing is that you eat healthily and stay well.

Mrs V is right!! Baby and accompanying peripherals will be the majority of your gain!! Don't be going stressing yourself about it, coz once the baby is born you will lose a big chunk of that and if you are planning to BF then the weight will fly right off again. Relax and enjoy the next couple of months!!
I stopped getting officially weighed cos of the stress but now i think i'm at the point of thinking about loosing it after baby is born and thinking if I can limit the gain over the next few weeks i'll be happy if that makes sense? I'm not gonna stress bout it though as no point in doing that but i'm certainly gonna keep an eye on my syns over the next few weeks as thats whats creeping in and its not like i actually want them its the convenience.

Thanks for rationalising me everyone!


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I got up to 18 st when i was pregnant with my son. Don't worry too much about the weight while your pregnant but just having more s/free veg and fruit will be really good for you both anyway and cutting the fat off meat. Just enjoy being pregnant

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