Egg Fried Rice???

Cook your rice, then heat some oil in a frying pan/wok, whisk up eggs, like an omelette. Put your rice in the frying pan/wok and stir add peas or anything else you want in it the add you agg mixture and keep stirring it round the rice until it cooks and voila! egg fried rice. You can add abit of soy sauce if you wish but its not reallly needed. Hope she enjoys.
Also just in case anyone is interested for a healthy version in the future.
Cook rice and drain.
Spray olive oil fry light in a wok whisk 2 egg whites together with garlic powder and soy sauce if wanted.
pur rice in wok add any vegetables as wanted and then add egg mixture.
As long as you keep an eye on the portion sizes this should be a lot healthier.
I know I am being a bit dizzy, but does anyone know how to make egg fried rice? My daughter wants some and I refuse to go to the chinese!!

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Pour the eggs into the pan.... cook them in a very thin layer. Then cut them into strips. Once this is done... then add the rice and veg and fry together - otherwise you wont get the nice little strips of egg and it will all be a bit gloopy. It's especially good done with sesame oil (which is expensive, so what they will usually do in Asia is mix a small amount of sesame oil with vegetable oil as the base). To make it extra special, toast some sesame seeds in a small pan and sprinkle over the top...


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I whisk two eggs with a dash of Thai fish sauce and then cook it in a thin layer like an ommlette, then cut it in strips and add at the end to the fried rice and veg, it is yum! And I would think very nutritous for kids.
Whisk eggs-do like scramble eggs and put aside. Fry slight like a saute some veggies, with little soy sauce and garlic powder. then you chops garlic cubes very small and fry them slightly in your wok and then add the rice sprinkle with salt, garlic powder, the veggies and eggs and little soy sauce for taste and colour and stir until rice and veggies are blended nicely and serve hot!!!
its yummy!!!!:D
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hope ur daughter enjoys her fried rice. i will give it a try in about 7 months times :( sounds gorgeous!