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Eggs - how many is too many?


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Does anyone know how many eggs we should eat? I realise SW doesn't unit us, but from a health perspective - how many is too many?

As they are free, I find I am using them as a base for a lot of my meals. I don't want to replace my old bad habits with new ones!

(Sorry if this question has been asked before. I did a search but couldn't find anything).
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The rules seem to change all the time (not sw just in general). Am sure now "they" are saying that eggs are fine and theres no limit. I usually have one in the morning and if I make a quiche would also be having 2 at lunch but thats now and again.

Just watch they dont "bung you up"!!
There are different types of cholesterol I believe, good and bad types, and eggs have the good type I think so you don't need to limit those.
Plus egg yolks are full of vitamins A, D and E.
My OH eats 2 a day, and has no problems.

It might be worth varying what you eat though if you are eating them for alot of your meals, just so you don't get bored.
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I eat eggs every morning on SW - Never done me any harm!

Only advice is too many can give you a bit of a funny tummy!


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There's no limit on eggs now, advise used to be if you have high cholesterol it was 2-3 eggs a week or something.

The cholesterol in egg yolks isn't that bad, prawn, liver etc are also high in cholesterol compared to other foods.

Research has shown that its not the cholesterol in foods that raises our own cholesterol its the saturated fat in our diet. Granted you'll probably find conflicting evidence for every piece of research but there we go!

Eggs and nutrition - Live Well - NHS Choices

Average egg contains 201mg cholesterol
prawns raw per 100 g contain 152mg cholesterol

So prawns not that far below eggs yet no-one panics over eating prawns frequently.

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