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I wouldnt worry, 3 in two days wont do any harm. They are a free food, so theoretically you could eat them till you never wanted to eat another egg again.

I read somewhere (might have been the BBC news website) that they (the people that make up the food advice) have had a rethink on eggs and that they aren't really worried about people eating them any more because they have lots and lots of health benefits and are no longer considered to really pose a risk of increased cholesterol. It is my guess that its the giant fry up that usually accompanies the egg that poses the greater risk, personally.

So as long as its cooked healthily, and without adding fat, then dont worry about it.
...i think i read somewhere that SW suggest you try not to have more then 10 a week



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Yes - I heard somewhere that the dodgy choleserol is what your body produces itself, not so much in foods that naturally have it in, as we don't absorb things that way. Could it have been in a SW mag???....

... yes - just checked. Eggs are 'dietry' cholesterol, which has little effect on the cholesterol in the blood. The biggest contributor to that is saturated fat found in meat, dary products and in processed foods. P.106 - 107 of the July 2010 SW mag.


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I lost my SW quiche virginity yesterday - and that too, was most definitely, LUSH! Still got some left for lunch today. Yum yum!


Will be thin god dammit!!
if i make a quiche i have 4 eggs in it and eat it over 2 days so im hoping its ok!
I probs have about 8 a week i think


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Yeah, the information now is that eggs are fine to eat, and that the cholesterol they contain does not directly impact on blood cholesterol levels, which is more determined by the levels of LDL cholesterol present from saturated fats and triglycerides.
Other foods like prawns also have relatively high levels of cholesterol, but there's generally no problem with eating these either.
HDL cholesterol is the good type, which we need, and which can come from oily fish and olives etc.


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I eat so many eggs! Sometimes up to 4 a day!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I have a real problem with mixed up egg - ie: scrambled, omlette, quich too really - it kinds makes me gag although i like fried, poached or bolide eggs!
I really WANT to like quiche and omlette cos theyre so easy and filling :(
When I had heart problems the advice I was given that dietary cholesterol had no effect on cholesterol in the blood (with certain rare exceptions).

What raises blood cholesterol (the bad kind) is saturated fats.

This was the latest up to date advice from the cardiology people at John Radcliffe Hospital - in 1999!!!!

No idea why it is that SW and other organisations have only just caught up with this.

Eggs are a good source of protein (mostly in the whites) and lots of other vitamins and goodies such as choline (in the yolks). How many you eat is entirely up to you - some people have digestive problems with them, but if you don't, then go ahead.

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