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Ell Failed!

Just got back from the pub.....

no (you can breathe) i didnt drink!

i had 3 pints of water, sat with the lads played pool, chatted to the ladies, broke up a fight in the toilet, then got reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyy bored as people started to become slowly drunk!

I had to leave! So bored! just drove home....:sigh:

ah well, work tomorrow anyway!

just realised ive put "Ell" in the subject....

Thats ma name

Ell Roddy
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awww u did really gud mate, i bet it was hard to sit there y ur mates get drunk, u did right thing comin home, atleast ur havin a social life, mins dissapeared this wek haha x x
haha i bet u didnt id luv a big glass of vodka n orange but it aint happnin, i think im best stikin 2 no social life my friends would make me giv in ( not good ino ) i keep picturin all foods n drink wen am at work, doin my hed in! even foods i dnt like. by the way it shudnt b ell failed its ell did very well woop!! x x i cud never go n sit in the pub at the moment!!
na pubs are managable if theres one or two of you, but if theres like 10 its rubbish
hi well done you its not easy is it I was sat with a soda water while my OH and friends where drinking and munching on Mcoys yummy

willpower is a wonderful thing

keep strong


I will be skinny again!!!
Im going to the cinema tonight and i dont know how im going to resist a large coke, Popcorn and those hot nuts :(


Here we go again!
Well done for resisting Roddy. I was in Wetherspoons this morning with my hubby. He had a fry up and I had a large black coffee. It's got to be done though! Lovely coffee too!
i definatly am puttin my social life on hold, but i dnt mind its not 4eva!! x x
can I just say if you do this for a while wen you start drinking again you get really drunk really quick as I no from my own silly mistake lol ended up sittin in the garden talkin garbage


Here we go again!
Hi thanks for the warning suekni. Sounds like you had a memorable night! I've always been a lightweight when it comes to drinking anyway so I'll make sure I steer away from it for as long as possible.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Giving up your social life for a few months whilst you get your body to a healthy state is nothing - as then you'll have the rest of your life!! :D
Oi! You did great resisting temptation so no more unhappy faces! :p x
oh god well its my 21st in 4 weeks n ill b havin a biggg nite out. i best take it very slow!!! x x
Don't just drink alcohol whilst still on LT. You need to come out of ketosis first.

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