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    Hellooooooo! I have finally done it! Committed to the Cambridge diet, and I am really excited/nervous to start. Decided to start my own little diary on here to help me keep track of how I'm feeling etc, as blogging is something that has helped me in the past. I will warn you now - I like to blog a lot! On another website I blogged so much, but just didn't feel supported. I have been looking over this website for a while now and everyone seems so lovely, so wanted to be here. I'm sorry if I tend to whine, moan, express ridiculous opinions/theories, laugh, cry, be boring.. it's just me and I love using the anonymous internet to help deal with my issues! I'll start with just explaining a little bit about me.

    My story:
    I, like others, have been overweight all my life. For as long as I can remember. Chubby kid, always the biggest at school. In high school I was always the biggest out of my group of friends; but it was OK, I was the loud, funny, friend-to-everyone-but-loved-by-noone kind of girl. That continued into college, where I started to drink most weekends as well as indulging in the alcohol-induced kebab shop munchies. I left home and went to university in Scotland around 400 miles away from home, which was both hard and exciting at the same time. I missed home a lot, and would spend nights binging on food to make myself feel better. The nights where I wasn't binging, I was out drinking with friends (again, slim, beautiful friends). I was the novelty english person, everyone knew me and knew what I was like - always up for a laugh, always up for a night out. Hangover days would be spent literally lying in bed without moving, apart from to answer the door to the pizza guy. I met my boyfriend whilst at Uni, whom I am still deeply in love with. I lost a bit of weight when I first got with him, but over the course of 2 years have become comfortable. He loves me for who I am, but I know deep down he would love me to have a figure like the glamour models. What guy wouldn't?! Or if not a model, just a bit slimmer so that when we cuddle my belly doesn't get in the way. I traveled europe last year for about 5 months and put a lot of weight on there - about a stone. The food was amazing! But since coming back in October I have been attempting to loose that weight.. obviously unsuccessfully. I have tried loads of diets: starving myself, calorie counting, slimming world, Dukan and everything in between. But have always failed and ended up putting the weight and more back on.

    Why I want to start Cambridge:
    I need this. I have realised that living on my own, it's too hard for me to be healthy and loose weight when I haven't got the support from my family. I also need quick results. I have realised that loosing 1lb per week is very off-putting for me and that I need to see good results in the first few weeks to make me realised that this is all worth it. I also am going on holiday in around 7 weeks and neeeeeed to lose about a stone (at least) by then. Otherwise I know I will hate myself, not want to join in on the holiday. I have lots of social events around that time and would love to be in something slinky that I feel good in. I also want to be sexy for my boyfriend! He is the most amazing person I have ever met, and I want him to be proud of me: I want him to show me off, and for that sexual chemistry to be there again. I don't want to feel comfortable, I want it to be exciting!! I also love the idea that this diet is so prescriptive - it tells me what to do, when to do it (kind of) and I am guaranteed results if I stick to this.

    My plan/goals:
    So, the plan is to stick to Step 1 Sole Source for the upcoming few weeks. I know it's going to be difficult, and I apologise in advance for the repeated blogging but I need something to keep me occupied haha! I have made a list of goals that will hopefully get crossed off within the next few weeks!

    Stick to plan for 1 week
    Stick to plan for 1 month
    Get to 11stone
    Get to 10.7
    Get to 10
    Get to 9.7 - ultimate goal
    Size 10 clothes

    Sorry for the rambling, long start. But I should really put this apology in the beginning as I imagine people have got bored and left by now! But I am just excited and very nervous to start tomorrow. My start weight is 11.11, and I have all my measurements down. My consultant is really nice, so will be seeing her next Monday morning. Fingers crossed! Will write tomorrow. :stickdance:
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    Hi misswilma
    I too am new to this cambridge diet and have currently just completed day 4, i wont lie i have felt hungry at times and have craved crisps and pizza but have resisted so far - i am doing ss+ and just trying to get thru each day at a time and not thinking about the bigger picture. My start weight was 14st12 and first weigh in will be thurs eve.
    I have read loads of diaries on here which has kept me going so far everyone seems so friendly.
    Good luck with day one - have faith - you can do it xx
  4. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hi Lisajm! Well done for starting, its the biggest step for us! Good luck with your weigh in, let me know how it goes :)

    Well today seriously didn't go as planned for me. Last night my stomach felt jittery, but I assumed it was a combination of my excitement/nervousness for starting Cambridge. Ohhhhh no. I didn't even get to start. Woke this morning with a horrible nausea and could not even think of stomaching anything! Which is really not like me. I felt rough all day, got sent home from work, then about 2.30pm I started vomiting, having hot/cold flushes, the sweats and having diarrhoea.
    I couldn't stomach anything to eat at all, until about 7pm. So thought about having a cambridge shake, but 1) didn't want to throw up something I'm paying a lot of money for, and 2) didn't think it would be a proper day 1 if I was only having 1 shake. So decided just to have some pasta (which made me feel sick again, but I'd stopped throwing up by this point) and go to bed. I'm still in bed now and must admit, feeling a bit better. I'm hoping its only one of those 24 hour bugs! I ​rreeeeaaaallllyyyyy want to start Cambridge tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed I will feel better and be able to stomach them.

    On a positive note, I have just found out my mum has been inspired and is starting Cambridge herself on Wednesday. So will be really good to have someone to do it with - we will be able to give each other inspiration hopefully!

    Anyway, I'll write again and update tomorrow. Fingers crossed I'm not feeling too bad!
  5. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 1 - Officially done!
    So happy! I finished day 1.. although it did seem like the longest day known to man. I had the day off work so didn't actually do anything, just lazed around watching telly in a very lazy way. Had my first shake (strawberry.. surprisingly nice!) around 11am, then another shake (butterscotch.. not so nice) around 3pm. Had my vegetable soup around 7.30pm and nothing but 4.5 litres of water all day!! Have felt OK today, a bit hungry but not more than normal. Had a bit of a mild headache all day but nothing too bad at all. No other side effects! However I am told that the next two days get progressively worst, until that euphoric ketosis moment. I am in work the next two days so hopefully will keep me nice and busy, then I'll just have early nights. Am off to a party on Friday and staying with a friend all weekend, so kind of dreading telling them I am doing this meal replacement diet. I know what they will say, 'no that can't be healthy, no you don't need to lose weight' but I need to be strong and just tell them no! It will be difficult not to have a drink on Friday though. Part of me really wishes I don't go as I really don't want temptation so early on. But I know I'll be depressed from missing out big time. Hmmm. Will see how the next few days go, I only have to decide on Thursday.
    Hope everyone has had a good day! :)
  6. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Misswilma!

    Sounds like you're doing really well. I'm starting week number 4 and feeling really good! I like Cambridge because it's a routine and within the 3 weeks I've lost a stone and people can see I'm missing weight, whereas when I done weight watchers it came off so slowly no one ever noticed! So far I'm still a Cambridge fan! It definitely makes you realise all of you're bad habits!

    Keep going!
  7. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Hi Poko! Wow, a stone in 3 weeks.. you have done amazing! Its people like you that I love hearing from, such an inspiration and a real motivation to keep going :) and I totally agree with you, it took me soooo long on slimming world to lose half a stone that I just gave up in the end, thinking its not worth it! And on this diet I like the fact that I know if I'm 100% I am guaranteed to lose weight.. not like some other plans where you could have a 100% week and not lose a thing. anyway keep me updated on your progress!

    Day 2 - done and dusted!

    So I was 100% on my second day of Cambridge. So pleased! Had a fruits of the forest shake, a chocolate shake and some leek and potato soup.. all nice enough. Was a bit hungry throughout the day but at some times I'd look at the clock and be surprised I wasn't hungry, for example at 1pm when I usually have lunch. All goes to show when you really listen to your body you can feel the real hunger and what was 'hunger' due to routine, habit or boredom. Or thirst! I have drank about 4 litres of water as well today, which I am finding pretty easy.

    Felt a bit weak when standing up for about 40 minutes doing my ironing, and now (10pm) feeling a bit hungry and got the shakes weirdly. But am going to sleep as soon as I have written this so that will be another 100% day sorted! Feeling slimmer and less bloated already, so definitely sticking to it! Hoping tomorrow will be fine, and then I will be in ketosis! Not sure what the other half will have to say about my diet breath at the weekend but I'm sure he will love the end result more :)

    A bit gutted for my mum, she had her first day today and realised that she hates half of the things she has! She hated the porridge and the rice pudding, so is a little down about that. She's meant to have 4 supplements but only managed 2 today, with a few coffees and lots of water. She is having bad headaches swell.. But she's keeping at it! I really hope she sticks to it because I know how much it means to her. I'm glad we are doing it together and I'm trying to give her all the support I can. she's really motivated but I want to make sure I really push her and we can achieve our goals together :)

    Hope everyone has had a good, 100% day and is ready to face the world again tomorrow.. but slimmer! :)
  8. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Drum roll please... Day 3 complete!
    And easier than expected! By this point I thought I would be having massive headaches and be absolutely starving all the time, but I haven't really. Had a few hunger pangs and the oncomings of a headache, but nothing some water didn't help. On today's menu was a toffee and walnut shake (nice enough!), and then it all went a bit gross from there. I had the apple and cinnamon porridge but it just didn't make right, it was really runny and more like shake texture than porridge. Has anyone else had this problem? Not sure if I put too much water in, but will try again another time. The taste wasn't up to much either, but I'll keep the ones I have for the rest of the week and not get them again. Then I had tomato soup for dinner, but it was so weird! It didn't mix right at all, and had a really bitty texture - its like it separated itself! Does anyone know why? I checked the use by date and that was fine. But it's really put me off. I ate it but it was vile! So just drank loads of water after that. Around 4 litres of water again today, woo :)

    A girl from work was leaving today, so brought me in a little present of a nice candle and some maltesers bunnies - my favourite eekkk! So going to save them for a future date. She also brought in homemade lemon cupcakes which looked amazing. I felt so rude not having one because she had only made them for a few of us, so I said I had an upset stomach and would take it home and have it later. It tempted me so much, but I'm going to give it to my other half when I see him tomorrow. Success!

    Really nervous about this weekend, I am going to stay with friends and going to a party tomorrow night. Eating the shakes/soups shouldn't be a problem, its the drinking that might be! Everyone will be drinking and I don't want to feel left out. I'm not sure if its worth just allowing myself say, 2 glasses of wine and lemonade? I'm not planning on getting drunk at all but just to be sociable? What would others do in this situation? I have heard that it can be dangerous to drink while in ketosis, so if I can't avoid drinking should I have a SS+ meal before I drink? I'm not looking forward to telling my friends I'm on CWP though, I know I'll get stick. Only for a while though.. it's me that will be laughing in my bikini photos in 6 weeks time!! :)
  9. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Ahhhh.. ultimate confession time. As some may have guessed by my lack of activity in the last few days, I had fallen off the CWP wagon. Well and truly! I'll walk through the (painful) experience and put it in my diary where I have gone wrong..

    Friday 11th April
    Started off well, had a Cambridge porridge (made with the correct amount of water, was really lovely!) and had packed all my stuff for my weekend away, including enough sachets to sort my food needs out. I drove for about 4 hours and arrived at my friends house around 1ish. Spent time with them down at the pub, and tried my best to put off drinking.. but after about an hour I broke down and had a few beers. It was just so lovely in the sun, everyone had finished work for the weekend and were in the best moods. I didn't manage to have a Cambridge packet for lunch, to be honest I completely forgot. Plus I just could not make myself admit to my friends that I am on a meal replacement diet. I know its silly but they will give me a lot of stick for it, and because I have done so many diets in the past they will all just think its another fad that I will give up in a few weeks so would be negative about it. It's just something I need to keep to myself until I lose some weight, then I will be able to tell people more confidently and they will know I am determined about it. Actions are louder than words eh! Anyway, then the party was in the evening. I already felt pretty drunk from only two beers, so was worried about going to the party as deep down I knew I would drink more than a few glasses of wine. I was scared of passing out/being too overly drunk and sick because of the lack of food in my body, so ended up having some pizza with my friends. Couldn't manage a whole one (which I'd usually have) but still. I went to the party and drank a bottle of wine. But had such an amazing night seeing all my old friends, I really didn't feel guilty about it in the slightest.

    Saturday 12th April
    So the day after the night before, and I stayed in bed most of the day/monging on the sofa. Bit of a hangover but nothing too bad - I was expecting a massive one! But I was alright. I didn't eat all day, then around 6pm ate a big bar of chocolate and 4 pancakes. Later on, around 10pm I had a plate of chicken pasta bake - full fat, cheesy goodness. Absolute carboside!

    Sunday 13th April
    Now this is the worst day by far, and I feel really guilty about today. For lunch I had 2 bagels with cream cheese and ham, plus crisps. Then I ended up loads of cookies and chocolate in the evening!! I really didn't need the cookies and choc, it made me feel really sickly and horrible. But I still ate it. I think I panicked because I know I'm going back on CWP tomorrow and I just thought I need it all as a 'last supper'. Which is silly because I am actually really looking forward to starting CWP tomorrow again! Not sure why I sabotaged myself like that but its done now. I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and see what the damage is. Plus, have changed my appointment with my consultant from tomorrow til Thursday, as I have enough sachets to last me and I want to make a decent attempt at the week!

    So that's my awful weekend. Well, awful Cambridge-wise, but absolutely brilliant everything else! I have to look at the bright side, and this time, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I saw all my friends including people I haven't seen in ages, saw my other half and just had the most lovely amazing time with him, and just had a really fun time all round. I'm still motivated with the diet and haven't got any major social occasions coming up until my holiday, in just under 6 weeks time. If I can lose a stone by then, I'll be ecstatic.. and I think that's doable! So got my sachets ready for tomorrow, water on the go and energy to go go go! (but ask me again in the morning.. haha) Sorry about the long post, just wanted to get this off my chest. Excited to get back on it tomorrow!! :)
  10. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    And she's back! First day back on the wagon went well :)
    Although, something strange happened. I jumped on the scales this morning to see what negative impact my naughty weekend had, and my weight was the same as when I last checked last Thursday morning!! How odd! I don't see how that can be correct after what I ate at the weekend, plus the fact that its my TOTM so will be heavier. PLUS I feel really big and bloated. Very very strange. But I am waiting for it to show up tomorrow or something - it must be coming when I least expect it!
    Anyway, about today. I had a banana shake, some leek and potato soup and some spicy tomato soup. All nice, apart from the tomato; don't think I'll be getting that again. I have drank 4 litres of water and haven't really felt hungry at all. A tiny bit tired/headachy but that might just be because of work. I expect that I will feel more hungry tomorrow, but just hoping it will go quickly.
  11. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 9 :)
    So I'm going to number the days and still count the days I was off plan. Because saying I'm back at day 1 isn't really a true reflection - I had a blip and got back onto it as soon as, and my weight at this point reflects 9 days, not 1.
    Also, weirdly enough, my weight still hasn't changed after the weekend of madness. I know I shouldn't be weighing myself every day but am terrified it's going to come and bite me! Hopefully the fat just forgot to attach itself to me :)

    Today has gone well!
    Apart from I didn't really love any of the products today ha, I had a mango shake, a chocolate orange shake and some vegetable soup. Won't be getting any of them again I don't think! Had an absolute nightmare with the chocolate orange shake as well: I boiled some water as I wanted to have it warm, put it all in my shaker to mix.. and whilst shaking the top exploded! Chocolate orange shake went all over the office - all over my work, the desk, the walls and even the ceiling! Everyone was laughing though, it did brighten the mood :) haha! Just when I was trying to keep it quiet about my shake diet!

    Feel pretty lethargic today, kind of tired and just wanted to get into bed. Pretty hungry as well. So retired to bed at the grand time of 8.45pm to do a bit of blogging and read some other blogs. Hoping ketosis kicks in tomorrow - I have been cold today but no other signs. Fingers crossed! :)
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    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 10 :)

    100% day today! Felt a bit.. lethargic. And weak. Not hungry or tired as per say, but just.. weak. Took so much effort to do anything! But have put it down to ketosis kicking in well and truly. Also had diet breath (eww.. good think i'm in a long distance relationship) and felt a bit nauseous. But KETOSIS is definitely worth it! Hopefully will be getting that euphoria tomorrow :) but may also just be excitement at my first weigh in. Had a sneaky weigh in myself this morning and seem to have lost again, but not putting my hopes on that number because 1) I will get weighed later in the day (after shakes and water), 2) My consultant's scale will probably be different to mine, and 3) I haven't actually been to the toilet in a while, if you know what I mean. I have been using some Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera Colon Cleanser for a while, because I often have problems in the department, but it doesn't seem to be doing overly well. I don't want to get my body used to me taking laxatives either, as I know your digestive system gets lazy and relies on them. I'll ask my consultant tomorrow!

    Other than that nothing much to report! Will report back after WI tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    Edit: Ohhhh how selfish of me.. I forgot to mention how my mum's getting on! She started the diet a little after me and also had a blip at the weekend, but is back on track and had her first WI today. She lost 8lbs!! And is really chuffed. And I am for her! We are going on holiday at the end of May and I want us both (but her more than me) to lose some of the weight we want to, and reaaaalllyyyy enjoy the holiday rather than worrying about how we look! So I'm dead pleased for her, and it's kept her motivation in high spirits. That's the best thing about this diet I think: nice quick weight loss's really keep you focused by the sounds of it. Makes me even more excited about my WI tomorrow!
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    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 11!

    What a day! Felt so many different things today. Woke up bright and early 45 minutes before my alarm this morning! Not sure if it's because I have been having pretty early nights or if my energy has kicked in due to ketosis, but certainly felt good this morning! Went to work and had my hot chocolate shake around 10.30am. The morning flew by and after about 12.30 I started feeling really lethargic and tired. I was really quite hungry too. I managed to hold out until around 2pm when I had my apple and cinnamon porridge.. mmmm i love it! Feels like I'm eating a real meal, and the warmth is always good. I then felt so good after eating, euphoric almost! It was a really strange sensation, but I liked it. Then scurried round work getting everything sorted until the end of the day. Felt pretty nauseous throughout the day and had that weird, horrid, iron-y taste in my mouth. But apart from that, great.

    Had my WI at 5.30pm.. drum roll pleaseeeee.... I lost 8lbs!!!! Absolutly chuffed! 8lbs! I didn't think anywhere near that would be possible! Especially since I messed up a bit over the weekend! Sooooo pleased it's unbelievable. I've really wanted to eat something all day, really been craving food.. to the point where I was salivating over a collegue's half-eaten salad in the office today! But kept strong so I didn't mess up my weigh in. And then after the weigh in, I didn't want anything apart from a product as I was so happy with myself! I'm just really happy :) it would have taken me at least a month to lose that on any other diet! I definitely think I'll be able to hit my 1st goal weight by the time I go on holiday in about 6 weeks time. OVER THE MOON :)

    Now tomorrow I am going out for lunch, and it's a special lunch I am moving to a new department in work, so will be working opposite shifts to all my current friends. I can't decide whether to 'go all out' or try and restrain myself to having chicken and salad. I also have an Easter egg which I am dyinggggggg to eat. So wondering whether I can have one meal off tomorrow. Which would include 1 course for lunch, plus an easter egg. It's a planned meal and I know people have them, and I know I'd get right back on it after the meal. I think I'll decide tomorrow. As my consultant said to me today, its up to me how I lose weight on this diet: if I give it 100% all the time, I'm guaranteed to lose weight. If I give 80%, I'll still probably lose weight, but at a much slower pace. And its my choice - is it worth paying all that money for products when I'm going slowly? What do I want to be - happy in the present eating or happy in the long run? So many choices I can make, and my future is down to my present choices. I feel like I'm preaching here though, because I think I have already made my mind up about having the one 'cheat' meal!! Haha. But my intentions are there ;)

    I'll report back tomorrow anyway. Night night lovelies :)
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    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 12

    Ahhh having such a moral dilemma about today!! Woke up feeling strong, and when I got on the scales they read 11.0 (therefore I assume my scales are around 3lbs different from my consultants, due to time of day and different scales). And I just thought, you know what, I really don't want to mess it up! It's not the food that is actually bothering me at the cafe, I would be quite happy with a nice salad. It's the easter egg. At the minute I don't want it, because I don't want it to impact on my weight loss. But at the same time I do want it because I know I won't have a chance to have it again for a really long time. Ahhh I'm unsure!

    Also, I had a dream last night that I was wearing my favourite jeans, and they were way too big for me! Subconsciously thinking about the diet eh, can't get away from it haha. Not that I want to at this point, feeling really good about it!

    Also also, I have been trying things on this morning. I tried on some denim shorts I bought a few years ago for a holiday, but they were just a little too tight for me. When I got down to my lowest weight last year I could wear them really comfortably, so I want to get back to that stage! The lowest I ever got down to last time (wasn't doing Cambridge, may I add) was around 10st10lb. So breaking through that goal will be amazing :) plus around that time I bought some nice, size 10, high waisted skinny jeans from eBay for about a tenner. I love them, but have never been able to wear them without feeling majorly uncomfortable. These will be my goal jeans for when I get down to 10st :)

    Also also also, been thinking of rewards for myself once I start reaching some mini-goals.
    10.7: New piercing! I want my ears done a second time, and to buy some nice earrings :)
    10.0: Hair treatment at a posh salon near home, and be able to wear my goal jeans :)
    9.7: New tattoo! Something to represent the journey I have been on at this stage in my life - losing the weight, moving away from home and traveling, but something to remind me that I'm still the same person and home is where my heart will be. Also will be buying LOTS of new clothes at this point! :)

    PS, I'm working nights for the next two night so posting may be poor!
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  15. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 13

    Soooo as everyone already probable guessed (well, me, as I'm the only one who posts here haha) I did overindulge on my lunch out! Well, it started on the morning when I woke. I had already kind of decided in my head I would be eating a lot today so thought ahh its an 'off day', so ate the accompanying chocolate bits out my easter egg! Then half the actual easter egg.. eurgh. Then I got to the restaurant and it was a really old school place, which only served things like burgers, fish and chips, lasagne. 'Actual meals'. And I cracked. The salad sounded so boring and rubbish, and everyone else was having something nice and homely, so I had fish and chips. However (a blessing in disguise?!) I could only manage to eat one bit of fish, a few chips and some peas, because I felt so sick after my overeating of chocolate beforehand! So only had a little portion which was mostly fish. And a cup of sugary tea - naughty! I got back to mine and ate the rest of the Easter egg. I had bought myself some other chocolate as well, but couldn't eat it and actually didn't want to. The chocolate tasted nice at first, but after a few mouthfuls actually didn't taste as nice!! Something I have learnt.. chocolate is only really that nice if you haven't had it in a while!

    But then got straight back to the Cambridge way. I was planning on having a shake as my dinner before work, but really wasn't hungry so didn't have it. I ended up having a shake during my break in work. Then a shake for breakfast when I got in around 9am. Slept all day today and now ready for another night shift! Thankfully I am only doing 2 this week because of the bank holiday. I am just about to go have some porridge and take another shake into work with me :)

    Just got on the scales before I showered, thinking they would show a weigh gain after my overeating, plus water retention from all the salt that was inevitably in the fish and chips. But the scales moved down!! Crazy! And I do feel slimmer in myself. Gives me motivation to stick to the diet because I KNOW I'll lose this week if I stick to it 100% :) hoping for 4lbs which would bring me under 11st for the first time in over a year! Really excited actually, and looking forward to the simplicity of Cambridge again. Them constant biscuits in work won't tempt me!
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    Day 14 :)

    Hooray, the dreaded night shifts are over! :D as 100% yesterday and will be today. Just about to make myself a nice warm mint chocolate shake for breakfast. I have been making the mistake of adding boiled water to my shake rather than just warm - I learned that using boiling water zaps out all the nutrients! Nightmare, I'll know better from now on. Feeling good about everything, now to retire to sleep for a few hours. I have been reading some other blogs on the Cambridge community weight planners forum, there are loads of people who have done so well so I'm really learning lots about the plan. I always plan my life to an absolute tee, so glad to know what I'm going to be facing during other stages of the diet. Anyway, not much else to report other than I'm getting the horrid diet breath, which hopefully means ketosis is coming back my way. Even more motivation not to hit the chocolate on this miserable Easter sunday! I'm sure I will write again when I'm in the land of the living :rolleyes:
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    Day 14.. still

    Ahh I'm having massive cravings for chocolate. Well, not even cravings. Everyone in my house is eating Easter related things, and are watching Hop - a whole movie about easter eggs! I have an easter egg and some mini maltesers bunnies to eat but I know I can't. I just want to! I have the horrid diet breath and the horrid taste it leaves in your mouth, and it's just really disgusting. Does this go away when your in ketosis for a substantial period? I don't want to have it for the whole time I'm on step 1!

    Looking at more diaries about other people's CWP experience is giving me the motivation to not cave and eat that chocolate. And thinking about all the things I will be able to do when I get to goal: wear cute outfits, look good on holiday, enjoy foods I want but in smaller, planned portions etc. Just a bit grumpy and finding it difficult today.

    EDIT: Just been looking on the CWP forum and its so good for motivation! I have realised that I only have to make small sacrifices now, for it to make a big impact later. Tonight/tomorrow will be difficult as I am at home all day (no work) but if I keep myself busy it will go by fine and I could have lost another 2lbs by the time tomorrow is over! Then I'll only have 2 days until weigh in. So not bad at all :)
    http://www.weightplanners.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=44051 < this post really inspired me and made me think! Note to self: look back at this next time I want to dive face first into a box of milk tray!
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    Day 14.. again! Last post I swear!

    Just wanted to post that I made it! 100% today and I'm so happy I managed - feeling quite triumphant :) I know that I can eat the chocolate if I want.. But I'm choosing better options to enable me to look and feel my best for when I next see OH, Mum and when I go on holiday. I'm safely in bed now and looking forward to jumping on the scales for a cheeky mid week weigh in tomorrow.
  19. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 15!

    Day 15 eh, now that does seem like a long time! Over two weeks! And I can definitely feel the difference in myself - feeling loads slimmer and just all round healthier :) today has been fine, nothing much to report. Although I keep waking super early, which I think is because of the extra energy I have from the plan. Plus I'm not really hungry anymore, just wanting to eat for the sake of it. Had a banana shake for breakfast, some chilli soup for lunch and some lovely apple and cinnamon porridge for dinner. I could live off the porridge! I really enjoy it.. I wonder if you'd still lose weight eating just that? Feels like a proper meal. I wouldn't do that as I know I'd get totally bored though. Just pondering.

    Not had the cravings like I had yesterday, although I still have a few. This darned Easter Egg sitting in the fridge with my name on it! I live on my own and rarely get to see my family so nobody to give it to either! I do really want it, but going to wait for a planned cheat meal. I'm going out for a dinner I can't avoid this week or next week so will have it then! The thought of my WI in 3 days is spurring me on at the minute. As it the fact that I have started to weigh myself every morning! I love watching the scales go down each day, and when it gets difficult in the evenings I just think.. Just one more night and you'll see a loss tomorrow! Very motivating. I just want my WI to hurry up so I know how much I have lost! The impatient child in my is shouting out at the minute :p

    I have noticed how much I actually snacked though, since coming on CWP. Especially after yesterday. I would have been up and down to the fridge all day, and then to Morrisons to get some snacks because 'there isn't anything in that I fancy'. I was spending an absolute fortune on food! Something really not necessary when I only cook for myself. Crazy. I've also realised that this definitely wasn't happening because I was hungry, as today I have been wanting to go and eat chocolate, and I haven't been hungry all day. Just out of boredom mainly! Will have to keep an eye on that during maintenance: although I'm a way from that yet!

    Does anyone know when approximately I should be moving down plans? Ideally I would like to stay on SS for as long as possible to maximise weight loss, but on the other hand I want to spend a substantial period of time on each stage to really get a feel for it and promote maintenance in the best way possible. My biggest fear is of losing all this weight then putting it back on! And I'm a big planner - I like to know whats happening really far in advance so I can prepare adequately. What a nerd :)
  20. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 16

    Woke this morning and just felt really weird - kind of lightheaded, kind of weak. Also felt hungry which is strange - not felt that for a while! Not sure why as I've been 100% for the last 3/4 days. I'm sure it will pass though. I have a really busy day today to catch up for the bank holiday laziness (no shame!) so hoping that will get me through the day.

    On a more positive note, got on the scales this morning and it's showing 1.5lbs down from yesterday! My scales read about 3lbs down from my consultants, due to the fact that I get weighed in the afternoon - so after lots of water and two products. Also I wear clothes for my WI with my consultant! Hehe. :p But very happy with that. Hoping to lose 4lbs on Thursday's WI which will bring me under 11 stone.. Anything else will be a bonus! Will update again later :)

    So today's been good actually. Had an interview for a new job that I really want, so fingers crossed they will get back to me soon. And got on with loads of work, the day went quickly. I wasn't really hungry at all, apart from late on around 9-10pm ish. I think it's because I try not to drink lots of water after 7ish as I don't want to disturb my sleep and be up on the toilet all night! Felt a bit lethargic and stuff as the day went on, but just chilled and got through :)

    Really excited for WI on Thursday, I'm so inpatient. Although, I am going to be having a planned cheat meal after WI that day. Does anyone else do this? I know you really shouldn't, it brings you out of ketosis etc but I would rather have a treat meal then go through the hard two days again. A treat meal is something that's really been keeping me going, and I think knowing it's only a few days away does me really good, as I feel like I am literally not depriving myself of anything. Plus, I wouldn't even be able to eat the same about as I previously have been able to, so it's not all bad. Whats anyones opinions on this?
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  21. misswilma14

    misswilma14 Full Member

    Day 17 :)

    Had an ok day. Felt very tired and lethargic again today though, and dizzy at times. Pretty hungry aswell. Not sure why this is still happening - will speak to my consultant at weigh in tomorrow and see what she thinks. I assume it's just my body getting used to such rapid weight loss!

    Had my usual today, chocolate shake around 11am, apple porridge around 3pm then chicken and mushroom soup about 7pm. Getting bored of the diet though and having bad cravings. Just keep reminding myself that I'll have lost weight tomorrow and be able to have a nice meal in the evening.

    Been trying to get to sleep but no joy tonight! In bed since 10pm and it's now 1am and still wide awake. My eyes hurt and I have a headache though, I just want to sleep! Annoying when you have nights like that.. And it's always when you have to get up earlier for work! Better get counting some sheep..
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