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Ello ello :P


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Welcome to Minimins Glenbo :D:D:D

As Irene says, we have loads of men on the site too so enjoy browsing around and I'm sure you'll bump into them soon :D
Thanks guys i am planning on doing a crash zero carb diet for 30 days with one cheat day a week and see where that gets me,once i have done that i am going to see where I am weight wise and start eating normal carbs but in a healthy way and no snacks like packets of crisps and things and cut back on drinking coke! which i drink far to much of.

(i am going to do atleast a hour of weights and cardio a day...do i need to do more than this?)

I am currently 17 stone 6lbs/244lbs and i want...NEED..lol...to get to 14 stone/196 lbs like i was just a few months back.

My weight changes dramatically. in one year i have gone from 19 stone to 13.5 stone back to 18 stone ...probably cos im lazy :p

I have wrote up a diary but it hasent appeard after i posted it :S

Can i post it here? as i have had to copy and paste it so i dont lose what i wrote.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Are you trying to post it into your signature Glenbo? :)


Ancient Egypt Nut!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
What's confusing? :)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Just seen you've sorted it and started your own diary..well done :D:D:D


will beat the bulge!!
Hi and welcome and good luck :)
Wow I got back up :p


Hey guys how do i put a avatar on,theres no options to do it under userCP

BTW Jim thats a amazing loss mate,Did you just eat no carbs or did you do a ton of cardio everyday to?


Is determined this time..
I'm anothe yo yo 'er ;) lost 6 stone ..all back on !! new aswell but find the site great ...good luck xxx
BTW Jim thats a amazing loss mate,Did you just eat no carbs or did you do a ton of cardio everyday to?
I did strict Atkins Glen, no cardio as I needed a hip replacement and could hardly walk at the time never mind anything else.
Amazing Jim! i must admit i dont know if i even need to do cardio + weights with it but i want a sculpted physique.

It does work really well,I have lost nearly a stone in 3 days! :D

How long did your loss take mate? and what kind of things did you eat...ive tried to stay healthy like legumes (beans) with protien (chicken) everyday,but i'm getting really bored of it already!!!!!!

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