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ello ello

hi all,:wavey:
my name is Fran and i am about to start lipotrim.....on Tuesday (going for the prep talk etc. on monday afternoon)!
am quite excited by the thought of finally seeing the back of being overweight but petrified that i haven't got the staminer - possitive thinking here i come!
anyway just thought i'd say hi and that i'l be about for the next few months!
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Hey!! I am kinda new to I have been on Lipo for about 4 weeks and I've lost 27 pounds! It is sooo worth it. You just have to keep thinking of the results and all the lovely comments! Keep posting here I am so glad I have found the site its brill!! Good luck! How much do you want to loose??

Hope xx



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Hi, well done for making the choice to start, hope you are prepared to be strong over christmas. I started lipotri last November and stuck with it all through christmas and new year. If you are strong and dont eat a thing you will be at target in no time.

Good luck x


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Welcome - you will love this site...I lost 65llbs over months after years of dieting! Taking a break for a few months till junior arrives.....
hi all, thanks so much for your welcome messages.....i can't wait to get going! roll on tomorrow afternoon (getting the bits and bobs) and especially tuesday morning..eeek!!
will be looking forward to keeping in touch, you are all doing so well and are truely inspirational!


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Hi Fran,

Welcome to the forum. It is very exciting when you've made the decision. Get through the first week then it gets a lot easier.

Good luck and keep us posted as to how you are getting on.
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Hiya Fran and welcome to the fab forum!!
Make sure you make a ticker...it really does help when you can see your progress :)
hi all,
the ticker is done....woohoo....not too pleased with the numbers at the moment but hey thats what this is all about!!
went to get my sachets and for the pep talk and weigh in this afternoon, the pharmarcist seemed nice and put me at ease - getting on scales in front of someone else is a bit rough - done now though!!!
as i was leaving the chemist a woman coming in was almost shouting "keep near the toilet" so i looked around expecting to find an unruley child, but yes, you guessed it she was talking to me so i thanked her for the tip!
well i have just eaten my last supper and i am so excited for tomorrow!
thanks again for your lovely messages!


Back on the wagon!
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Hi Fran...I started with the same loss goal....lost 65lbs as I said in earlier thread....you will feel so amazing in a short time...its tough but worth it!!
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How are you doing Fran? Hope you are doing ok on it. Drink the water and keep visiting the loo!!
well today is day 2 for me and i'm making it through, yeehaa!
yesterday was fine can't say i felt hungry but out of habit i am thinking what to have to eat etc. but not getting fed up yet, its actually a relief that i don't have to make choices! today i feel a bit fluey (without the runny nose and cough) quite achy and sleepy so taking it easy!
i was really impressed with myself yesterday coz i made dinner for other half - it looked and smelt gorgeous - but i didn't touch!! and then he decided that he wanted to bake a cake to take into work - ours is not to reason why, lol! - and as much as he enjoyed baking it it came out as flat as a pancake so I baked him another one and iced it and everything, and although my sticky fingers got very close to my mouth a few times they didn't go in!
so, so far so good and i'm hoping that by saturday i'll be on top form, fingers crossed!


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Well done you!! Thats brilliant....is so important to keep that will power up to keep the pounds off for the future!!! you are doing great!!


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Hi All :)

I started Lipotrim yesterday. Second day in and I am feeling a bit i'll today. I know its important to drink a lot of water, which i have been doing. But I am a bit worried that i am drinking too much though.... can you give me a rough idea of how much i should be drinking? also, what are good times to take the packs?

I must say i really like the idea of this diet. I have tried so many before, but I have never succeeded. It seems so much easier than normal diets as you dont have to prepair any meals or think about what to eat :)
hi lizzie,
i have only been doing this a week myself so i am no expert at all!! but i can tell you what i have been doing if thats any help?.....
it says on the carrier bag to drink 4 pints of water but i have been drinking 4 LITRES most days and the odd day 5 litres. from what i can gather there isn't an upper limit of water you can drink - as long as you can cope with the toilet trips!!
as for my timetable of when to take sachets, i have first at 10.30/11 a.m. , then another about 3p.m. and then i try and leave the last till as late as possible 8p.m. or after because i hate lying in bed feeling hungry and i'm trying so hard to avoid obsessing over food and when my tummy rumbles my head thinks of all the yummy things i could eat....argh!!!
saying all that though i am pretty sure you can have them when you want as long as you have all 3, no more no less.
as for feeling poorly, i felt last week (and still this week) almost like i have the flu, without the runny nose and cough, achy and absolutely exhausted so i have been having the odd nap in the day! a bit of extra sleep seems to sort me out!
stick at it my first week gave me a 9.5pound loss, yippee!!


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Fran, Well Done for your weight loss and thankyou for your advise :) Aren't we gluttens for punishment starting so close to xmas!! I am going with my partner to visit his family this xmas and i hate seeing them while i am always on a diet but never lighter than the last time they saw me!! So am hoping to have lost about a stone by then! Hope i am not too optimistic!!

I have read other peoples advise about spliting the packs to make two meals. I have already had my lunch one, but i might split one tonight so i can have half about an hour before i go to bed.... so hopefully no rumbley tummy :p

What are you planning to do for xmas day?
hi lizzy,
my christmas sounds a bit like yours!
off to the in-laws! funny enough i am always banging on about losing weight and not getting very far!
i think i will look a bit odd at the table with my shake but i am trying to convince myself that i won't care because i would rather have the extra time in the summer slim!!
i think i would be silly to have a break for christmas though because i think it would be harder to get back on the wagon afterwards!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Yeah i know exactly what you mean! I think I will do the same! Especially if I dont feel hungry when the ketosis kicks in, so there will be no point in eating!
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I have my sachets when i cook for the rest of the family. I always have a glass of slightly warm water on the go while I'm cooking and usually light a candle as soon as they have eaten to get rid of the smells. Once you are into ketosis real hunger goes, you are just left with some 'head hunger' which I am learning to deal with.

I told both sides of my family and am planning to sit with my soup in a bowl for both Christmas and boxing days. I'm really worried that once I slip off even if just for 1 day I will not be so committed again. No-one is going to stop me this time!

Good luck with it Lizzieb. Its worth hanging on in there and I don't think there is too much water. the best weightlosses do seem to come when you are drinking about 4 litres a day., like i say I like to have a glass that i top up with boiled water from the kettle, makes it much easier to drink a lot.

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