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Just thought I would post and say, sorry not been here much. As lots of you know i have been having a tricky time lately and I can't seem to get my head on straight:eek:
Our son is still having a difficult time following his terrible experience a few weeks ago(see worst night of my life thread to catch up!)and this week he suffered a full blown panic attack. We are trying to encourage him to see a counsellor but he is resistant and we are reluctant to push him. Also my Dad was diagnosed with cancer this week and I have a very tricky work related court case to face in December. Trouble is I feel like I am letting the side down by not posting or keeping an eye on everyone else. My diet has gone to pot so what right do I have to pontificate to others. I know I will get back in gear but right now I can't. Please bear with me, a few minutes on this site really is helping and I don't want to lose track of everyone by just not logging on. :( :(
So wishing every miniminer all the best and please let me off if I am not on form for a bit.

Much Love
Hi Barb, really sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time right now..I do remember reading about your son and my heart went out to you....hopefully he will decide to get some counselling (I think its a man thing stopping him!) and then hopefully you will all be able to get yourselves back on track...sometimes the diet just doesnt fit in with other things going on
Barb hun i am so sorry 2 hear that you are having such a hard time at the momment.I am sending you lots and lots of ((((big hugs)))) and positive vibes.

I am so sorry to hear that your dad has been diagnosed with cancer i myself have been in your position and it takes alot out of you phyisically and emotionally but you are lucky to have a loving husband and family to help you this this hard time.

Barb you are a strong lady but pls dont be 2 hard on yourself.With so much emptional stuff going on in your life it is very hard to concentrate on yourself.

Barb there is no way you are letting anyone down so pls pls dont ever think like that.
You are always here supporting everybody now its our turn to support you in any way we can.
You are a very special lady and we all care about you and all understand that things come up in life and its very hard to get motivated and when we feel like that we just are not in a chatty mood and find it very hard to come online and post.

Pls remember we are all hear for you and pls dont be a stranger.
Take care hun xx
Hey Barb....lovely to see you posting but awful to hear all you're news.
As you more than no we are all here for you especially your Wemitt mates.
You were one of those people that were there for me 200% when I was really low and I'm here for you too.
Much love
Kam xxx
Hey you!

You sound as if you need a great big hug. Sorry to hear about your dad.

I am not surprised your son is having a few problems now, he went through a very very traumatic experience by all accounts.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Be good and kind to yourself Barb.
Thanks Flopster, Roch and Kazz, it does help to know you are thinking of me. I am very keen to get Chris some counselling so will concentrate on that. I think it's going to have to be one thing at a time for now. I am going to make sure I keep up with my swimming though because I think that helps both weight and stress!
Lots of love
Oh Barb,

Your qualities and compassion don't change just because you're not following any diet at the mo. I felt like this recently and voiced it to a few friends and was put in my place immediately:D

I, personally hope you are around on here just the same as always.

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and know some of how you may be feeling as my Dad has inoperable Prostrate Cancer.

Sending you lots of love.....Lacey....xxx
Hi Barb
Just to let you know I'm here and thinking of you: life throws some curve balls at times and it's a real test on our emotional reserves. There are times we need to retreat just a little and take stock before taking a deep breath and plunging in again.

I KNOW you have the strength of character to pick yourself up and continue this journey. Please don't think you can only come on here to deal out support and encouragement: there are times you need draw strength and support yourself from your friends here - when I was down, you were there and that's how this support network operates.

Take care - keep us posted on the situation. Be kind to yourself .... sending you big hugs ((((Barb)))) XX
Thanks Debbie, I really felt those hugs. I know you mean what you say and you are right to encourage me to keep going on here. I have found it such a help so I would be a twit to disappear. I feel I can commit to somethings at the moment just not everything. So I am going to support Chris first and most importantly. He needs us at the moment and is all over the place. This afternoon for instance he rang at 3.45 to ask if I would mind if he skipped dinner at home as some of his friends were going for a harvester and he thoguht he would like to go too. I said fine, if thats what you fancy good for you. At 3.50 he was back on the phone asking me to collect him as he had changed his mind. I went straight to get him and asked him if he was ok, he said he just wanted to be home. I said good, we can all have dinner together and he said that was what he wanted. I tentatively raised the counselling question again and he got quite cross with me, so I am not sure how hard to push.
Next I need to be there for Mum and Dad, they are both struggling with dad's diagnosis plus Mum has her heart check up on Tuesday(she had a new valve put in 2.5 years ago).
I also have no choice but to follow things through work wise, so that's a given.
Finally Ken and my girls need some extra love right now as they have all had a tough time worrying about Chris. So, bearing all of the above in mind I think I must commit to keeping my swimming going, I may not have time to do the full on diet thing but the exercise is important so that is my commitment to me. Sound organised? I hope so!
One bit of fantastic news yesterday, which has really lifted everyone's spirits, our other son Steve(25) has applied to become a police community support officer and yesterday found out he had passed the apptitude tests and interview! So that is great!

Hope all my wemitt friends are doing ok. Catch up soon. Lots of love
Sorry this is a bit late Barb but congratulaitons on the news about your son Steve! When things are going wrong all around us, these little glimmers of good tidings really mean a lot don't they!

Hope all is well with you and yours XX
Hi Barb,

I am so sorry to hear all you are going through at the moment and my heart goes out to you.

I hope your son will get some help with his panic attacks and that your Dad will be okay.

Your a wonderful person and you do need to look after yourself as well...exercise does help with the energy levels and staying away from high carbs if you can as I find they just bring me crashing down.

Sending mega hugs and love.

Love Mini xxx