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emailed cd re freezing tetras


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I haven't been told anything like that, because I freeze mine the night before work and take and put in the fridge in work... by lunchtime they are like ice cream..

Please don't someone tell me I can't do this now... :cry: :cry:

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I freeze mine-wasn't told not to.


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when i was on cd a year ago i used to freeze them in morning and have them in evening and didnt make any diff couldnt believe it when she told me
My CDC said the exact same thing. Not to freeze or microwave anything as you will lose nutrients.

To be honest though I have frozen a tetra and it was blooming lovely :)


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Interesting as I asked about this at my original training day and was told that obviously microwaving packs damages them nutritionally but freezing the tetras didn't change the composition at all.

I don't really care they are bootiful frozen and i will just flounder if i try other ways so i will take a multi vitamin aswell x


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I will carry on freezing too!!!! And Icemoose has given a reply on this with a positive opinion and he is the God of Cambridge!!!!!! Sarahxx.


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I would imagine that no nutrients are lost after all when you freeze food everything is retained and frozen veggies contain many more retained nutrients than veggies that have been hanging about in your larder or fridge ... Ive never found it a problem.


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Hrm.......I understand not freezing the sachets when you've mixed them up due to the 15 min rule.....but the velvets are pre-mixed so not sure how it would have any affect on nutrients?


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I HAVE JUST EMAILED CAMBRIDGE so well see what they say
ive got one in the freezer as we speak gonna have it tonite anyway
I've got a choc Tetra thawing right now, and I intend to enjoy it. My first frozen Tetra for MONTHS.

I love them frozen and can't see how one per day - or even two - could do a lot of damage, nutritionally. They are pre-mixed and sealed until we need 'em.

And when SS-ing or even 790-ing, I most definitely need 'em!


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My CDC said that Cambridge couldn't recomend you do it as they don't know about the nutrients etc however she said she does it

Sonya x
I think the key here is that it is not recommended that you make any changes to the packs - whether it be to freeze them or cook them in the microwave as it is not known what it does to the nutrients. It's a safety mechanism I would imagine more than anything - the diet provides 100% vits and nutrients if taken the way it was originally intended - any amendments mean the results may be skewed.

So, yes of course you can cook them or freeze them, but there are no guarantees as to what this can do to the packs themselves.

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