Embarrassed at gym


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I joined the gym last week and I feel embarrassed when there.

I am the fattest person there. All the girls are small and thin. I feel right out of place and I feel like people stare at me. Infact I know some were staring.

Another thing is I don't know what equipment I should to use to help my weight loss.

I am 12.5 stone 5ft 4. I warm up then start slowly on the treadmill, building up to a fast walk for 20 mins. I can't jog it's too embarrassing as I am heavy on my feet so it would sound like a herd of elephants had arrived. I will then spend 20 mins on the exercise bike doing one of those programmes that gets harder then a bit easier then hard again. 10 mins I will do on the rowing machine. Last 10 mins on the cross trainer. I don't know how to use weight machines so I stay away as I am afraid I injure myself.

I have an induction booked but it's not for another week and I think the induction involves showing you the equipment, explaining etiquette and that.

I don't want to see a personal trainer because I am weak and unfit and I would end up getting in a state about it as I know I'd show myself up.

When I go to the gym I like to listen to my ipod or watch the tvs and do my thing.

Thanks for reading.
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well first of all you shoudnt feel embarrssed to go to the gym because you know your helping yourself and so what peole are looking at you . They might think your hot lol When i started the gym i was 13 stone or over . Now im 12 stone . I dont feeel to comfortable to run on the treadmill yet as ive big boobs haha Its not much fun. Just take it easy n look at those thing girls and go .. " i will be like them one day " thats what i think when i see the size 6/8 girls there x


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I think for me, it's more embarrassing to be seen in a fast food restaurant or in the chocolate and sweets aisle than in a gym.
Most people will think that yeah she's fat but she's doing something about it. You do not need to run to start with, just build your fitness by speed/brisk walking.
10 minutes on a machine or two won't make you bulky or put on weight, it's only when you do it for months on end, so I don't think you've anything to worry about because the fact that you're exercising and moving more will help you lose weight anyway.
The cycling and walking exercise sounds like a good start. The gym is where people get hot and sweaty, so don't be afraid to break a sweat as long as you've taken care of your personal hygiene, obviously.

Listen to your body, if it hurts as in injury then take it easy, if its just a bit difficult, then push harder.
The skinny girls you see prancing around might've been just like you a year ago.. you never know.
And a lot of gym-goers are moms who have had their belly stretched and back again to toned..which makes me feel more motivated.

Also, people there are probably too busy focusing on their own exercise or flirting with the hottie.. they're probably not even looking at you.
If you're still self conscious, then get a fitness DVD, i recommend davina's. Go to gym when it's less busy and exercise at home when you think the gym will be uncomfortably crowded.
Also, it would help if you wear the right attire.. lycra and stretch pants in black give a thinner sillhouette and a good support bra will prevent future sagging and embarrassing bouncing.
a good thermal control/cotton sports tops will keep sweat off your body and prevent embarrassing sweat stains.

As for the personal trainer I think its inevitable if you want to learn how to exercise properly.. thats half the point of joining a gym. A good personal trainer will build up an exercise plan that fits with your fitness level and body goals (i.e losing weight).


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Your post REALLY scared me. I joined gym yesterday and having my induction course tomorrow where I will know what I should be doing. I am 13.9 stone so a lot heavier than you and to find that you were the "fattest" there is worrying.

OK, now I've straighted out my head - I don't care! Even if I am the fattest one there and everyone is looking at me at least I'm doing something about it. I've paid my money like everyone else and I've paid for all the food I've eaten in the past to get me this big (ha ha).

Just let them watch a big girl getting fit!

So let them look.

Just Peachy

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Sue, it'll be fine! Don't worry about them. I used to go to the gym and I was bigger than most girls but I just did my thing and felt awesome afterwards. I never got small then (life got in the way) but I did probably lose 20 pounds while I was there and whatever, it's not like it's the same people there everyday anyway. Just put some really loud music on and do your thing. Good luck!


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Hi :)
Please dont let yourself feel this way! I started the gym weighing in at 14.11 and for my 5'5 frame I was quite round lol!
The gym has been my lifeline...I now do 5-6 classes a week and have got to know everyone in those classes, all have become very friendly :)
Like yourself I felt very awkward in the gym and yes people did stare...so I stared right back :p OMG some of those tiny girls have the boniest backsides I have ever seen ....ugh! lol
Seriously , dont let them put you off, just think of your reasons for doing what youre doing, keep your head held high and get in there and do it.
As for the personal trainer, I would say go for it...they love to train people with obvious goals...it makes their job so much more rewarding (quote from a pt)
Good luck! :) xx


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A old friend once said the thing about gyms is that you will find some days you have what is commonly known as the posers and other days you have the slimmers. There never seems to be an equal mix! The trick apparently is to try different times and days and see when are the times that get hit by the other slimmers. Also bear in mind that some of those people with their slim bodies were you two years ago.


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I go to the gym twice a week at present I can't manage more than that right now I have problems with arthritis and chronic pain syndrome but I'm 13stone and only 5ft 1in and there are a lot of people there with the bods I'd like but the point is I'm not still at home wishing for one. You should be proud of the effort you are making and like everyone else is saying the treadmill and the bike are a great way to start. The trainer at my gym advised me to start there too and just for 10 - 15 minutes brisk walking. Enjoy your induction and keep up the good work, and remember you are the weight I'm still dreaming of.
Hi dont feel embarrassed about going to the gym. I too am on the heavy side, but I put my earphones in and let the background fade away to some motivating tunes and really enjoy myself. I want to achieve something by being there and dont care what other people think. Keep motivated and remember your there for a reason, I find a lot of the younger skinny girls go to the gym just for a social life!! lol.

keep up the good work


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I unfortunately still weigh 18.5 stone :eek::eek: and I wont go til i've lost some more probably another 3 stone. I'm even embarrassed thinking about it never mind going :D

If I was your weight I would go like a shot. I'm desperate to start as I can get a great deal for 66 pound a year (sorry no pound sign its a foreign computer :D)

Until my day comes I will continue with my walking.

Good luck with it


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I was nearly 300lbs (21st 4lbs), when I joined the gym, and yep I was terrified of people staring etc, embarrassed about my size etc, but I can honestly say it was the best thing I did. Don't let the thing that stops you achieving your dreams be yourself. Just go for it :) x

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Im a size 24 and by far the biggest person in the gym. I go with my best friend who weighs 7 stone,Im about 3 times as big as her!
I can honestly say that I am not embarrased about being there at all,I know Im fat,they can see Im fat.....big deal! Im at the gym doing something about my weight and thats all that matters to me.

No one has ever made comments to me there or ever looked at me,everyone at the gym is too busy worrying about their own workout.

Try not to feel so bad when you're there hun,you're at the gym and working out not sat at home stuffing your face so you should be proud of yourself :)

Claire x


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I can't say I've ever had anyone be negative to me or given me any funny looks at my gym even at my highest of 21 stone! Some of them have recently told me how well they think I've done and they follow along with my progress. If you let what anyone thinks of you get in the way of what you want you're never going to get anywhere lol


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I feel slightly scared to set foot in my gym.
I did the induction, fine, no worries. 6 people, me at 19 stone at the time, and 5 smaller people. "Normal" people. The induction was a show you how to use it all safely, then up to an hour freetime in the gym.
I was the only one to stay after the instructors left us for freetime...
But now I am struggling to go back... I don't know why...

Thank you all for the posts, you all make sense, and I am trying to build up the courage to go back. It is a huge step... but I have to do it for me, so b*****cks to everyone else :D


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I had the same concerns as yourself. I sucked it up and went for it, starting at 23 and a half stone... I soon came to realise that noone really gave a damn about my size, they are way too focussed on their workout.

After a couple of months FIT people were approaching me after their workouts with me still going strong saying, bloody hell, for a big fella you can half work hard. As working out while you are big, gives you a steeper and faster fitness curve due to all the weight we carry. As that comes off we become fitter quicker (if that makes sense?)

Its the best way to lose inches too :) - in 3 months working out at the gym, I have lost 10inches off my waist.

Face them demons :) You'll be so happy in the end - it won't stop you being intimidated at first, but it does soon subside x

Good luck


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i went eh gym last year to train for the race for life. Best thing i had done in a long time. My problem was running with boobs. Sounds like not a big worry but im 5'7' and i was about 13 and a half stone - But i have 32H bra. After i had found the best fitting sports bra i could (it was still a bit small i think) i went and the worst thing was the mirror and realising the bra wasnt doing quite enough.

However - i had a session with someone to work out a plan for me and that was ok...he made sure i wasnt doing to much, so i didnt pass out. Going back for my first session on my own was hardest step....first time i was nervous but i knew i would be getting 'looked after' so to speak. When i went back i just thought well i can walk out if i want to but i have to walk in and give it a go. And i did...after being in chaging room for about 20 mins.

Best thing i had done though! just learnt to ignore the mirror and look at the wall, and read the notices up alot! and then listen to good music.

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i joined a gym quite a few months ago and i have to tell you i felt the same when i walked in people would stare at me and i was really embarrassed too. i was at my heaviest 22 1/2 stone. i have never cared what people think about me. just think about the possitives, loosing the weight getting healthy, think about how good you will feel each time you go and you can do a few more reps or an extra few minutes on the treadmill each time. are a few stares from ignorant idiots worth worrying about? learn to love yourself and what other people think about you wont matter.:)


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I have been in gyms where I have felt embarrassed. Have you had a look around a few gyms - at this time of year they all offer free trials. I am sure you will find one where you feel more comfortable.

Good luck and don't give up with the exercise xx