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Embarrassing Issue!

Hi Ladies,

I really do not mean to be crude here but getting worried about a problem I have.

I was diagnosed with pcos at 17 (im 22 now) and haven't had a period this year at all. I was only diagnosed by symptoms (weight gain, facial hair and lack of periods).

Well over the last 2 weeks I have started to bleed quite heavily after orgasm (not always after penetrative sex), its very red, clotty blood so I assume its fresh, it only lasts a few hours the totally disappears! I am so confused as I have looked it up on internet and found things about stds ect but I know for a fact its not that as I have been with my now husband since I was 14! Also my last pap smear done about 3 months ago was normal!

Has anyone else with pcos experienced this?

Again I am sorry to be crude, can't find alot of support about pcos near me and my doctors aren't much help, think they think I am too young to start a family so fob me off!!


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Hey Kirsty,

I don't know much about PCOS, but I think you definitely should see a doctor about this again; any kind of irregular bleeding needs to be investigated.

I don't see what this has to do with starting a family - and it's none of the doctors' business anyway whether you want to have kids or not!

If your GP is part of a practice with different partners, why not ask to be seen by someone different when you next make an appointment? I always ask specifically *not* to be seen by a particular doc in our surgery, as he gives me the creeps. The receptionists obviously get this a lot, as they just shrug and say: "Yes, how about Dr So-and-so instead?".

Describe the symptoms you have, and maybe ask for a referral to the Obs & Gyn department in your local hospital - GPs aren't always best trained to deal with specific "ladies issues".

SL xxx


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Eat 1 scoop of soy protein powder in one cup of water or milk everyday and do some exercise if possible. Watch your diet. Your periods might come every 28 days. Try this for atleast 2 to 3 months and then you can see regular periods. Then continue taking the soy. Hope this helps! It worked for me as I had periods once in a year. Let me know if that works for you. It controls the hirsuitsm too. If you are not allergic or do not have doctor restrictions, try soy...
if i were you i'd go to your local g.u.m clinic, they don't just check for std's. i go to mine for my smears (had problems in the past, abnormal cells etc) find they are more understanding, they've seen everything before and don't try and rush you out like doctors surgerys, ask them to check for everything (even though you have been with your husband since 14, i had a similar problem and the docs said to go there) then when you go to the doctors you can say you've already been there and had your results. in my case doctors are more likely to take you seriously if you've done this, it could be something like bv or thrush (which aren't std's). hope everything works out good for you
i had the exact same thing! are you on the pill or implant or anything? i found by going on the pill i sorted it out.... it was basical that when the uterus contracts (such after orgasm) it was shedding as with irregular periods and pcos the lining gets very bulky .... go see your gp.... here are some good pills to go on yasmin and dianette are good to also help other symptoms of pcos and support weight loss xx
i agree with nancynoo, i recently went to my local g.u.m clinic for contraception and they were great, the complete opporsite to the drs, they took there time went through all options, considered you on a individual basis as a whole, if you are going to seek advice i would definatly go there :)
hope it all works out :)
Hi, i have had the same problem for over a year. I was orginally told i had a cervical ectropian, which is basically an erosion on the cervix, so sex irriates it and makes it bleed. Its very common in young women, if your on the pill, pregnancy etc. I am currently being investigated for PCOS and went to see a gynae consultant last week. He did a speculum examination and said he couldn't see one! So who knows! I've had normal STI results and a normal smear test (persuaded my GP to do an earlier one, as im under 25), the consultant doesn't seem to think its anything to do with my lack of periods, but what vonpeeky says makes sense to me!

Ask your GP for a gynae opinion.
I didn't have a period in 2010.

Ive lost 3 stone and my periods are becoming now regular.

See your doctor. It's not a good sign if you're bleeding after sex.

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