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Embarrassing Question...


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erm have you been having atkins bars or a lot of sugar free stuff????


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p.s. are you still a non smoker?


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I use benefibre powder in shakes (no taste it just dissolves in anything) also have the colon cleanse from lowcarbmegastore in the orange flavour...bit like squash with tiny bits in when mixed into water. Or you can get phlyssium husks (omg I have to look the spelling up!!!) to add to foods etc

Also as Vicky says, too many sweetened things give you a wobbly tummy


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arent those things to help you poo not to make it less runny? i only get the trots if i have sugar free stuff!


On a mission !
Funny actually, my first week I got totally constipated, before starting again I had the opposite problem .This is before Atkins when I was not eating any sugar free stuff as I was calorie counting then but very "loose" (ew sorry) & my OH also has similar problems..now on plan and I eat my veggies (always had loads of them anyway) and have the powder stuff now and then with shakes...it seems to normalise things for me and OH. (eg not stuck not loose but normal)

Benefibre is a fibre supplement to help bulk things up and keep it moving steadily not the same as something like fybogel which is for constipation relief


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ooh thats interesting..I love talking about Poo on here im afraid!...where there is a poo conversation im usually there ;) (and no i dont have a strange fetish!)
I have been having a wee ciggy I'm afraid - nowhere near as much as I used to and I'm aware of the slippery slope - but it's not ciggy poops. And I've not been having any sweeteners or sugar free stuffs at all! I've went au naturale. Maybe it's my body getting rid of toxins from all the processed nonsense I've been eating. I'll give it another week or so. Thanks everyone -especially those with poo fetishes! LOL
I don't think so Leanne, thanks. Think my wee tummy is just adjusting...and I wish it would hurry up! lol
Opposite problem!

I've had the opposite problem on LC. On a few occasions I've been.. in the bathroom for.. what seemed like an eternity! Great feeling of relief when.. uhm.. finally successful, but oh my word.. not pleasant! :cry:

Thought I'd try SW for a while, then perhaps have a change when I fancied (like for a couple of weeks or something), but it just doesn't seem to suit me. All that low-fat this, and fat-free that.. cottage cheese, FF Fromage frais, and.. Quark! eeuww! yuck!

Carbs. seem to make me sluggish. Had a 'naughty' day the other day, eating carby. rubbish (not even SW), and walking the dog suddenly seemed like an effort! The odd (?) thing about LC is that it seems to kill my cravings for rubbish! :D

The others obviously know what they're talking about, so hopefully you'll have it sorted soon. Good luck :)


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yes, i was going to suggest mims too, or flax in something else you fancy.
if i eat them now and again, if i've been struggling, they make me go, if i eat them too often, they do the opposite.


This is really the time!
I was just going to do a forum search to make sure benefibre is ok, as i have been using it for nearly 2 weeks. It is great how it tastes of nothing and has no texture. I have it in my decaf coffee with a dash of cream. Yum!!!


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And don't forget to drink loads of water, it helps sort my toilet issues out :)
All advice noted. Thanks everyone!


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