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Emergency Rations

Hi all

Well the snow is still falling here and my CDC is still firmly snowed in in her little cottage up in the mountains.

I've luckily got enough packs to do me until Wednesday but then I fly to Sweden on Thursday and I'm unlikely to be able to get to meet my CDC before then. Post is also out because she can't get to a post office and even if she could it's unlikely it would reach me in time (I haven't had any post since Friday last week due to the snow).

So a CD buddy suggested last night I sign up to Lipotrim for a week a the local chemist (I know they do it and it's within walking distance) to get me through. I know the shakes aren't as nice but I can tolerate the choc and vanilla for a week.

Seems to me to be the best option - what do others think?
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I would go for it , its a better option than having to come off ! I did LT before CD and just prepare yourself as I found the shakes vile .. they were salty and weird and I could only tolerate the choc one .. but I also found them more filling than the CD ones . Go for it :)
Have you tried contacting another local CDC, if you can get out to see one? My dad works all over the country and did once have to stay away longer than expected, and just went to see another person who supplied him with packs no problem.


please try again
gotta do what ya gotta do hun. if you want to remain on sole source and your cdc is outta reach then lipotrim seems to be the best option

i keep an extra week in the house at all times in case of emergancy and if its come to it i have previosly had to use atkins bars and protien shakes to see me thru a day or two
Cheers Summayah

We had planned to talk about "emergency rations" this week but didn't expect the snow to hit this early lol


please try again
i know sucks doesnt it, caught a lot of people out this weather

only reason i had some in was because of madam and her tricks

if im able to get to my cdc next week ( were still under snow here ) then im thinking of getting a week and a half of extra supplies and build up a bigger buffer as im sure this nutty weather will be back
you could do LT or what about exante? or up the plans to 1000 where you have 2 packs and eat protein meals rather than carbs.
Hi Great Things

I can't go up a plan because of how I am using CD to deal with an food addiction. Can't get exante (could order online I know but the post won't get here in time) so it looks like it will be Lipotrim from the chemist in town.
I think I would try another CDC before changing diets.

Its dicey getting to/from my CDC here too - I feel for you. I only have 4 bars in extra - I am trying to build up 3/4 days extra buffer supplies but can only afford 2 or 3 extra packs/bars a week.

Unfortunately my access options to CDCs are extremely limited. My current one is the only one within a 90km radius
Ah i'll sort something out :)

And yes.. my CDC has already said about doing the training lol.

My CDC is being brought down from the mountain by the Civil Defense so she can get into work for the day (she's a unit manager for a residential unit for people with disabilities) and the unit is only a 30 minute drive away for me so I have dug the car out and am heading up to her to pick up 2 weeks worth of packs.

Happy Days :D


please try again
thats great, so glad your able to get your packs!

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