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Emily's 6 month countdown diary.


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Wuhh. 6 months until my Mother gets married and I'll be expected to wear a beautiful dress and grace the dance floor with all the other guests.

The aim is to get into a size 14 by then, so tomorrow I'm going to go shopping and buy myself the most beautifully stunning dress I can find and hang it on my wall as a permanent reminder of the goal. I'm currently a size 16 on top and 18/20 on ze bottom (I have a lot of junk in the trunk so to speak). I really hope I can do it!

I'm going to my first Zumba class tonight, bit scared. I managed to rope my friend into going with me but she's a size 8 and a black belt in exercise moves, I'll be on the floor after the first 10 minutes! Either way, it's better than not going so I can't complain too much. I'm sure I'll pick it up.

So far this morning, I've had to eat:

- Half a peanut butter (wholenut) and wholemeal bread sandwich.
- An Alpen light crispy bar thing.

Food planned for the rest of the day:

- A banana.
- Some strawberries.
- Home made sausages, butternut squash and sweet potato mash, spring greens and carrot and swede.

I've probably forgotten something but I'll add it in later!

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Looking for Slimville!
Hey Emily,

I think it's a very realistic time line and realistic goal-size too!

Be sure to let us know how zumba goes - I'm too chicken to go to my local class but might pluck up the courage soon haha. And post a pic of the dress once you've found the perfect one :)...if you like, of course. I'm just nosy & love dresses in general haha.

Good luck!
It sounds like you have a really good plan, your meals look great too. I like the idea of getting a dress to look at as inspiration and for those weak moments as well. That should help keep you on track, but if not we will all be here for support as well.

Good luck with it!


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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support. :)

Zumba was absolutely insane! I didn't really know what to expect but I'm really glad I went. I don't think I could've done it on my own, everyone else in the class was tiny but once I got over the nerves it was really fun. Definitely going back next week but I don't think my friend will so I shall be putting on my brave pants!

I think I've found the right dress but I'm not 100% yet so I'm going to have a bit more of a shop around... this is the one I'm leaning towards... thoughts appreciated!

Nude Beaded Ruched Front Panel Dress By Dress Up Topshop** - Dresses - Clothing - Topshop

Fingers crossed it'll fit in time!

Today I've consumed:

- A peanut butter sandwich.
- A banana.
- A dairylea jumbo tubes snack pack thing.
- A mango.
- Turkey, chorizo and mediterranean vegetable omlette (which was super yum!).
- A weight watchers chocolate yogurt.

Bit more than I'd have liked but I went swimming and I always seem to be more hungry on swim days. I'm going to make a huge batch of fruit and sugar free jelly tonight so I can snack on that if I'm feeling as hungry tomorrow!


Looking for Slimville!
Stick at the healthy eating & zumba and soon you'll be another 'tiny person' in the class hehe. I really like that dress! I'm usually wary of nude coloured clothes but I really like the 'ruched' effect, especially at the back. Good plan to do a little more shopping around first though...just to be sure ;)


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Thanks :) yeah I normally am a little ware of nude colours too, especially as I'm super pale! I shall wait and see what I can find next week.

Today I've consumed:

- A chicken, lettuce and light ceaser dressing wrap.
- A pear.
- A few slices of melon.
- Chicken, chorizo and spicy cous cous with lots of yum salad.
- An ice lolly (56 cals, woop).
- A dairylea dunker.
- Sugar free jelly with a heap of fruit in it.

I've also drunk about a gallon of water! I still feel like I'm eating too much but I've definitely cut back on portion size. Onwards and downwards.


Looking for Slimville!
Sometimes I feel like I'm eating too much as well...but like you I'm watching portion sizes etc and so long as it's healthy stuffs we're snacking on it's all good =)


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Hopefully! :D Btw, I love your new DP Lady A!

I've had a bit of a break on the whole healthy eating front over the last few days.

I was really good all day Saturday but I went to a friends for dinner Saturday night and she'd made all this amazing mexican food and wraps and nachos and cheese and ice cream and chocolate bunnies etc... and then I got about 5 easter eggs from my family! And I drank far too much wine yesterday, but it's all okay because I've been keeping my exercise up so I've not actually put on any weight! Woop. I feel really back in the zone today though so hopefully this will be a good healthy week.

Food planned/consumed today:

- WeightWatchers creamed rice pudding (112 cals!)
- Chicken and lettuce sandwich
- Sticky sesame chicken skewers with cous cous and salad
- A banana
- A plum
- Maybe some more fruit!

I'm also drinking a whole lot of water and have planned out my weekly exercise schedule for the week (which I shall do every week) which looks something like this:

Mon: Early morning gym then swim.
Tues: Deep water aqua fit followed by normal aqua fit.
Wed: Zumbaaa.
Thurs: Gym then swim.
Fri: Early morning zumbaaa then swim!

At the moment, I'm thinking I'll have weekends off but we'll see :)


Looking for Slimville!
Thankya kindly :)

And you sound like you're back on track and sorted after your wee break =) I think it's good for you to have the weekends off on the exercise front since you're doing so much during the week.

Oh, and yay for not putting on any weight!


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:) Thanks.

Don't have a lot of time today as I'm about to go off out down town to do a little shopping and then I'm off to Zumbaaa to make a fool of myself all over again so here's the food I'm planning for today:

- A WW caramel rice pudding.
- Some sort of salad from M&S that's under 300 cals.
- Pasta bolognese with peas and lots of baby sweetcorn.
- A plum.
- A small bowl of stewed rhubarb (yum)
- A kiwi.

Yummm. Can't wait!


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Arghh it's been a week since I've posted, but things have been a little crayzay the last week so I feel I have valid excuses!

The biggest thing that happened was that it was my boyfriend and mines anniversary, and we went away for a few days and ended up eating a lot more than planned! And then he asked me to marry him!! So that was then cause for a lot of celebration and a LOT of champagne and wine... (which also means a lot of calories!). But now I'm engaged! And now I'm planning my own wedding :eek: and I will not be a 'plus size' bride, oh no no!

Anywho, back on plan now and back to the gym! I went swimming yesterday even though I was insanely hungover, and managed to healthy eat all day. So here's my plan for today:

- A healthy vitamin type yogurt drink.
- Glass of fruit juice.
- A bacon and avocado 'sandwich thin' with a load of salad.
- Steak with more salad! Yumm.
- Some extra fruit.

Hope it goes well! I want to try get half an hour at the gym in too and maybe a quick swim session but we'll see.



Looking for Slimville!
Eeeeeee!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :love047:

Quite right to celebrate such an occasion and I'm sure you won't be a 'plus-size bride'!! Looks like you are back on track with the healthy eating now so good stuffs!


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Thank you all!!! I know! Best motivation ever! :D

I've had a fairly good day today... Saturday's generally mean the weekly food shop so I always feel more positive after it's done as I can replenish all the healthy looking stuff! Although I have just come on my 'girl week' so my chocolate cravings are +10 - but I may have found a cure with Shape delights! Very yum!

Todays intake:

- A vitamin yogurt drink (yakult style but much cheaper!)
- Half a slice of peanut butter on toast
- A dairylea dunker
- Home made pizza (made on one of those new flat bread square wrap things) with garlic, tomato, spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon and a teeny bit of mozarella (under 400 cals for the whole thing!) with a few sweet potato chips and salad.
- Strawberries
- A shape delight... mmm!

Hope you're all having a good weekend! x


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4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.
Right, todays planned intake:

- Half a slice of left over home made pizza.
- A yogurt drink.
- Roast chicken with white bean ragout (soo good) and green beans.
- A nutrigrain bar.
- A banana.
- Some strawberries.

Mm mm mm. Hopefully, I'll be going swimming tonight. My gym schedules been a bit pants this week due to excessive celebrations but now I really need to get my act together! x


Looking for Slimville!
You always have such yummy sounding dinners. I really need to be more creative with my food!!

Cute new display pic btw :)


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Thankyou! I think I just have too much time on my hands lol.

I had a quick sneak weigh in this morning, as I'd had a couple of glasses of wine last night and thought I'd have put on, but it read 14 st 4!!! Pretty sure that's the lowest I've been as of yet, but I know it'll change throughout the day so I won't get too excited. It has put me in a good mood though! :D

Todays intake shall be:

- A slice of toast with strawberry jam.
- Some melon and grapes.
- Tuna and pasta salad.
- Small bowl of strawberries.
- A shape delight.
- Chicken satay wrap with some cucumber and spring onion.

Yumm. I'm also off to the gym and swim this morning which should do me some good. I'm starting to actually enjoy the gym, who'da thunk it. Good times. :) x

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