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Discover emily's food diary - ive got a loooong way to go!!

Hi all!

I've been lurking in the shadows for nearly three weeks now and have decided to bite the bullet and start writing a diary, I've seen the positivity you all give each other and really think this website can finally help me crack this diet :)

bit of background on me, I'm 22 and just graduated from uni, then got made redundant from my job so am currently seeking employment. I've always been on the large side and am currently at my largest 17s12lb :eek: I've finally reached the stage where enough is enough bye bye fat, looking forward to meeting the slim and healthy me :)

Sorry for boring you all lol if anyone staying on the discover plan has any tips or sees that im pointing food wrong please help!

I've been writing down my food for 2 weeks but i'll just start from today,

Allowance - 26 points

breakfast - porridge 30g oats, 1/4 semi- skimmed milk, tsp honey = 2.5

lunch - tortilla wrap, 1 tbsp light salad cream, slice of ham = 6.5

snack - ww carrot cake slice and ww toffee yoghurt = 2.5

tea - 150g pasta, med chicken breast, 1tsp garlic mayo, 2 tbsp lf philly, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes = 13.5

only 1 point left!! did do two hours of the davina fit dvd though, not sure on the activity points for that??

well thanks for reading, any help is appriciated!!

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Well done on your losses so far!!

Your diary looks good hun.

I am not sure about activity points either, I dont add them up because if rather they burnt the calories than me eating them again after!

Keep up the good work :)

thankyou hun, i'm really positive this time round so hopefully it will stay like that!

yeh, activity points confuse me but I figured the same as you lol

do you have a diary on here? can't seem to find you thats all!

thanks for your support! xx
Right, kind of busy day today, hair appointment done,! dog walking with friends at 3 and im going to see steven k amos tonight with the boyfriend so out for tea!

26 points
So far i've had.....

Breakfast - ww bagel (2)
1 tbsp light philly (1)
1 slice of ham (1.5) =4.5 was sooooo yummy!

options belgian choc (1)
ww strawberry yoghurt (1)

thats it so far, but i've planned what im having while we are out tonight using Lady Lucks website. I'm going to have sausage and mash yum! she says 6 points but im going to call it 9 to account for the gravy and an extra point just in case!

will report back with the rest of what I eat today later, hope any of you reading this have a good day!
Right, so i'm back for a quick update....

Breakfast - ww bagel (2)
1 tbsp light philly (1)
1 slice of ham (1.5) =4.5 was sooooo yummy!

options belgian choc (1)
ww strawberry yoghurt (1)

Lunch - 4x 50/50 crustless bread (2)
butter (1)
honey (1)
ww cheese puffs (1)

cadburys light mousse (1)

tea still as planned! sausage and mash (9)

so thats 21.5 giving me 4.5 to play with.... 3 ciders?? sounds like a plan!!
hi claire!

sooo glad you said he was good, only really seen him on live at the apollo so wasnt sure what he would be like in his own show!

had a quick look at your diary, your bad days are just like mine lol but can be easily rectified! you're doing so well!

I love lazy days! i graduated from uni july last year so I know what its like to have a few days of rest from all the work!

will be back to update and let you know how the night went, have a good night whatever you end up doing xx
well stephen k amos was amazing! so funny we did not stop laughing!

back to business....

26 points

breakfast - ww bagel (2)
30g light philly (1)

didn't have any luch as I wanted to save my points for a CHINESE!! but I did have a cadburys light chocolate mousse (1) and a ww carrot cake (2)

tea- chicken and mushrooms (3)
special fried rice (10)
I also added 4 points to this for the tiny handful of chips I had with it, so yummy and was so full!

I make that 23 points for the day leaving 3 spare points!
not sure what to make of today really, in a funny mood making me want to eat everything in sight! I've managed to resist so far though! I also did my first day of the 30 day shred dvd today, must say I found it quite a struggle!

26 points

breakfast - ww bagel (2)
light philly (1)

lunch - jacket potato with tuna/sweetcorn/mayo (8)
hot chocolate (3)

snack - 2x 50/50 crustless bread (1)
ww strawberry jam (0.5)
honey (0.5)

tea - 100g mincemeat (4)
peas (1)
broccoli (0)
sprouts (0)
gravy (3)

so thats 24, there does appear to be a cadburys caramel bar calling me from my brothers cupboard though.........
a picky day today, didn't really feel like proper food! Probably not the best way to do it but i'm within my points so will have to see!

26 points

ww cheese puffs - (1)
2x cadbury light choc mousse (2)

tea - homemade chicken wraps with bbq sauce (5.5)
broccoli (0)
sprouts (0)

I made toblerone cookies today and they were good!! so much so my brother has eaten 6 out of the 12!!

2x toblerone cookies (4)
4x 50/50 crustless bread (2)
ww strawberry jam (0.5)
honey (0.5)
cadbury light chocolate mousse (1)

16 points used, hmm, not used many today, sure I will make up for it through the week!
STS this week :( oh well at least it isn't a gain! I didn't update yesterday! so will do it now....

26 points

breakfast - fry up :)
2x lf sausages (4)
mushrooms (0)
scrambled egg (1.5)
1x lean back bacon (1.5)
beans (1.5)
2x crustless bread (1)
little butter and milk (1)

lunch - 6x melba toast (1)
50g bernard matthews turke ham (1)
1x dairylea light (1)

Was at the boyfriends for tea....

med chicken (2.5)
lighter choices tikka masala sauce (1.5)
rice (3)
1x med pitta (2.5)
100g chips (4)

snacks - onken lf yoghurt (2)
cadbury light chocolate mousse (1)

30 points used!!! but I do have 15 saved points so I should be safe!!
so thats 11 saved points left to use, I'm thinking a chinese on saturday night!
now todays...

26 points

breakfast - ww bagel (2)
bernard matthews ham (1.5)
dairylea light triangle (1)

lunch - lf supernoodles (2)

tea - 2x bacon (3)
2x 50/50 crustless bread (1)
butter (1)
tomato ketchup (0)

snacks - rest of onken yoghurt from yesterday (1.5)
meringue nest (1)
2x toblerone cookies (4)
half a chicken roll sandwich (2)

6 points left making it 17 points saved points
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I seem to be the only one here......haha

26 points

not had much so far, lots of points to use :)

breakfast/lunch - none

tea - ww spaghetti (3)
boiled potatoes 100g (1)
broccoli (0)
cauliflower (0)
2x lf sausages (4)

snacks - ww hula hoops (1)
ww caramel cake bar (1.5)
co-op valentine's cupcake (4)
ww chocolate dessert (1)
ww oat and choc cookies (2)
3x smirnoff ice (7)
2x crumpets (1)
butter (1)
ww hula hoops (1)
ww cookie (mix) (0.5)

30 used, 9.5 saved points left
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26 points

breakfast - 2x med egg (3)
2x 50/50 (1)
butter (0.5)
milk (0.5)
bernard matthews ham (1.5)

tea - chinese :)
chicken and mushroom (3)
special fried rice (10)
chips (5)
2x chicken balls (3)

27.5 used, 8 saved points left
sunday 6th

26 points

breakfast - ww bagel (2)
philly light (1)
bernard matthews turkey ham (1.5)

onken yoghurt (3.5)
meringue nest (1)

tea - 'skinny' sausage casserole (7)
'skinny' egg and chips (3)

ww yoghurt - (1)
ww oat and choc cookies (1)
options belgian choc (1)
special k honey cluster with s/s milk (3.5)
2x 50/50 (1)
honey (1)

28.5 left, 5.5 saved points left

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