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  1. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    hey all,

    well ive been here before. and now that ive literally been the whole way round this forum and tried every other diet under the sun, :break_diet:i am back to calorie counting again. ive seriously had enough of yoyo dieting and want to shift this weight once and for all and in a healthy way.

    so here i am...
    im going to be following calorie counting mixed with a bit of rosemary conley. i am currently reading linda spangle's 100 days of weight loss and i really think this book can help me. every chapter i read i feel like shes actually talking to ME.
    And as far as exercise goes im aiming to do 30 day shred and C25K. i have a treadmill at home so noooo excuses..!!!!

    i got the latest rosemary conley mag today and theres a 7 day diet enclosed that she says u can lose up to 7lbs. u do day 1 1200kcals, day 2 1000kcals , day 3 1200kcals and so on... so going to try to follow that this week. then next week im going to do 1200kcals for the week and then the following 2 weeks 1300kcals. if i get that far lol then i plan to do 1400 kcals a week from then on..

    so wish me luck peeps. im not going to write a food diary on here just some of my daily thoughts and progress. linda spangle encourages you to keep a journal so i'll be recording everything on paper everyday so no point in writing it out twice. looking forward to catching up with u all. :D:D:D
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  3. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Good luck :)
  4. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Thank you bostik. U seem to be doing great on ur journey :) x
  5. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    Good luck emz. I will be reading your diary with great interest, as you look like you are shaking things up a bit. I'm very interested to see how it works.
    Good luck hun :)
  6. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Thank you squeezyweezy. I'm loving reading Linda spangle's book. It's fab. I figured as the more intense my workouts get between C25K and shred then the more kcals I should have so that's my theory. I see there's been a bit of a discussion about wether u should eat ur exercise kcals back or not. I'm not planning to. I'm not going to eat just for the sake of eating coz I've exercised. I don't see the logic in that at all. But I will allow myself the odd treat without feeling bad about it :) xx
  7. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    evening all,

    well day 1 started off well. had a nice healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and was well within my kcal allowance for today. then i was called over to my neighbours house and she had a big bowl of homemade blueberry pie and ice-cream sat out for me. i nearly died..!! dammit... :sigh:
    but tomorrow is another day and i will keep to the 1000 kcals as stated 2moro. never got any exercise done today as i must have lay funny in bed last nite and have had a creak in my neck all day. so hot bath and bed with a hot water bottle at my neck methinks.!!

    i am not going to let these minor setbacks derail me in the slightest. any other time i would have said 'sod it' i'll start again on monday but not now. i am going to complete my 100 days of weight loss and even if everyday isnt perfect at least its a step in the right direction. like today, say i hadnt of started my diet, i would have ate crap all day and then came home to that pie and ice-cream. at least the fact that i cc'd all day will reduce the impact slightly. so less harm done.

    going to take spangle to bed with me and prepare for day 2.

    hope everyone else is doing well. will log on on the iphone later and start reading round some of ur diaries to keep me motivated. bye for now xx
  8. Squeezyweezy

    Squeezyweezy Gold Member

    You go girl!!!!!
  9. Samalama

    Samalama Full Member

    Hi Emz and welcome back to the old tried and tested CC :)

    Sounds like you have positivity and that is just how I would have looked at the scrummy sounding blueberry pie - your day could have been worse for sure so you still made headway in my biased opinion... but why oh why do I not have neighbours like you.... I'd love to be called over to a house that served desserts like that... oh wait maybe not at the moment LOL

    Anyway still a good start either way!
  10. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    thanks samalama,

    yeah my neighbour is also my landlord. she's fab. they are farmers and she's the stay at home mum that bakes all day and helps on the farm etc. i try not to go over too much now because i always come home like a busted sofa lol. so lesson learned tonight. ive kindly said to her that im cc'ing and that i'm going to lay off the goodies for a while. and when i do tell her that im cutting down shes great and doesnt tempt me with anything. she just didnt know when i first went over, bless her. shes got 4 sons so i think she sees me as a bit of a daughter figure. she and her hubby are very good to me. but now that she knows i'm cc'ing it'll be grand. no temptations.
    so full concentration 2moro. day 2 of spangle asks u to think if u are 'interested' or 'committed' to your diet.......has definately got me thinking. :)
  11. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Day 2 off to a good start. :) today is a 1000kcals day. Fruit salad and a yoghurt for brekkie. Oh and plenty of water lol :)

    Neck is a lot better this morning so hopin to do some exercise tonight ;-) xx
  12. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    Hey! Welcome to CC'ing! I've seen you post in some diaries so you've probably read some of my thoughts on the whole 'what's good for you' polava. Rosemary Conley has some great principles that I live by: like most foods you buy should be 5% fat or less.
    Best of luck, ask away if you've got any questions :)
  13. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Thank you happyhealthy..

    It was actually ur post when u reflected on your weightless journey that gave me the kick up the bum. I want to be able to tell my 51lbs to kiss my skinny ass by Christmas..!! :-D lol. Yeah I'm very much in to the way of 5% fat or less. I did RC in jan and lost 6lbs the first week so I know it can be done.!! But if I stick to my exercise plan I'm not going to deny myself a wee high fat treat every now and then.
    You have done soo soo well on your journey. U are my inspiration so thank you :) :) xxx
  14. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    -wipes tears- thank you for saying that Emz.

    I've undergone my own personal transformation - I've lost 67 lbs, going from a size 18 to a size 6/8. I missed most of my teens, hid from the camera, removed myself from physical activity, and slowly became a bigger, unhappier me.

    I changed all that. It wasn't any one thing. It wasn't the latest diet. It wasn't a fat loss pill.

    It simply was determination, will-power, and a never-look-back attitude.

    My goal now is to inspire and help other women like me find their own journey - their own transformation. And if you say that I inspire you then that makes me well up with happiness. That's such a lovely thing to say and I truly thank you ever so much :)
  15. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Goodluck hun :)
  16. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    Good luck :)

    I bought the rosemary Conley mag as well - it's very interesting reading and some fab meal ideas xx

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  17. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Thanks girlies :)

    Yeah the RC mag is great. I'm following the 7 day plan although not following the actual recipes. The weightless success stories are amazing though xx
  18. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    Aww bless ya pet. :)

    But ur post really did hit home with me and it's just so amazing the changes that u have made for the better. And I really hope that someday I can reflect back in the same way and be proud of myself for achieving something fantastic. So this 51lbs is going to go no matter what.
    I don't care how long it takes me, although before Christmas would be nice. But even if I'm anywhere near goal by then I will be very proud.
    No more quick fixes that I can't stick to...just a good diet and exercise and everything in moderation. It's going to be hard but after reading spangle today I have decided that i am ''committed'' to this lifestyle change. And I just need to keep reminding myself of that xx
  19. happyhealthy

    happyhealthy Omnomnomnom

    The very fact that you're calling this a lifestyle means that you're right on the ball ;) I saw these bullet points on an article once and it's so so true.
    People who are interested in losing weight:

    1. Stick with in until something better comes along
    2. Take action only if they "feel like" doing it
    3. Need to see results in order to stay motivated
    4. Blame people or circumstances for their struggles
    5. Easily give up when they face challenges

    People who are committed to losing weight:

    1. Stick with their plans no matter what
    2. Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
    3. Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
    4. Take responsibility for their own actions
    5. Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks

    I'm going to sound like I'm on my high horse here, but since I started losing weight (and changing my livestyle) I've never had a day off. EVER. It doesn't mean that I've not enjoyed myself, I've had almost a meal out every week with dessert but I mean that I've never had a day off where I've binged or not stuck to plan because live was too stressful/I had too much on/I didn't feel well.

    In the past six months months, my uncle got diagnosed with cancer and died three weeks later, my 26 year old cousin took an infection and died. I had exams. My dad broke up with his wife. My dog died. Not once did I take this as an excuse to indulge or go off plan. God, I grieved, but I didn't find comfort in food - because that was the old me. The new me takes comfort in the love of friends and family - not food. It pains me when I read peoples diaries and say "I've had a really bad week, so I'm not going to count my calories" and everyone supports them by saying "Oh don't you worry about calorie counting, just you concentrate on your life and get back on the wagon when it's over". I always keep quiet because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I can't help thinking that if these good people have truley made a lifestyle change, then why does the food situation go out the window just because life isn't going to plan? That's what a dieter does. A person who has made a lifestyle change doesn't change their food habits just because life isn't going to plan. That's sadly where so, so many people ultimately fail in their diets. Do you think Jillian Michaels (the Biggest Loser lady) lets her good eating habits go out the window just because her husband got made redundant? No she doesn't. I know I sound really harsh, but sometimes people just need their eyes opened to the truth, so they can change those habits for the better - and most importantly enjoy the benefits of healthy living for the rest of their lives.

    In summary, what I'm trying to say is DON'T GIVE UP. Life can be unkind to all of us, but you can't let that be an excuse to fall off the wagon.

    Best of luck to you, I look forward to congratulating your success :D
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  20. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    That article is exactly the points that are written 'word for word' actually, in day 3 of Linda spangle's book. And thats where my decision to be 'committed' instead of 'interested' has come from. Everyday she gives u a task. Tomorrows (day 3) is titled 'DO IT ANYWAY'. She writes that even if u don't feel like exercising/sticking to plan you should 'do it anyway..!! I really think this book is gonna help me in a huge huge way :)
    And u are so right that there's no point in having an X amount of time off plan because of what life throws at you. Foods only food at the end of the day. And after a year of yoyo dieting and having days off and binges I'm still exactly the same weight as I was then. So I'm the proof. And now over the next few months I am definitely going to prove that losing weight and maintaining is A LIFESTYLE CHANGE.!! xx
  21. emz.is.shrinkin

    emz.is.shrinkin on the shrink.!!

    I just took this pic of day 3 in the book and it is literally word for word from ur post Lucy lol xx

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