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Emma's attempt at mind over platter (mission slimpossible)

so i thought id start a diary of what im eating to as to be held accountable for it and hopefully keep me on track as well as hopefully have some handy hints about what you guys are eating which i might find yummy too!

Haven't got an awful lot to lose, about a stone and a half, but i still struggle to stay on track, since i love food too much so here goes. i get 20 points per day.

breakfast- alpen light bar -1 point
lunch- ham sandwich with nimble bread and light choices ham with a tiny bit of coleslaw- im counting 3 points
Dinner- pizza express margarita pizza supermarket bought (8"), 9 points
Snacks- tesco light choices crisps -1 point

Which is a total of 14 so i will probably have some fruit bakes or crackers with philadelphia light on later if im peckish and possibly some fruit.

i normally eat a bit healthier with more fruit and veg but today is a bit of a treat day as i think ill stay on track more if i have foods i really like but point them and stick to the diet. Hope you're all doing well with your diets and the new years resolutions are strong :D
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argh just realised it says im 4'7" on my profile, how do i change this coz i typed in 5'5" when i registered lol!

edit- figured it out! lol
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so continuing on in my daily diary, today i'm going a bit stir crazy as the snow is keeping me in the house and i'm having to cancel my friends, normally this would encourage binge eating out of sheer boredom but i am determined not to do that today! ;)

breakfast-alpen light bar-1
lunch- ham sandwich with coleslaw-3
dinner- not sure yet as had plans and will have to rearrange due to weather

wish me luck in my boredom!


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Hey Emma!
The snow is a nightmare, isn't it! Hope today's dieting is a success! I know how tough it is when you are bored, so I've got my fingers crossed for you in the hope that you won't be tempted by naughty treats! Just remember Every day you stay within your points, is a step closer to goal! And you've already lost 1lb and had a great day points wise yesterday so concentrate on that! I like the fact you are saving points for night-time/tea-time I try and do the same thing! I lost 3stone with WW 12years ago and maintained my weight till I got preggers last year, so i know it works. Anyway goodluck hun!
hey cookies, yes the snow is just boring now, was supposed to go ice skating tonight which would have been fun and more active than sitting on the sofa all day but ive had to cancel because of the weather, think im going to walk to wetherspoons instead, just deciding what to have for tea that wont blow my points at wetherspoons, dont have the eating out guide so im guessing lol! i haven't been tempted to binge yet though, i was trying clothes on in the sale the other day and they didnt fit etc so i'm pretty determined not to let it get any worse etc. Good for you for losing weight and i'm sure u'll once again be at goal weight, 12 years is an incredible amount of time to stay at goal so well done! keep strong! x x x
tea- in the end i went to wetherspoons and they basically had no food left due to lack of deliveries etc, so had a childrens chicken nuggets and chips, no idea how many points that is but im probably over! oops! ahh well, back on track tomorrow!


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i sometimes order from the childs menu in burger king...kinda lame, but its cheaper and less points! In on 20 a day too! Alot of people on here get alot more points so its cool to see someone with fewer like me. And as long as your in your points and your not hungry the rest of the time then its fine to indulge in take aways and meals out once in a while :) Good luck at losing the weight :)
so today is a new start, back to uni on monday and stress levels are high! eeek! nevertheless, i shall stick to my points! so for my 20 points today i shall be eating

breakfast- alpen light bar - 1 point
lunch- some form of sandwich- 4 points
dinner- sausages and mash, tesco light choice, with some free vegetables - 6.5
snacks- tesco light choices crisps - 1, light choices fruit bites- 1.5, WW cheesecake-3, possibly some crackers later on if im peckish around 9pm =)
8/1/2010- 20 points allowance

breakfast- alpen light bar - 1 point
lunch- ham sandwich and tuna sandwich- 8 points
tea- tesco light choices burger- 3 points, weight watchers chips- 4 points, bread and spread x2 - 2 points, tomato sauce- 1

total of 19 points =)
20 point allowance

breakfast- tesco light choices fruit bites- 1.5 points
lunch- ham and philadelphia extralight sandwich- 2.5 points
dinner- homemade chinese chicken curry with chips and garlic bread- 13.5 points
snacks- weight watchers cookies- 1.5 points

no fruit and veg- oops! although im putting vegetables in my curry and it is a saturday night =D
10/1/2010 20 point allowance

breakfast- toast and philadelphia- 2.5
lunch-beans on toast- 5
dinner- lasagne and salad with cheese sprinkled on top- 6.5
snacks- ww rice pudding- 1.5, crackers, fruit