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Emmas Diary

Well hi everyone! Reading all the diaries on here has inspired me to do my own. Must be fab to look back on where you have come from and the journey.

This is my second time on lipotrim - did it last jan and was soooo proud of myself, now I just feel like poo cos all those 'it will all go back on' doubters were proven right :( and I am a fattybumbum again. This time will be different tho and I will never do it again!!

So, I am a busy mum of 2 who works 3 days a week and tries to fit in the millions of clubs the girls want to do. My husband is away during the week which aids weight gain when I am left alone with the bread bin and fridge, but aids weight loss when on TFR and not having to cook for him.

Started on Thursday with my bestest bud who I am going on hold with at the end of august - goal is to survive 10 weeks of this and refeed for a month before hols - wish me luck!!

Day 1 was a whole 2 days ago but feels like a lifetime! Survived a trip to mcds and a blinding headache.

Day 2 royal wedding in the morning so went pretty well as we all sat and watched it. Afternoon was spent at a BBQ lots of lovely food :s Was with my lovely friend tho who started with me so we helped each other thro with a glass of bubbly (water) :)

Day 3 sitting here knowing I should drink more but can't quite face it! Read lots of inspirational stories on here so has given me a boost :) Visualising being back in the clothes from last years holiday, was about 12st7 then.... girl can dream x
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So day 3 has been a challenge, tired and grumpy (my children love me!). Got to lunchtime and I realised I hadn't had a shake, just coffee and water. Sorry if this is tmi but had terrible diarrhoea today too, only a small amount at a time but when I had to go I had to go!!

Only just had second shake at 6.30pm - will fit the last one in before bedtime - I will I will!

Husband is off to the pub tonight so I am going to surf the net and then have an early night. Work tomorrow so more challenges lie ahead.

Heres to day 4, hope everyone is doing well whatever stage they are at.
Emmievic - stick to it and do not waiver, its tough esp when you have done it before - you know it works. there is no other diet that gave me a weight loss so fast. Drink lots of water throughout the day after the first week and the tiredness that goes with it, start to build in a few brisk walks each week. You did it before - YOU can do it again ;)

Welcome and Best of luck

weigh in 13stone 2lbs

week 1 -10lbs
week 2 -5lbs
week 3 -4lbs
week 4 -7lbs weighed in on wed instead of Mon - bank hol
week 5 reach 2 stone loss
week 6
I WILL!!! Thanks Dudley xx


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So here I am up and about on day 4, TFR 100%.

It may be Sunday but I have to go to work :( so there lies the next challenge. I work in a lab so we can't have food or drink in with us - will have to pop out every so often for a swig of water.
I am usually starving when I get in from work so won't have a breakfast shake but save it for about lunchtime then have another as soon as I walk thro the door early evening and the last one late evening.

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend and the sun is shining for you. xx
Hi emmievic:) well done so far!!
Where are you going on your hols?


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We are off to Rhodes at the end of August - can't wait! X


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Am sitting in the garden at work on a quick break. In one hand I have a bottle of water the other a coffee with 2 spoons on vanilla shake in Feel pretty good but am again struggling a bit with water and shake intake.

Feel so much less bloated and my muffin top had definitely decreased a bit!! Woop woop!! Can't wait for weigh in day!
OOOh rhodes sounds lovely! Have you thought about swimsuit/bikini yet?

How are your energy levels,does having a couple of spoons at a time instead of the whole shake at once make a difference?



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To be honest, when I am in the swing of lipotrim I dread the shakes and can live without them! I ended up having only 2 a day when I did it last time (probably why I got so ill) and so any way I can get them into me is good! The biggest problem I am having at the moment is that swimming underwater feeling when you feel a bit detached from the world...do you have that? I'm also really tired but that does get better, its only day 4 after all. Going to make sure I take a vitamin every day this time around.

As far as swimsuits / bikinis are concerned I love getting a tan too much to worry about what strangers think of me! I wouldn't go out in the street in one but around the pool I'm not that bothered (as long as its not to busy!!) tend to keep to the quieter pools ;)

Do you have a holiday planned? I think that is the only reason I can do this...goal in sight!
We can do it!

Said "lovely friend" :) would just like to say that you are actually keeping HER going, and doing really really well!! You've also inspired me to start a diary, and you know how i hate doing stuff like that :))


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Go for it girl! We will be ready for our hols in the same lovely clothes from last year xx


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Day 4 done! X


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Day 5 - grumpiest day yet!

On the upside I only spent £46 on shopping - I never usually go below £100!! Just had no interest in food so there was none of those...oooh that looks nice...impulse buys in my trolley.

Tantan and I went for a half hour walk / jog thing this evening in preparation for race for life. Was ok but by the end my legs felt like lead! I'm sure it will get easier :)

Hunger is beginning to ease off, I just wish I had a bit more energy and wasn't so very snappy!

Back to work tomorrow and Wednesday then weigh day Thurs - the week is flying by!

Hope everyone else is ok and doing well. Catch up again tomorrow - day 6!!!!
I just wanted to comment on here and say that your doing great! I also wanted to say I’ve suffered from terrible diarrhoea on and off from the start - I do find that if the water if really cold in my shakes that makes it really bad! I think it’s best to experiment and see how everything affects you. Just keep going and you’ll get there in no time :)



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Thanks Willow, yes I'm still suffering a bit, had a bout this evening :( To me it is weird cos last time I did lipo I couldn't go to the toilet at all!

So day 6, back to work after the bank holiday...
Had my first shake at around 11am because I had a meeting over lunch and there is no way I'm wapping out my shaker for all to see! Felt quite teary today, but I think its just that I work with a bunch of twonkers and they were close to pushing me over the edge!

Popped in to see lovely Tantan on the way home, bit of mutual support needed! Then had shake at about 7pm. Not sure if I will fit the third in but will have a vitamin to be sure of getting all my nutrients :)

So thinking of having another early night...was in bed by 9.30 yesterday and I'm usually a 11pm-midnight sort of girl! Just so tired and a little down, so sleep is the best medicine.

Day 7 tomorrow but not weighed until morning of day 8 as we started on the same day we were weighed last week. Really looking forward to it and hoping to see some shift.

Hope all is well with everyone in lipoland xx
You're doing fabulously :) putting up with us both, even though we feel like doing........:eatdrink023: that!


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You're doing fabulously :) putting up with us both, even though we feel like doing........:eatdrink023: that!
I love that! Hmmmm chicken :)
I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble with your stomach again Emma :( I really hope things settle for you - I must admit I don't know whats worse - going a lot or not at all!

Hope you've had a good day today and good luck with your weigh in...is it later today? I'm sure you'll do great!

Tc X

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