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Emma's Diary

Well, i almost didnt want to post the results of my Weigh-in.

Two Weigh-ins ago, i had lost 2 1/2 pound, leaving me just half a pound until my first stone was gone!

The next week it was TOTM and i put on 1 1/2 pound. I should have used this to my advantage to shift more weight but ive had a bad week and i put on a pound so i now have three pound to go until my first stone! :(

I'm annoyed at myself because i gave in and ate food i shouldnt have. I over indulged in a BBQ on Sunday. Secondly, i had a pizza at my mums on Tuesday. :cry:

The latter reason is becoming quite a problem. I dont live with my mum so on Tuesdays thats my day to go down and see her and my sister (i moved in with my nan because of various problems at home.)

They dont eat very healthy and they live off Take-aways and ready-meals. I'm used to fresh food at my nans and healthy food. I can allow for the odd takeaway but it's getting beyond a joke. I say no as often as i can but i do get talked into it. I also seem to lose all my willpower.

I mentioned to them about it and they said they would make more of an effort however the next week i went down, my sister had already ordered take-away!

Suppose this a vent more than anything but any advice would be great!

I'm determined to shift those 3 pounds for next week though. Back on the WW Wagon to the road to Slimdom! Lol x
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Thanks Paula xx


wannabe yummy mummy
Emma how about going for a Chinese as they tend to be lower in points than pizza's and kebabs etc. Good luck with that 1st stone :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
I agree with Vickie! .. chinese is FAB for ww diets! ... everything is great for points pizzas etc are the devils spawn! lol ...


Likes to eat
Hi hun,

Oh how annoying for you!! I hate when people do that! my gran for one, is such a disaster like that, she has a heart of gold and goes on and on and on and on if you say no to food (funnily enough though, when I was big she used to make the odd remark about my weight, now that Im smaller she just wants to feed me all the time he he..:rolleyes:)

I basically learned to put my foot down, me loosing weight meant more to me than anything else so I learnt to, very firmly say "thank you so much for the offer but NO" (end of story)

I second the girls with the chinese idea, also why dont you save as many points as possible every other day for your trip to your mams? at least that way you can still have the takeaway - but guilt free.

If they are having a ready meal - have one too - but bring your own weight watchers or tesco healthy living/ light choices one ... (ive done this too)

best of luck pet, you've done SO well so far, dont let a little gain upset you too much - draw a line under it and start again - you have to remember you are STILL 11pounds lighter than you were a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for all your replies, really appreciate it. I seem to have eaten for britain these last two weeks. I fell over in the shower the other day and hurt my ankle so have sort of used this as an excuse for no exercise. I have birthday meals left right and centre and when i snack, i snack on mostly fruit and salad. however, i had a rhubarb crumble and then yesterday gave in and ate my dads specially cooked Egg fried rice!!!!!

I'm hoping to get back on track but i need a right old kick up the jacksy!!!!

When i'm at home i dont do too bad. I LOVE the WW meals and will have a WW meal, loads of fruit, salad and healthy food because the difference in healthy food at my nans and my mums is astonishing. Its eating out of my house that i have a challenge with.
I think its going to take a lot of willpower to get over this bit. When you get into these situations you are going to have to focus so hard on your goal. I know this isnt easy but once you have done it a few times you will be empowered by the fact you can say no. You are in charge, not the food on charge of you.
Good luck
Emma I totally know how you feel. I am the youngest of six and my three other sisters are all skinny minnies who can eat what they want! Consequently when they come to the house it is 'take-away' or 'cake'!
Actually, lots of people will be happier to see you not succeed on this journey for whatever reasons. I know that seems ridiculous but it is true. My being their 'fat' sister makes them feel good.
What you can do is, like everyone suggested try a healthier take away like Chinese.
Alternatively I have discovered the WW Korma sauce. I get cooked chicken breast in the shop, you can buy it in the chilled section or in the deli. Then heat half a jar of the sauce in the microwave in a bowl and just throw it in on top of the chicken. Half a jar is two points. Then you could order rice from the Take Away and pour on your own sauce. If you keep the rice portion small then you can have your curry for 6-7 points! It really tastes like a proper curry and you won't feel left out.
Honestly, give it a go! I was hungover yesterday and feeling like nothing short of a curry would do and this was just perfect! :)x
Best of luck!
Thanks girlies,

Laura - You are so right. I seem to have misplaced my motivation at the moment. It's not that i'm fed up with the diet because i'm not it's just that i'm struggling with other things. I've never been a fan of exercise and thats a bit part of the problem. I think i got a bit dis-heartened as i was only half a pound away from a stone and then it was my TOTM

Siobhan - thats how it is with me too. My sister always used to be the skinny one. She has started putting on quite abit of weight recently but i think me being fat makes various family members of mine feel good about themselves too. Thank you for the curry suggestion however, im not a curry fan. I just need to be strong and take my own Weightwatchers down. I really want to motivate myself to do more exercise. I do swimming on a Sunday (half laps, half mess about) and Aqua Aerobics on a Friday. I'm just too lazy!!!

Thanks again x
Emma, you think that is lazy? Hunny you should see me, I am allergic to running around, sweating, excess movement! I have not done any exercise since I started this thing...but since I am doing this for me I am going to bite the bullet and do something! Your swimming is a really good way to speed up the process x
Hiya all,

Had a bit of an accident yesterday. Fell over on my way to work and twisted my ankle. Spent four hours in A&E yesterday, had it X-rayed and its not broken just badly sprained so i'm now on crutches :(

I'm in alot of pain and im achy! On the plus side, i'll have HUGE muscles in my arm soon from lugging these crutches around lol. Better than any other arm workout lol.

I'm going to try and make it to my weigh in tonight but i cant drive so i'm relying on lifts from my mum and dad lol x
Oh no!!! Poor Emm!!! The worst is trying to make food or tea or anything on crutches. If you have to carry it into the other room you need two people!!!...(Sorry everything in my thoughts relates back to tea :)) Well, try not to make it an excuse to indulge hun...or if you must indulge in something healthy! :) And in some mindless daytime tv too! Jeremy Kyle anyone? x
Oh no!!! Poor Emm!!! The worst is trying to make food or tea or anything on crutches. If you have to carry it into the other room you need two people!!!...(Sorry everything in my thoughts relates back to tea :)) Well, try not to make it an excuse to indulge hun...or if you must indulge in something healthy! :) And in some mindless daytime tv too! Jeremy Kyle anyone? x
Haha you know me too well! I've been watching Jeremy Kyle all day! Actually, im in so much pain i have lost my appetite! x

Thanks Paula, how are you doing chick?x
Wish I'd lost mine a bit!!! I've been ravenous all day.... grim!!! And missed all the dayime tv too!!!.... I'm going to have to get sky plus or something and record all my daytime faves! Jeremy Kyle, Montel Williams, Oprah, Sally Jessie, Geraldo, Ricki- Oh to be a student again! ;)

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