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Emma's final restart diary - Day 3

Hi everyone i have been on and off here a lot, but today is day 1 of my last ever restart. I have a lot too loose to be my ideal weight but think im going to take it a stone at a time. Its my 30th birthday next June and ideally i would love to loose 6 stone by then.
I have already had a choc mint shake this morning as was really hungry and have started on the water. I know the next few days will be very hard so i am going to be on here loads to keep myself occupied lol. Am looking forward to getting to know you all better. ;)
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Yummy mummy wannabe!
Hi Emma, good on you for re starting. I am like you, will be 30 next AUg and would like to be slimmer by then. I will be on all day, the support is here if you need it. We can do it!!!xxx


Staff member
Good luck on the restart Emma and hang in there this first week. I also have a lot to lose but it goes by real quick, honest!!!
Hi Thanks for the comments. Its been ok today. I have already had 3 shakes and will probably have one more later. Im only meant to be having 3 a day but its better than picking on food. Im trying to get 4 litres of water down but its so cold today. I went swimming with my mum earlier, i only managed 12 lengths today (i normally do 20 but didnt want to over do it) but its better than nothing at all. How are you doing today Emmie2726? xx


Yummy mummy wannabe!
Hiya, well done with the swimming, it ia a lot more than what i have done today! My day is going very very well, somhow i have only had 1 shake today, i am going to have another ina min. I have drank about 2.5litres and thats it so i had better get guzzling! Sick of running to the loo every 5 mins tho. xx:)
Glad your day is going well. I can't wait till i get to the point where im not feeling hungry and have my shakes later on in the day!! Well done on the water. Like you i have been back and forwards to the loo today - good job i work from home haha! xx
Well i got though Day 1 ok i ended up having 4 shakes and managed 4 litres of water.
So day 2 today and had my first shake about an hour ago as so hungry (it was an hour later than yesterday so getting better) I am really hungry today so am glugging the water hoping it will pass. Hope everyone else is getting on ok so far this morning. xx
Hi Emma
I am now on day 2 of my LAST restart & have weighed ina t my biggest ever :-(
Heres to a success & just shout if you need to cos I am gonna be on here quite a bit I think

Good luck hun
Aww thank you Niki. Good luck to you as well. Im going to be on here forever as have loads to loose!! We will do it thought!! What day do you see your CDC? im seeing mine this afternoon as i started with a few packs left over from last time, then weighing in every Tues xx
Will try to book in for Thurs but am liek you at the mo & using what I had left. If I get to Thursday without a blip I will ring here as she is pretty flexible bless her & I dare say I coudl go that same day if not my friend has some left over but I didnt wanna book & then fall flat on my ass again as I have previously. Am feeling pretty ok at moment & quite focused so hopefully this time!!!

Well good luck you sound determined and motivated so im sure you will get to thursday no problem. I think the trick is to think positive. If we think we are going to have a blip then generally we will. xx


Yummy mummy wannabe!
Hi girlies, Hope your all ok. Im doing alright, about to have a shake though. I have been out all morning and it really helps me to be away from temptation. Last night i was so starving when i went to sleep, i kept thinking about what i could eat....thank god i stayed in bed and went to sleep. Bad demons, always rearing heads at unexpected times. xx
Well done for not giving in to any temptation last night emmie! I have been really hungry today although not craving anything which is good. I think my body is just getting used to no food lol xx
Hi Emma237, Emmie2726 and Dora68,

I restarted last week after gaining back about half of what I lost last year. I felt really hungry last night, so I went on this website and the hunger faded and I was able to go to sleep. I find what everyone posts very inspirational. Good luck to us all.

Hi Minniemel how are you finding the restart so far?

Well i got through Day 2 - Im really not sure how though as i was soooo hungry last night despite having 4 shakes instead of 3 and drinking 4litres of water. Anyway im onto Day 3 today and so far ive not been hungry and havent needed a shake yet which is good. Have been glugging the water and feeling positive so far. Hope everyone else are going ok? xx

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