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Emma's Food Diary


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Hi all, well I am attempting extra easy on this plan, so any advice on my diaries would be appreciated!

Breakfast- Banana and cup of tea (HEX A)
Lunch- Ham salad sandwich with a scraping of low fat marg. (HEX B and 1 syn)
Shape fuller for longer yoghurt

Dinner- Bacon and Mushroom Omelette, Slimming World chips, salad (1 1/2 syns for marg to cook mushrooms, 2 syns for oil used to cook omelette)
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Hi and welcome have just joined and started the EE and have found reading other EE food diarys very helpfull. Just remember to have 1/3 of your plate filled with superfree foods. Good luck:)


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thankyou for your help! What classes as super foods? and how do you know if it's a third if you have them in something?
All superfree foods are marked with a star in the EE free food pages and also listed in the food optimising book under superfree foods. Some examples are most fruit, most veg, eggs and quorn. If you have a ready meal best to make sure you have it with plenty of salad or veg. Hope this helps.
Wednesday 9th June
EE day
Breakfast- Banana and cup of tea (HEXA)
Lunch- Ham and cottage cheese sandwich (HEXB for brown bread and 1 syn for marg)
Shape Yoghurt

Dinner- Wholemeal pasta in a passatta and tinned tomato sauce
Thursday 10th June
EE day
Breakfast- 2 slices of brown bread (HEXB toasted) with marg (1syn)
Lunch- Left over pasta from night before and a banana
Dinner- Quorn Chilli and Rice
Friday 11th June

Breakfast: 2 slices of brown bread toasted (HEXB) with a spreading of marg (1 syn)
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Ham and Mushroom omelette and salad (5 syns for mayonnaise, 6 syns for oil)
Dinner: Quorn sausages, 2 small roast potatoes (2 syns), veg and yorkshire pudding (3 syns)
wine (18 syns)

lots of syns today! but have been fairly good in the week. So in total tues-friday syns = 41.5
Saturday 12th June

breakfast- fried egg (2 syns for oil as hardly any in pan when i got round to making mine)
Quorn sausage and grilled bacon

lunch- bacon sandwich (at nan's so caked in oil yuk- 6syns) on brown bread (HEXB)
Tea (HEXA)
Dinner- quorn escalope (7 syns), SW chips, Baked Beans
Snack: cottage cheese and ham
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Sunday 13th June
Breakfast- Quorn Sausage sandwich (HEXB) cuppa (HEXA)
Snack- Banana
Dinner- Gammon, Roast potatoes (5 syns), Veg, Yorkshire pud (3 syns)
have you tried fry light to do your egg, roast potatoes ect. It's free if you wanted to use your syns on something else.
thankyou. I had thought about it, but to be honest I like using fat or oil for my roasties and I'm always concerned that my egg will stick using fry light! lol! x

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